the main engine of peace, is practice of tolerance, without conditions, I can imagine a Israel in harmony, living together Israelis and Palestinians, without wars or terrorist attacks, 21st century should be the century of the > peace between Israelis and Palestinians, if you try to promote from different areas of peace, the ' planet Earth will live in peace forever.

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no se puede hacer una comparacion nunca de la Shoa Nazi contra el pueblo hebreo con lo que esta sucediendo aqui, con esta mentalidad no se puede llegar nunca a conseguir la paz.

Haha, I must say it IS kind of funny
You can understand that it isn't an Israelian warrior.
It is such a misleading understanding of the situation that it actually surprises me !

Sussan you care nothing for peace you care in what is your mind justice....Needless top say most of what you write here is one sided propaganda that has little to do with the truth.  People like you are the reason that no peace solution can be found on the horizon.

Avoiding Peace negotiations:

“The guideline of our policy has always been the idea that a permanent situation of no peace and a latent war is the best situation for us, and that it must be maintained at all costs. ... we are becoming stronger year by year in a situation of impending conflict where it is possible that actual fighting may break out from time to time. Such wars will usually be short and the results guaranteed in advance, since the gap between us and the Arabs is increasing. In this way we shall move on from occupation to further occupation.  ...  this criminally mischievous policy has led us into the crisis we are living through today.” (Yeshavahu Leibowitz, Nov 1973)

“We have not been seeking peace for 25 years – all declarations to that effect have been no more than coloured statements or deliberate lies. There is of course no assurance that we could have made peace with the Arabs if we had wanted to. However, it has to be heavily emphasized that we have not only made no attempts to seek peace, but have deliberately and with premeditation, sabotaged every possibility of doing so.”  (Yeshavahu Leibowitz, 30 Nov 1973)

Without lies, it would be impossible to talk about peace with the Palestinians for 36 years while at the same time seizing more and more Palestinian land. Without Lies, it would be impossible to claim that there is no partner for the road map, while at the same time injecting more and more money into outposts that the road map calls for dismantling. Without lies, it would be impossible to promise ‘painful concessions’ in exchange for peace, while at the same time terming people who concluded such an agreement ‘traitors’.”  (Akiva Eldar, chief political columnist for Israeli newspaper Haaretz, 24 Nov 2003)

historical people said once in a blurp, we both know that arab leaders, many Palestinains have called for the killing of Jews and the unwilling to accept any Jewish presence in the area....

Here are some quote from PA authorized textbooks for schools.. Are these people trying to push peace to the next generation or like some people here who simply push hate? Pure antisemitism


From PLO school textbooks:

Third Grade: Jerusalem speaking to the students:

"I have many Islamic holy places [and] Christian holy places ". Islamic and Christian holy places are then listed in the text. There are no Jewish holy places in Jerusalem.

Fourth Grade:

I learn from this lesson: I believe that the Jews are the enemies of the Prophets and the believers.

Fifth Grade:

Write in your exercise book: An event showing the fanaticism of the Jews in Palestine against Muslims or Christians.

Fifth Grade:

There will be a Jihad [holy war] and our country shall be freed. This is our story with the thieving conquerors. You must know, my boy, that Palestine is your grave responsibility . . . . Know, my son, that Palestine is your country . . . that its pure soil is drenched with the blood of Martyrs . . . . Why must we fight the Jews and drive them out of our land?

Eighth Grade:

Racism: Mankind has suffered from this evil . . . . Satan has, in the eyes of many people, made their evil actions appear beautiful . . . . Such a people are the Jews.

Ninth Grade:

Treachery and disloyalty are character traits of the Jews and therefore one should beware of them.

Tenth Grade:

The Jews deluded themselves that their religious faith was sufficient to turn them into one nation . . . . The Zionists turn[ed] their attention towards Palestine as the national homeland of the Jews, while relying on false historical and religious claims.

Tenth Grade:

The colonial powers [Europe and America] regarded the Zionist Movement as the means for the attainment of their greedy colonial aspirations . . . imposing their rule on it in order to exploit its natural resources. The European colonial powers spread the idea of Zionism among the Jews.

Tenth Grade:

Christian European society's hatred of the Jews has existed since ancient times . . . . [The Jews] aimed to corrupt and destroy the societies in which they lived. There are a number of reasons that caused the Europeans to persecute the Jews everywhere . . . . These are reasons the Jews were persecuted, and are the reasons the Europeans wanted to be rid of the Jews, which led Europe to support Zionism.

Jeff, there is no such thing as PLO school text books. Nor was there ever. 

Paletinians had text books that were from Egypt, because they could not afford to publish their own.

molta saviesa en les teves

a lot of wisdom in your words, but there are always people willing to deny peace.

, pero sempre hi ha gent disposada a negar la Pau.

Gabriella, ACABO de llegir el teu comentari Una mica Tarda per respondré GRÀCIES PER Pensar DIFERENTGabriella, just read your comments a little late per te respondere thanks for thinking different

les frases històriques del sempre Passen un Millor Història, l'interessant i El Que: hem de Cerca és la Pau, entre el Poble d'Israel i el Poble Palestí, i Qui ho Millor Floristeria FER és la ciutadania

activa i no activa dels pobles del DOS, sí que ha de Mirar Sempre Cap Endavant, el pecat Recordant el ràbia Passat, el

historical phrases always become better story, what is interesting and what we look for is the peace between the people of Israel and the Palestinian people, and who can best do this is citizenship
active and not active of the two peoples, it has to always look forward, recalling his past without rage, two peoples meren peace!!!

s dos Pobles si meren la Pau ¡¡¡¡

I like to think that true peace between Israel and Palestine come when the citizens of both countries to work together to build peace, never with the Politicians involved.



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