the sweetness of peace with the bitterness of pre-agreement violence

Any time that there is a statement that there is a progress toward creation of Palestinian state there is a potential of violence of the extremists who fear from ending the conflict with a moderate solution that will enable all to live here.

So expect the sweetness of peace with the bitterness of pre-agreement violence.

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Are you talking about the settlers making a nuisance of themselves? (I mean, more so than the usual.)

It goes beyond settlers.  Read the discussion I have called "Anatomy Of A Lost Generation."  You can see how that metamorphosed.

You are so right about it going beyond the settlers.

The settlers are there, not only because they are allowed to be there, but also because they are encouraged to be there, and rewarded for being there.

And, everyone - everyone - is paying for it. 

Tzipi Livni said everything will be laid out on the table.  That will mean the future status of the settlers too.  Netanyahu said no settlement will be torn down.  Members of the Palestinian Authority said an independent Palestine will be Jew-free.  No where is that written in the Palestinian Constitution.  A great deal will be laid out on the table, but it will be John Kerry's responsible that no one gets mad and walks out.  That is too easy, and it has been done too many times before.

The people who will get to the table will try to gain something for the good of the all and something for themselves. The ones who will not get to the table will claim that the agreement is not valid and that there is no solution. So you will see violence from settlers extremists and Palestinian extremists and Gaza which have no seat in the table.

Whatever the decision is about the settlers, it will not be popular.  They do not want to return to the pre-1967 borders.  They do not want to become citizens of an independent Palestine.  An independent Palestine will have diplomatic relations with israel, and Israel will be a major source of foreign investment there.  For the good of an independent Palestine, companies like SodaStream will have to remain.  So it is a mental Berlin Wall that will have to be torn down.  As for Gaza, Hamas' time is limited one way, or another.

In the last years I enhanced my relationship with settlers and listen to them, some are as extreme as they usually criticized but I heard clear moderate voices from willing to live under palestinian role and accepting the Palestinian Arabs as equal citizens, many recognize the hardship of Palestinian condition. We should be aware of the complexity when we move forward with agreements with palestinians

I am willing to not place all settlers in an extremist category, but the given is the Palestinian Constitution would have to be amended to provide for them to become citizens of an independent Palestine.  Legal experts worked with the former Soviet republics, when they became independent countries.  Large numbers of Russians did not leave Latvia, but when a voters referendum came up to make Russian the second official language of Latvia, it got voted down. Many American legal experts worked with the former Soviet republics, they would have to work with the Palestinian Authority as well.

There is a lot of work ahead
Susan, this is people like you who are one side vision and you going to be more aggressive with you anti Israeli propaganda as you like the settlers do not want to see palestinian state side with Israel and peace agreement

let's hope for wisdom wins over ego, for good-will wins over greediness, for a real urge for peace wins over all other 'accounts'.

The moment of truth will start next week in Washington D.C.



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