Victims of Israel's Gaza invasion give evidence to UN mission (Jewish victims of Hamas to be looked at)

Victims of Israel's Gaza invasion give evidence to UN mission

By Donald Macintyre in Gaza City

Monday, 29 June 2009

Harrowing testimony by bereaved victims of Israel's military onslaught on Gaza was heard yesterday in the first public session in Gaza City of a UN factfinding mission led by a prominent South African judge.

Israel has refused to co-operate with the enquiry, and Judge Richard Goldstone's team was obliged to enter Gaza through the Egyptian border post in Rafah. It had also hoped to travel to southern Israel to hear testimony from Israeli victims of rocket attacks from Gaza but says it will now do so in Geneva next month. Israeli witnesses may be flown to Geneva to give evidence at UN expense as the team is barred from Israel.

Judge Goldstone, a Jew and an eminent lawyer on the board of Human Rights Watch, is also a former governor of Hebrew University in Jerusalem. He said: "The purpose of the public hearings in Gaza and Geneva is to show the faces and broadcast the voices of victims – all of the victims."

He told witnesses at the start of the hearing that the judges knew "it is not easy, and how painful it is" to tell their stories.

Moteeh Silawi, an imam from Jablaya, graphically described leading his blind father, aged 91, across scattered body parts after 17 worshippers were killed by flying shrapnel from an explosion just outside its door during evening prayers on 3 January. Mr Silawi, who lost three brothers and two nephews, including a four year old, said: "I saw bloodshed in the mosque. Can you imagine such a shock? I never thought it would be possible [for] a house of God, a house of worship, to be targeted by missiles."

The team heard evidence from the Deeb family which lost 11 of its members, including five children, in the same series of mortar rounds that killed up to 40 people on 6 January near al-Fakhoura UN School in Jabalya, which was being used as a shelter. They also heard from Wael Samouni who survived an attack that killed 29 of his extended family on 5 January after they had taken shelter in his warehouse in Zeitoun.

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Israel has refused to co-operate its not a surprise HUH !!!

Thanks for sharing Basil

Why should Israel cooperate? Is the investiagtion realy interested in the whole truth?
withall the lies that are told agenst israel why would the co-operate.
Yes Luc,

Gaza 2008 will hasten an end to the suffering of the Palestians.

The Gazan's know that they have Hamas to thank for Gaza 2008. So does the rest of the thinking world.
Luc, do you ever show your wife pictures of some of the Israeli children butchered in the homicidal bombings commited against people in restaurants, coffee shops, cafes, and schools? Do you show her pictures of the hundreds of homes hit and destroyed in Israel because of the 8000 Hamas rockets? Do you show her pictures of terrified children huddled in air raid shelters? Do you show your wife images of schools that have to be fortified against bomb attacks? Do you? Or does one group of humans have redder blood than another group of humans? Does it?
it is collateral damage to hit a civilan during war...
it is a war crime to attack with rockets hoping to hit civilians...
Yes Avi. Spot on.
Hamas rockets have no specific targets ==> Their sole purpose is to terrorise and hoefully kill civiilians. That is a War Crime.
As you say Basil. It is common sense that Hamas just wanted such an invasion. Otherwise why did it play the rocket game? 8000 rockets?

For more see,
do you really believe that Hams thought that by shooting rockets at a civilian city in Israel that Israel will say “we are sorry. You were right let’s talk more." no way they were provoking Israel to invade. That is also why they and Hezbollah kidnapped solders. It’s not to change policy but just to bring down mural and terries civilians. When attacking an arm or a country you are expecting to win that war or battle sometimes winning is not physical gain but a physiological or political one. The fact is that there are more rockets being shot at Israel and more Palestinians dieing since Israel gave up Gaza if Hams really cared about there people they would use the money they get from the world to build there infrastructure rather then buy arms from Egypt, Iran, Saudi Arabia or wherever they get it from. Israel does not go in to Gaza killing people they are doing that to them self’s ever since Hams too over.
War is cruel and no civilian wins. But when one is being shot at you can’t sit but and let the bullets fly some one can get hurt.
Basil, I must heartily and sincerely say as loudly and forcefully as I can muster that it is high time that everyone on both sides of this conflict STOP acting like assholes out to protect only their own interests.
"They did this and they did that....." I am so sickened by this endless cycle of vengeance and recriminination. This has never solved anything.

In the end, it does not matter what bloody tribal flag we plant on a heap of corpses.

Let us put an end to it with our thoughts, words, and actions right here and right now and take this message out to the world with us no matter how much rejection and denial we might face from opponents.
I hope that Goldstone is not like Falk.

Falk thinks that it' OK for Hamas to target civiians and to hide among civilians.



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