Many are blaming others and see that the other side is evil.

We know that here for many years.

Can friends write what they can do at this moment to promote change?

Please avoid the blame of the other side, unless you think the other side is pure evil, and that justify your wish for their destruction/immigration. If  you cannot avoid that, you cannot relate to this question because Good exist in both sides and that Good is what will help us create better relationships.


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Lets get serious. Why do we have a right of centre government is Israel? Why are the Left of centre parties at such a low level? It is said that the Israeli electorate is one of the most knowledgeable anywhere. So why did the elect the people that they did? Peace groups may not like them but they have no power. That lack of power has been eroding since Rabin and as a result of Arab terror and intransigence. Calling ordinary Israelis stupid is not very smart on your part.

You know what you must do to persuade Israelis and Jews and your terror and rockets are not working. Try something else and more peaceful, this time.

I wish, I were 17. But again what does my age have to do with Arab propaganda? I did serve in the IDF as you can see from my picture. So you were wrong and not for the first time, I would venture a guess.

It is 8:40PM here so it must be 3:40 AM in Amman. Does you mother know you are spending half the night on the internet telling jokes that are not even funny?

Interesting question.  It gives us the chance to know each other better on this website.  I am the product of a mixed marriage.  Historically, my father's family was Hungarian Calvinist, which is rare for Hungary, because the majority of the people there are Roman Catholic.  My father was actually a devout Communist, but got disillusioned after the Soviet invasion in 1956.  My mother was a Sephardic Jew, originally from Iasi, Romania.  She too was an avowed Communist, and ended up with the Red Army, after it took over Bessarabia from Romania.  She was with them during Operation Barbarosa, and retreated with them.  Her family stay behind in Iasi, and got sent to Auschwitz.  Her brother escaped out of Romania, and made it through the British blockade of Palestine, but was killed in 1948.  Because of her devotion to the Communists who fought the Fascists, she named me after a Soviet solider she knew who died during the Siege of Stalingrad:  Timoshenko.  I was not raised either Calvinists or Jewish.  My mother died of breast cancer when I was 6, so I was handed over to people who I would describe as living in a Gentile culture.  So like children who were not raised by their biological parents, I had a strong desire to find out who I was.  So I did end up in Budapest with my paternal relatives, and it was fascinating.  I had a cousin Gigi, her real name Magda, but people in Central Europe always go by nicknames, who told me that every Sunday morning her mother would wake at 3:00 a.m. to cook a Sunday dinner.  She told me that one of the things in this dinner was matzo balls in beef both.  When I asked her why, she said there was so many Jewish people were we lived that our lives just intermingled.  So this explained the high rate of intermarriage that took place within my family.  Also, this experience made me realize that we are all interconnected, so why not have all of humanity get along?  Instead of digging in and taking sides.  I cannot say that I hate Gentiles, because it is in my background.  I cannot say that I hate Jews, because it is in my background.  So does that give me the right to hate anybody?  I have no right whatsoever.  But I have sure come up against people who overly exercise that right.  A very ugly right to have.  I follow what the Siddur says "You will love your fellow man, as though you will love yourself."  It is a challenge to apply that to people who can take on very extremist political views.

As you mentioned, the obstacles are numerous and very frustrating.  So really it only depends on us lobbying those within the legislative and executive branches of government.  Opposition will come in from numerous sources, but it is all based on which side to support.  The problem is here, that both sides have to be supported (God forbid!).  Yes God forbid, but the digging in and taking sides will do nothing but just feed the conflict.  In your case, you can make sure that King Abdullah keeps the momentum going, but his momentum has to be joined by others, or else he will be just a solitary voice calling for peace.  HIs voice has to be joined with others such as Barak, Mofaz, Olmert, and hopefully Netanyahu.  We can look at everyone as having a disdainful past, but then think about people who were once branded terrorists, became negotiating partners.  Nelson Mandela is one of them.

I am sure it is limited what you can do.  Jordan does not have a cabinet or parliament.  But it has growing economic ties with Israel.  It is trying to put those economic incentives between Jordan and Israel, into economic incentives between Israel and the Palestinian Authority.  It is limited right now, but it is growing, and definitely capable of growing even more.  The political situation as the results of Arab Spring are just too complicated right now.  Will the situation with Syria ever be resolved?  But fortunately the situation between Israel and the Palestinians is not on the magnitude of the Syrian civil war, at least for now it is not.  Whenever there are rocket firings out of Gaza, Egypt immediately brokers a cease-fire, and it is not due to the Egyptians being afraid of an accidental Israeli airstrike on Alexandria.  So if the political is weak, then the economic can be strong.  Because it is economics that will be determining the future of Israeli-Palestinian relations.

Tim . So far you have been wrong on two crucial pronouncements. Elections in PA and the Mofaz-Abbas meeting. Barak and Mofaz are fading from the body politics of Israel and Olmert already has vanished and his opinions are not worth a plugged nickel and ditto for Barak and Mofaz.The Labour party is dedication to a social agenda and the Palestinian issue is way back on the back burner.

Reality is different than your portrayal.

But both Barak and Mofaz are in the current Israeli government, so it cannot be said they have faded away.

The question is not if Israel has the right to defend itself, but does Israel have to be constantly at war?  Because I have dealt with so many Israelis that are tired of it.  And so many Palestinians too.  So someone has to ruin everything for everybody?  It is like what Representative Michele Bachmann said when passing Resolution 342 in the U.S. House of Representatives, "Hamas is not only a danger to Israelis, but to Palestinians too."  A Conservative Republican I agree with, and I am not a Conservative Republican either.  But this goes beyond partisan politics.  For finding a way to deal with Gaza is a problem that goes beyond partisan politics.  So right now, we can only depend on Israeli airstrikes, and that is the reason why we go beyond partisan politics by including the Muslim Brotherhood.  Because how many times  have they brokered cease-fires, and said this not a role model for coexistence, that they will start losing patience?  Because Hamas is sulking in a small tent now, and international pressure can make it smaller too.



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