the sweetness of peace with the bitterness of pre-agreement violence

Any time that there is a statement that there is a progress toward creation of Palestinian state there is a potential of violence of the extremists who fear from ending the conflict with a moderate solution that will enable all to live here.

So expect the sweetness of peace with the bitterness of pre-agreement violence.

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Because a great deal of this, will depend on how forgiving we all are.

People you are getting back into a contest again.  If the negotiations in Washington, D.C. are nothing but a contest, then they will definitely fail.  The challenge I present to you, is how can you see this beyond a contest?  That is on present terms.

Ramzy Baround is senior columnist and editor for  Here is an article he wrote about Egyptian pressure on the Palestinians.  With the ongoing Egyptian pressure on the Palestinians, hopefully this will drive them to re-evaluate their future relations with Israel:

The title needs to be changed from war crimes to economic crimes.  I just go through writing up for Khaled Abu Toamah about how an independent Palestine will desperately need foreign investments, and the majority of that will be coming from Israel.  Israel already has SodaStream in there, employing 500 Palestinians.  Retail outlets, such as Fox, which are employing Palestinians.  This Berlin Wall, of one side living there, and the other side lives here is nothing but Cold War mentality.  When Ronald Reagin said "Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall," the wall eventually came down, not because Mikhail Gorbachev tore it down, it is because the Eastern Bloc financially collapsed.  That is the big challenge about Israeli-Palestinian peace, it tearing down this mental Berlin Wall.

Four steps to reducing adversity:

1.  Positivity creates positive results.

2.  Say "Hello" to your neighbor and smile.

3.  Smile, and lend a hand.

4.  Positivity creates positive results, always.

My old alma mater, OneVoice Movement is a part of the peace negotiations.  I was a part of getting OneVoice Movement back into Gaza again, after being exiled to the West Bank.  Martin Indyk, special envoy appointed by John Kerry, is an honorary member of the Board of Directors (I think time demands, do not allow him to be a full time member of the Board of Directors).  But this is also a personal victory for me.  Because for so long the organizations I have been working with were considered fringe and out of contact with reality.  Which many times led to dreadful name calling by opponents.  On this website, it talks about the 5 things the peace negotiations are lacking, one of them being a lack of religious freedom in the territories controlled by the Palestinian Authority.  All of these numerous problems have to be brought up, to be effectively dealt with.  Like Tzipi Livni said "everything must be laid out on the table."  Everything including strengths and weaknesses.

When praying for the success of the Israeli-Palestinian peace negotiations, put on a tefillin and recite Deuteronomy 6:6,8:

And these words that I command you today shall be upon your heart.  And you shall bind them as a sign upon your arm.

According to the Jerusalem Post, 51% of all Palestinians favor the peace talks.  So they are giving us all an Eid Mubarak.

An East Jerusalem mukhtar (head of a village) announced that he is against the division of Jerusalem.  He said "a border in the city, will be like a knife in the stomach of two peoples."  The way I see it, he is so right too.  Jerusalem just simply cannot be divided, no matter how you look at it.

We can understand the Arab people of east Jerusalem who wish to get the Israeli health and work opportunities but the question of Jerusalem is wider then the people who live in Jerusalem.

Nationalism in the peace negotiation will just have to be evicted.  If possible, because both sides just cling to it repulsively.



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