The Arab streets are becoming bloodier and bloodier.  Dictators are simply killing innocent unarmed rotesters in teh street.  Libya has almost killed 100 - the last 15 were with snipers at a funeral.

Why is the UN quiet?  Why are all those fighting for human rights of the Palestians and Arabs quiet?

Why do I feel that personal politics takes precident over human rights violation.  While the UN is discussing settlement building - yes BUILDING homes - hundred are being murdered in the street.




Gaddafi regime's snipers kill 15 mourners attending funeral of protesters in Libya

 2011-02-20 11:30:00
ניתן להרוויח מאנרגיה ירוקה. כנסו לאתר פז לפרטים נוספים!


Sniper commandos have reportedly shot dead at least 15 mourners and wounded many others attending the funeral of protesters killed during the Libyan uprising as Colonel Muammar Gaddafi's regime attempted to crush dissent.

Gaddafi's regime had also deployed artillery and helicopter gunships against the demonstrators, and thugs armed with hammers and swords attacked families with the intention of crushing down the uprising, The Telegraph reports.

The paper quoted a hospital official as saying that one of the victims was apparently struck on the head by an anti-aircraft missile, and many were shot in the head and chest.

He also said that a huge number of people have turned up in the hospital to donate blood, adding: "Many of the dead and the injured are relatives of doctors here. They are crying and I keep telling them to please stand up and help us."

In addition to Saturday's death toll, as many as 84 people are believed to have been killed by Friday night, the paper said.

The five-day uprising in eastern Libya has been the greatest challenge to the 42-year rule of Colonel Gaddafi, the world's longest-serving ruler. The uprising has disrupted the Internet and phone lines in the country, it added. (ANI)


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"What are you talking about? The Arab populations all over the world are discussing this. We are under dictatorships." - Talking is not enough - your people are being slaughtered and massacred in teh streets and al you can do istalking about building houses in teh west bank.... Where is the UN? Have u seen the pictures of the army shooting rows of protersters - where is the outrage - where are the special session.


True Libya, Iran bahrain Syria  are big fighters fo human rights for Palestianisn  while the murder their own people!!!

This is an urgent issue- people are dying the street now- where is your outrage?


"Your government did not support the Egyptian Revolution." - Israel rightfully so did not take sides - Mubbrak was great to keep teh mideast calm, just as the Shau was in Iran.  Look what happened there... How could Israel support democracy fro a people who cant seem to handle it...... All we need is a Suni Iran in our neighborhood. 

"What nations are the dictators attacking? They are suppressing their people.  The UN Security Council does not address that in general." - Are you mad that is exactly what they shoudl address - these are peopel fighting for their freedom from one of teh worst dictators - that is why the UN is there.


"The reality is there are dictatorships in the Middle East that Israel in many case supports" - I agree because Arabs dont know what do do with democracy - look at Iran, Gaza.... failed experiments.


"The Arab dictators find the Arab-Israeli conflict and internal pressures regarding it a threat, so they go to the UN over it, naturally." - the Arab dictators use Israel as an excuse as to teh oppression of their people.  Kadaffi , Iran and teh rest blame teh Zionist for teh unrest in their country..... They teach their people that that have no human rights how horrible teh Zionists are - tell me the oppressive Saudi government is better to its people in terms of rights the Israel to its arab population - no way.  Blaming teh Jews has always been a tool in history to cover your own ass..


"Why did you state something false about Palestinians saying never said they didn't want to negotiate while settlements are taking place?" - OK read what I wrote  "Let me make myself clear - yes there have always been demands to halt settlement building ALWAYS - but it was never a pre-condition to talking."  Not that they did not want to but they did!  I dont like taht you keep misquoting me.

"You just care about your tribal concerns instead of a larger human, global one." I honestly do, teh pictures I have seen have horrified me.  I am just unsure why you can so easily excuse it. Instead you focus on building homes...... that is not human rights- that is dirty politics.

"And I already quoted you were Qorei had halted discussions with Israel because of settlements, but you ignored it. " - You brought in a quote from almost 15 years ago and since then settlement activity has been happening, not halted and so has the talks....Therefore this was not a precondition if it was there would not have been any talks since 1997....


Fascism? what are talking about? do you know what fascism is? 


 "a governmental system led by a dictator having complete power, forcibly suppressing opposition and criticism, regimenting all industry, commerce, etc., and emphasizing an aggressive nationalism and often racism. "


Given most Arab dictatorships if not all fit the bill but Israel....... seriously?  I think you are just using words you dont understand for shock value and its a pity, instead of discussing the facts.


Palestinians and settlements have nothing to do with Saudi Arabia.  That is why it is so shocking that all these dictators use it as an excuse to oppress their people - "blame the Jews".


My point was regarding the UN and how utterly corrupt and backwards it is.  There are huge civil rights abuses occurring as we speak people being killed in teh street and settlements is the big issue to deal with.  How many times were special sessions of the UN called over Israel on things like the Marvi Marmra or a Palestinian family being killed accidentally by a bomb.  But when dictator massacre people in the hundred who cares?


