Former Palestinian intelligence officer 'sentenced to death for selling home to Jews' 


A former Palestinian intelligence officer has reportedly been sentenced to death after it was revealed he had sold his home to Jews.

Muhammad Abu Shahala, who worked for the Palestinian Authority reportedly confessed under torture to selling his home in Hebron on the West Bank to a Jewish man.

Jewish officials are now calling for the international community to get involved to save Mr Abu Shahala's life.

Capital crime: Former Palestinian intelligence officer Muhammad Abu Shahala has reportedly been sentenced to death for selling his home in Hebron (pictured) to a Jew

Capital crime: Former Palestinian intelligence officer Muhammad Abu Shahala has reportedly been sentenced to death for selling his home in Hebron (pictured) to a Jew

Under Palestinian law, the death sentence can be executed if approved by the president of the Palestinian Authority Mahmoud Abbas.


In an open letter addressed to Ban Ki-moon, Hillary Clinton, Benjamin Netanyahu, and other high ranking officials, David Wilder and Noam Arnon, of the Jewish community in Hebron, compared the case to trials in Nazi-era Germany. 

The letter read: 'According to various news agencies, Mr. Muhammad Abu Shahala, a former intelligence agent for the Palestinian Authority, has been sentenced to death, following a hurried trial. 

Decision maker: Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas must concur with the sentence before it can be carried out

Decision maker: Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas must concur with the sentence before it can be carried out

'His crime: selling property to Jews in Hebron. It is appalling to think that property sales should be defined as a "capital crime" punishable by death.  

'The very fact that such a ‘law’ exists within the framework of the PA legal system points to a barbaric and perverse type of justice, reminiscent of practices implemented during the dark ages.

'It is incumbent upon the entire international community, which views Abu Mazen and the Palestinian Authority as a viable Middle East peace partner, to publicly reject such acts of legal murder, when the ‘crime’ is nothing more than property sales. What would be the reaction to a law in the United States, England, France, or Switzerland, forbidding property sales to Jews?

Actually, less than one hundred years ago, such acts were legislated and practiced, known as the  infamous ‘Nuremberg laws.’ 

'On October 3, 1938 the Nazi Germany, under the leadership of Adolf Hitler, implemented a  "Decree of the Confiscation of Jewish Property, regulating the transfer of assets from Jews to non-Jewish Germans.'

'On December 11, 1938 another law was  passed:  ‘the regulation for the elimination of Jews from the Economic life of Germany.’  Among other sections was a clause forbidding Jews from offering merchandise for sale.

'Is the Palestinian Authority a reincarnation of the Third Reich?'

According to columnist Caroline Glick, the law banning the sale of land or property to Jews has been in force for some time 

She told the Weekly Standard: 'The PA was established in May 1994. The first law it adopted defined selling land to Jews as a capital offense. 

'Shortly thereafter scores of Arab land sellers began turning up dead in Jerusalem and Judea and Samaria in both judicial and extrajudicial killings.'

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Apartheid:  a political system in South Africa from 1948 to the early 1990s that separated the different peoples living there and gave privileges to those of European origin

I agree... Israel is often accused of being an apartheid state by the left just pointing out Palestinians are way more problematic in that way.

Funny Sussan how you seem to change your definitions when it suits you...

remember this post you made 

"Jeff, I thought you would be familiar with the fact that words evolve, just like everything else.  I remember the day I first saw the word ‘apartheid’ applied to Israel. It was on the front of Jimmy Carter’s book. At the time, I thought he could have chosen a better title, but since then, having become more familiar with conditions in Israel and the OT, I have changed my mind."

The word apartheid needs to be retired from the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, because it does not apply here.  It COULD apply, but that is just like how one side is going to slaughter the other.  It has not happened.  Also, the cornerstone of apartheid was allowing privileges in regards to residency and voting.  So if an independent Palestine said it is to be "Jew-free," there is nothing in the Palestinian Constitution that states so.  That is one of the difficulties about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, is that Israel does not have a written constitution, and what Palestinian Authority members state are not written Palestinian laws either.  It is more laws of the vigilante.  So did this intelligence officer violate a written Palestinian law, or is it just emotions.  The emotions of hate.  The sad things about the emotions of hate, is that it can be used on your own people too.

There is a written law that marring a Jew or selling land to a jew can result in the death penalty - it is  a crime.  Lack of a  constitution does not mean that there are no rules that govern a country, it just means that there are no basic rules that all other laws must conform.  Anyway in Israel the basic laws are considered a defacto constitution by the supreme court.

I am curious, who has the law?  Because in the Qu'ran, it is alright to marry a Jew or a Christian.  Because both are the "People of the Book."

I dont understand your question... the PA has ability to make laws - so it has...... 

If the Palestinian Authority has made this into a written law, then it is violating the Qu'ran.  I recently got into it with some Turkish extremists who claimed that the Armenian Genocide never existed, and how Sultan Abdul Hamid II had 7 wives.  When Islam only allows a man to have 4 wives.  I said that the Sultan was violating the rules of Islam.  If the Palestinian Authority's have this as a written law, then they are violating the rules of Islam.  Of course, read the Hamas Doctrine, because their Islamic history is quite fictionalized.  When I brought this up with individuals representing Hamas, I just got silence from them.

Honestly, I could not care less what the Quran says... I am talking about the laws of the PA... Anyway like almost any religion there are many variations to the law. I want to see people on this site get upset about teh fact the PA has called for a country where no Jews are allowed or all the discriminitory policies I have mentioned... you will not hear that here because brutal dictatorships are regularly protected by the left, at the expense of human rights, just sad....

Actually, I do not care what the Qu'ran says, because I can always counteract Muslim extremists with it.  Which I have done.  But with an Israeli-Palestinian peace, the given is that Israel will have an Arab minority, and an independent Palestine will have a Jewish minority.  Those are givens for nation-states, is that they will have minorities.  The Palestinian economy is very dependent on international aid, and that international aid can be withheld, if they demand a "Jew-free" Palestine.  Also, an independent Palestine will need foreign investment, and the majority of that will be coming in from Israel.  Because with all the discord going on in Egypt right now, Egypt has been having trouble in securing their U.S. $4.8 billion loan from the International Monetary Fund.  So-called dictatorships can very much answer to money.  Sanctions on Iran has made their dinar worthless, and has created double-digit inflation there.  So the Palestinian Authority's demand for a "Jew-free" Palestine, can very much be answered by money.  What happened to Germany in the 1930's, is that it withdrew from the League of Nations, and cancelled the Versailles Treaty.  Canceling the Versailles Treaty very much took the financial pressure off Germany.  Of course, the Versailles Treaty was one of the contributors to the Great Depression.  An Israeli-Palestinian peace treaty would definitely require international mediation, hopefully John Kerry might be providing it.  It would not seem possible that such as treaty could be drafted, if it called for a "Jew-free" Palestine.

I live in Haifa and just for six years but I am  active in interfaith activities in my city. My experiences have taught me that this region is bombarded with stereotypes and slogans that often are exaggerated at best. Much of what is said about this region of based on the "emotions of hate".   In Haifa, Jews, Christians, Muslims and others live together in peace and dignity. I have met many Palestinians from both sides of our borders and discovered that they have many different ideas and political views. That is certainly true of the Jewish community in Israel. We can interpret laws in numerous ways also. I am surprised at the fact the the positive sides of life in this region are so neglected. Israel is a fairly democratic society and The Palestinian Authority and Israel are not at war. Gaza is a separate political entity. Peaceful and positive dialogue does work in many cases. 

Earl, Israel is a country whose destruction has been threatened



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