for this week what do you plan to increase the peace in our world?

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Combatants for Peace very much consists of Palestinians in Gaza.  There leader in Gaza is Bassam Aramin, who spent seven years in an Israeli jail for planning terrorist attacks from Gaza into Israel.  He also had a 7 year old daughter, who was shot and killed by Israeli soldiers.  This man would have very good reasons to be bitter towards Israel, because of his incarceration in an Israeli jail, and the death of his daughter.  But instead of being bitter and resentful, he is working with other Palestinians and Israelis -- many who are members of the IDF -- on achieving coexistence.  If he were to drop his hat, I would pick it for up for him.  So does that make me a hateful and bitter Anti-Semite?  One can be a hateful and bitter Jewish extremist.  Many of the Palestinian members of Combatants of Peace in Gaza, have been in trouble with the Hamas authorities.  But also, there presence has been influencing Hamas, because in the last round of rocket attacks from Gaza into Israel, it was being done by Islamic Jihad and the Popular Resistance Committees.  Hamas wanted them to stop it, which was enforced by the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, by checking all supplies that went from Egypt into Gaza.  So Hamas are not angels, but they could be moving away from  being devils too.  Bassam Aramin moved away from being a devil, and he could have very easily become one too.

How many Bassams are required in Gaza to make a majority for peace. One or a dozen. How does that compare to the well over 61% who admonish Hamas for not terrorizing Israel more often. Hamas did not stop or forced JIhad and PRC to stop because of Bassam Or  Combatants for Peace , but rather because of self preservation

Their religious dogma will not allow them to move anywhere, maybe as a temporary measure only.

What is really causing Hamas not to move anywhere, is not their religious dogma, but the horrid way they have ran the economy of Gaza.  When it comes to temporary measures, they said they would view peace with Israel not as a permanent peace treaty, but as a "hudna," or temporary truce.  Well those numbskulls have to review their Islamic history a little bit better.  Mohammed devised hudna, not as a temporary truce, but to get the Arabian tribes to stop permanently raiding each other caravans.  So this led them up into Byzantine and Persian territory, to raid their caravans.  Caravan raiding was an important part of the economies of the Arabian tribes, and with that expansion of caravan raiding, came the expansion of Islam.  If Hamas was to rely on a hudna with Israel, it would also mean an expansion of economic interaction with Israel, which Gaza desperately needs.  If the people of Gaza are admonishing Hamas for not terrorizing Israel, they would be admonishing Hamas even more, because of the deadly Israeli airstrikes.  Which means a lot of pride as to be swallowed here.  The 1.5 million citizens of Gaza live right next door to Israel, and despite all of the rhetoric that can come out of Gaza in one capacity or another, they are going to have to live with Israel.  People such as Bassam Aramin have recognized it, but the question is how many others have as well.  When we are talking about groups of people, sometimes we have to know individuals and how many of these individuals.  Because I have known a lot of them in Israel, the West Bank, and Gaza, but the question is how many of them to really be able to lobby their governments.  The same thing I mentioned here, I mentioned to Mousa Abu Marzook, senior Hamas leader.

It is Israel that is going to have to live with Gaza. Gaza is too small to function economically or socially as an isolated State. Gaza needs to be integrated into a much larger area.

Gaza is so old, it is mentioned in the Old Testament, when a Jew called Samson used to visit the Philistine prostitutes of Gaza. Gaza has never functioned in isolation from the rest of the Middle East, and it is probably not possible for it to do so.  As you should be able to see from Samson’s behaviour, Gaza is a part of the area, not an entity unto itself.

 Deadly Israeli airstrikes simply because Hamas is raiding Caravans and the horrid way they are running the economy. DID I MISS SOMETHING THERE?

This is my response to Igor's post that starts off with: Sussan

Igor, you say propaganda must be met with resolute denial, and then you proceed to churn out some of the most monstrous propaganda.

PRIOR TO THE INVASION OF ARABS IN 1948, huge areas both within and beyond the proposed new state of Israel had already been ethnicly cleansed by JEWISH PARAMILITARY GROUPS. When the Arab troops did enter, they were mainly volunteers, and as you would know, Golda Meir had did a deal with Jordan that meant Jordan did not really take an active part in the 1948 War, so to pretend otherwise, is OUTRAGEOUS PROPAGANDA.