Like I said settlements can be taken down, Israel has proven it time and again in the West bank, Gaza, Sinai, so what is the big deal?  Why not talk?  It's just not a real issue....... I dont consider building settlements a human rights abuse.  Tearing down houses Jews or Arabs might be considered human rights abuse if they are done for political not civil reasons, just not building them.





"Israel is currently investigating Leftist groups in the country and their funding while not doing so for the groups on the Right.  It is not exactly democratic vis-a-vis minorities in the state. " - There is a law that is currently in discussion and last I heard it will include both left and right wing groups...

"destroying homes of Palestinians violates their human rights" - if it is political reasons I agree 1000% just as I am sure you agree destroting Jewish homes also violates human rights.

You keep talking about destroying homes but this is not what anyone is talking about... Please address the BUILDING HOMES.  That is what we are talking about here no?


I do not understand why you keep changing the topic

I think this post is yet another anti-arab statment and do not have any contribution to peace.


settlement building cannot be justified by Libya or even Arab problems 


I am not justifying settlement building - I just think the UN has more important issues to deal with now. I think settlement building is simply an excuse for not talking.....


Curious as to how this post is anti-arab?



its anti Arab as it try to connect two separate things and blind of how the UN works.

I am not sure how that makes it Anti-Arab?  what does how the UN work have to do with Arabs?

Seriously, dont understand...My point is so much focus is put on Israel for every little thing it does in the name of human rights for an Arab population.  But when it comes to major "real" human rights issues no one really seems to care.  They just talk about Building houses...perplexes me. Nothing Anti-Arab about that as far as I know...

"You seem to say that it is not a big deal to destroy the homes of human beings called Arabs because they are not called Jews. " - Are u reading my Posts at all?

"destroying homes of Palestinians violates their human rights" - if it is political reasons I agree 1000% just as I am sure you agree destroting Jewish homes also violates human rights."

-Dan's post

I have written this over and over and over and you keep ignoring it!!!!!



My points are simple:

  1. Settlements is not an issue that the UN should deal with it should be part of the negotiations between Israel and Palestinians- Let the security council deal with the major human rights issues in the world today and not ever little squabble with Israel like it does.
  2. Halting settlement building is a new precondition to talks.  Israel has been building settlements , without stop other than the "semi-freeze" that Netanyahu put on in the past year.... It never stopped Oslo 1,2 Why Camp David, Wye, Road Map, Olmert... What happened that it is all the sudden a new condition to talks?  Settlements can be removed! Israel has done it over and over for "Peace"- Settlements is just an excuse not to talk!


Please, Please Please do not answer something about destroying homes...I beg of you,.....Address the points I am trying to make



Just answer this question why now is this different??????


All you can talk about is taking land and destroying homes - I agree move on!!!!!


If there is an empty mountain in the West Bank - no deeds, no ownership - it was part of the Turkish  empire, an empty hill..... Jews want to live there.  They want to build a house there, you say they cannot because they are Jewish.  You say that if they build a house it is a human rights issue?  I am sorry I just dont see it....

If there is a final settlement and there is a decision that the house needs to be removed it will be done as it has in the past... but dont try comparing that to teh Spanish Inquisition...


There was never a state of Palestine - the land was not taken from Palestine, it was taken from Jordan who gave up claim on the land.......

Israel is the only country to give the Palestinians any sort of automomy - no one else did, no the Turks, Brits or Egypt. nThe land is not occupied, it is a mistaken term it is disputed.  Occupied would imply that it inherently belongs to someone, it does not.


Settlements might be "obstacles' to peace but they can easily be removed, they should not stop negotiation and teh UN should let the parties settle it for themselves.... Should Israel try to get PA condemnation in the Security Council for all teh suicide bombers?  5,000 rocket his Israeli civilian cities where no military.  Simply an attack on civilians, this continued for years.  Why was there no Security Council resolution?  But Settlements this is worthy? come -on!


I have many friends who were thrown out of their homes they lived for 30 years in and had them destroyed.  They have had their synagoage defaced and used for cattle.  I know it is less impornat to you because they were Jews living in Gaza but they are tramatized.


I also have friends whose families were killed in suicide bombings of fanatics who beleive the more civillians the y can kill the more chance they will get their Virgins in heaven.... BUT THIS IS NOT RELEVENT TO the discussion.


"I think if Jews want to live Ramallah and Nablus downtown they are welcome after a peace agreement where there is a clear Palestine and where even Jewish neighborhoods are part of Palestine and vote with the Arabs in elections and represent their districts.  I don't understand why Israel can't accept that.  We can live with them, but not as one group being masters and the others being under their control.  We are in the year 2011." - Jews could never and would never live under a Palestinain authority - they would be massacred within days.


A non political reason for destroying a home could be a home was built were a road is supposed to be, or an area was zoned for something else... Not sure u are aware but many home demolitions happen to Jews inside Israel proper for not having permits to build... for civil reasons....  Arabs have neighborhoods in Tel Aviv and Arab citizens are free to live anywhere in the country they want,  I have arab neighbors in Tel Aviv.  I have zero problem with that.  The supermarket on my block it owned by Arabs,





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