There are many losers with continuing conflicts and operations in Gaza. One, it puts pressure on moderate Arab governments to break off relations with Israel including countries like Egypt and Jordan who have peace treaties with Israel. Israel shouldn't simply take it for granted that everything is going to remain the same until eternity with the Mubarak eventually going to die if there is no peace treaty that satisfies both and both sides see combat and combat between Palestinians and Israelis. Also, Europeans, even if the EU is deepening ties with Israel, are kind of uneasy about what is happening, and the actions of Israel, though supported by 70-80% of Israelis, is alienating many Jews abroad who are wanting less and less to do with Israel because of not only the typical desire to assimilate for some, but the disgust they feel for the iron wall policies. David Sternlight brought up Barak Obama talking of resurrecting an old Jewish and black alliance. In the 1960s, the Jews who backed black people were Leftists in many cases, Democrats, progressives, and sought equality for all people. As Avi Shlaim basically says, the Iron Wall doesn't work, and it is very, very, very risky in the long-term. Something must be done for both sides to have good will. Israel can blame Hamas and is right to some extent, but much blame can be cast on the Israeli Government for decades, and people who have been extending their hands in Europe and the Middle East are becoming impatient, and 41% of Americans disapprove of what Israel has done. Obviously, Israel has lost lots of ground in the US since the 80s invasion of Lebanon. The Walz with Bashir, so to speak, was a disaster. The Iron Wall doesn't work in my opinion anymore than terrorism.

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