I FIND IT HARD TO BELIEVE YOU KNOW NOTHING OF THIS, which makes what you are saying, pure propaganda.


Everyone – I mean everyone – (I am including people who have no interest whatever in the Middle East) know that Israel uses disproportionate force against Palestinians. Even people who have no idea where or what Palestine is, know that much !


History A LA SUSSAN and completely revised in that mould. Jordan just sat on the sidelines and somehow managed to be the only Arab entity to acquire Judea and Samaria. Must have been the those awful Jews that handed it to them because of Naqba.

Volunteers with Tanks and Planes- Some volunteers.

Igor, you forget, there was the Partition Plan that the Jews agreed to, which means, Jews had no business whatever to be attempting to take any land on the Palestinian side of the border.

OOPS. Silly me, I must have somehow missed the Arab acceptance in the past 65 years. Can you direct me to that vote. But according to some of your posts I get the distinct impression that you believe all of Palestine belongs to the Arabs, So where was that border according to Sussan?

Yes the Jews agreed and the Arabs did not (that was before they called themselves Palestinians). Are you familiar with the law of contracts ,perhaps? Both sides must agree and if not than it is null and void.    Law 101.

igor my friend are you saying there was no such thing as palestine ? WOW  amazing  proof it :)  if you cant then dont talk about it in such huge confidence for if their was the palestine  who did live in it ? and if you dont know  palestine is mentioned in the three holly books but you already know that  but for israel no one heard of it untill after it kicked people out of their homes and killed entire villeges oh wait  killing arab vileges dont count,what am saying israel never existed and still does not  for it breaks the definition of the state! but i do recognise israel as the state of ocupation that it is ! but again you will have to over look  this just to make peace  now tell me how?

Where in the Three Holy Books is Palestine mentioned? Have have you heard of the prayer-Hear Oh Israel, Next Year in Jerusalem and Bethlehem, Hevron , Schem(Nablus), King David, Solomon. Where is any of this mentioned in the Koran. Bethlehem and Jerusalem are mentioned in the New Testament as Israelite cities and certainly not Palestinian.

If you truly want peace than Palestinians must stop the terror, dismantle all their terror militia, recognize Israel as the Jewish State, forget about the Right of Return to Israeli cities. At the end of negotiations an end of conflict clause must be signed and adhered by the Palestinians. Israel is within its rights under 242 to annex territory it deems essential for its security.

Neither "Naqba", terror , demonizing will move Israel or Israelis to make peace as this will only happen if there are negotiations.

Actually, the name Palestine came into widespread use during the Byzantine Era, and it was also during this era, that in the 7th C.E., that Arabian tribes started moving into that area. Whose descendants we are dealing with today.  The Quran was compiled between 610 to 632, C.E., and what happened after it was compiled?  They moved up into both Byzantine and Persian territory to raid their caravans.  So who are the Palestinians?  Descendants of caravan raiders, who moved into Byzantine territory during the 7th century, C.E.  That is the reason why it is so important to know about Islamic history, from Jewish extremists to Hamas.  In Resolution 242, no where does it refer to negotiating borders, but what supersedes that is the Oslo Accords, which states that after a five year interim period, Palestinian self-government and Israeli control over the West Bank will be finally resolved.  That was in 1993, and now it is 2012, and the government of Israel signed it.  Unless it is declared void, which it has not.  As for recognizing Israel as the Jewish state, the Palestine Liberation Organization did in 1993, but that still leave Hamas, Islamic Jihad, the Popular Resistance Committees, and worse yet, the Salafists, who are an offshoot of Al-Qaeda.  Yes they can be dismantled.  I personally would love to see them dismantled, because it is just like what is stated in H.Res. 34, "they are hurting Palestinians, just as much as they are hurting Israelis."  As for dropping the right of return, that is what is being pushed by White Hall -- Great Britain's Foreign Ministry.  Mechanics are being put into place, but it is up to us, as constituents, that will be enforcing them.



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