Please review and participate in our transformation (see attached document). Which teams might your help? Please respond by email to

See the discussion of our transformation from our annual meeting in June:

Vision of - network for peace is a network for peace and platform for peacemakers. The online network is home to thousands of peacemakers and millions of page visits from more than 100 countries. The aims of

  • Exemplify and realize peace and co-existence online and on the ground
  • Empower individuals and organizations with interaction, information and inspiration
  • Leverage the web and networking technologies to mobilize a movement for Middle East peace


We are transforming into a platform and movement that will benefit from the collective wisdom and cooperation of its activists. It is possible for’s leaders to build a movement for peace. As it stands, only a few shoulder the responsibilities for This transformation will empower more leaders to build teams and lead a movement for Middle East peace. The proposed leadership structure:

How it will work – MEPEACE will support leaders and teams in four areas of responsibility (circles): Interact, Inform, Inspire, Sustain – each with five teams and corresponding leaders. Teams encourage cooperation, share the work and accomplish more. Teams exemplify co-existence, offer experience and empower leaders from the bottom-up. This team model will encourage motivated peacemakers to take and share responsibilities.

Communication – it is vitally important for us to communicate clearly and consistently with each other.

  • Team leaders  – each will build team of 4-5 individuals to advance work with weekly communication
  • Steering Committee - made of Team Leaders. The SC will make decisions by monthly communication
  • The WIP - consists of Circle Leaders representing the world, Israel and Palestine - will communicate weekly and create an agenda for the Steering Committee
  • The board and international board will be engaged to support the WIP and Steering Committee.
    The boards will be updated monthly and meet quarterly
  • Community – peacemakers will receive a monthly update in addition to twice-weekly communication

Our request of you

We ask you to take responsibility for one of the teams  below and to communicate your choice with Oliver and Eyal who will support you and your team. Reach us via email at

INTERACT: Administrate, Dialogue, Volunteers, Moderation, Technology

INFORM: Multimedia, Calendars, Links, Resources, Information

INSPIRE: Facebook, Arabic, Events, Media, Special Projects

SUSTAIN: Organization, Strategy, Funding, Leadership, Resources

– Team leaders will:

  1. Create a one-page document for teamwork (vision, objectives, responsibilities, schedule)
  2. Choose an effective method and schedule for weekly communication (Skype, meeting, phone)
  3. Manage and document the work of the team (to present monthly to WIP for evaluation)

Values – TRUST – We are committed to:

  1. Transparency – Communicate openly w leaders and peacemakers
  2. Respect – Honor peacemakers, the community and the work of peacemaking
  3. Unity – Work together for peace
  4. Support – Help our leaders, peacemakers and the community
  5. Teams – Empower leaders to lead
Thanks to all who have volunteered, supported and contributed - you know who you are, to all our peacemakers and to those who will work with us. We look forward to hearing from you and working together.


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Please reply your thoughts, ideas and questions...
Transformation is the appropriate word to describe MEPEACE and the work we're doing both on the ground and in cyberspace. Sounds like we have something challenging to do. :-)
brilliant move into organizing action.
This is very intriguing!
Very challenging and interesting. I hope I would be able to help - have to think of how and of what subject.

Much success!!!
Thank you for your responses. Keep 'em coming. We will look to engage every person who wants to help. We are in this together.
I hope that Ning will soon provide a new kind of chat room with new and better features. For now, though, let's be glad we have a chat room :)
Wow. My spirit wants to participate, but my "flesh" and circumstances is not certain I can commit (still). But I look forward to perhaps having a small part; and/or a part that can grow in coming days, weeks, months and years. While I have several talents or abilities, I think perhaps my best talents may lie under the "Inspire" theme.

Also, I still hope there can be a small but vital use for the Second Life technology in moving forward a peace movement and/or providing platform for interaction, inspiration, information, and sustaining (there could be Second Life fundraising possibilities). I still have a display in my Unity Educational Center (Second Life).

Another thing that I think MAY need to be created (and maybe not?), if possible, is a united vision of what peace in the Middle East will look like. Now, I know we all have different political ideas, and my point is NOT to make everyone think the same. Thus, we would need a vision that would leave people open to different ideas and beliefs and loyalties and politics, etc etc, yet have something that will guide the different teams in the same general direction and not each person or team making up their guiding ideas all on their own. Or -- maybe it will be allright if all the teams have different ideas about what peace is? I don't know.

I'm excited to see this great step and transformation!

Thank you David (and the others).Oliver and I will work with you to overcome hurdles and seize opportunities. Thanks for your commitment and readiness to help.
There's CODEPINK, for example.



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