Many are blaming others and see that the other side is evil.

We know that here for many years.

Can friends write what they can do at this moment to promote change?

Please avoid the blame of the other side, unless you think the other side is pure evil, and that justify your wish for their destruction/immigration. If  you cannot avoid that, you cannot relate to this question because Good exist in both sides and that Good is what will help us create better relationships.


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Yes Tim, you could walk back to Budapest, and you would, in fact, walk back, if that was your best option. Which is exactly why every Palestinian will be walking back into Israel.

Tim, when your folk left Budapest, how come they never chose to go to Israel? 

Where did they go?

moe shadid

The whole house that you had between 1948 -1967 was not enough and now you want to have this whole house back and you never tell us that Israel would be safe. Until this is a given than even that one room that is used for rockets is too much.

Lets have a short history lesson here.

1947 there is a partition plan. The Jews accept, the Arabs reject and vow to push Israel into the sea, and invade with SIX Armies. Partition plan dies and the League of Nations Mandate for Palestine is now the only agreement that is left Standing.

In that invasion Jordan captures Judea and Samaria and Egypt Gaza. The Arabs have in fact territories that they now claim is causing all the wars and all the rockets from Gaza. But when you had these territories the El Saiqa terror group and the PLA were established and terrorized Israel (sans Judea and Samaria and sans Gaza. The Sinai war was precipitated by Al Saiqa terrorism.

In 1967 Nasser closes the Suez Canal, evicts the UN and closes the Straits of Tiran and promises a war of annihilation against Israel (sans Judea and Samaria and sans Gaza)

Let me point out that neither the war in 1947 nor the war of 1967 was fought to liberate Judea and Samaria or Gaza or even the Palestinians as they did not yet exist.

Now that Israel recaptured Judea and Samaria and Gaza, all of a sudden we have discovered  Palestinians, Naqba,  and occupation as well as Apartheid for good measure.

Israel has withdrawn from Gaza and all we got was terror and rockets and no steps to build a state. But in the vernacular of the Palestinians and their naive supporters this is not extremism.

Take the money you spend on arms and build a state instead. You will not have to worry about Israeli incursions, the IAF and you may even get Jewish money to build. Yes we are dumb and are using only a small portion of our brains and that is why the Arab propaganda is working. I do notice lately that people are getting smarter and are using more of their brain and so the Arab propaganda is not working as well in places that matter.


Perhaps you can correct what I wrote. As I told Sussan, I am a fan of Omar Khayyam and his 1001 Arabian nights. Truly, I would never joke you..........

Does not Jordan have a peace treaty with Israel and is quiet from the Jordanian side not reciprocated by Israel. I have not heard of any Israeli incursions into Jordan nor of any retalliatory bombings by the IAF of Jordam. So I guess quiet for quiet does work. I suggest we try it in Gaza.

You do have a valid point there.  Quiet does beget quiet.  The saving grace so far has been that every time there is a rocket excursion in from Gaza, it makes the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt nervous, so they immediately broker a cease-fire.  There is one group of Muslim fundamentalists that can be worked with, but another, Hamas, that cannot.  The Muslim Brotherhood has been trying to persuade Hamas to follow the 1979 peace accords with Israel as a role model for coexistence.  If the Muslim Brotherhood's nice talking, and Israeli airstrikes does not work, then the big guns will have to be pulled with international mediation.  Outside influence can have its place.


What does my age have to do with what I am saying. you are just simply stating that they are untrue or fail to debunk. What a novel way of debating.


Equivalence is the wrong headed way. Israel upheld its peace treaty with both Egypt and Jordan and if Hamas or their offshoots decide to shoot rockets at Israel, it will not be the big guns will have to be pulled with international mediation. that Israel pulls out but rather the big guns in its military arsenal and my sources tell me that we are rapidly approaching that point in time,

It cannot be that Israel leaves territory that is than converted into a terror base from where rockets are being directed at Israeli population centers. It cannot be that Israel's hands are than tied when it comes to defending itself.

Quiet begets quiet and peace begets peace and this is not subject to negotiations whether with Hamas, PLO,, JIhad or anyone else.

With Israel being a democracy, that means that any type of element can somehow be represented in its government.  That is the reason why I have hope that elements being led by Ehud Barak and Shaul Mofaz can have the leverage to move Israeli position into a definite, and this definite can transpire into an Israeli-Palestinian peace treaty.  Mofaz meeting in Ramallah has been cancelled, but that does not mean there cannot be a possibility in the future, or they cannot meet somewhere else.  Apparently, it was cancelled because of populace uproar, once again the extremist Palestinian position, which can also be found in Israel.  Remember the Rabin assassination?  I was never a fan of Yasir Arafat, but he was so right, when he said "extremism can be found on both sides."


You are fond of  equating  events and elements that are not equal. So please explain to me the extremism of Israel as compared to the Arabs. Lets equate Hamas, Jihad, rockets and suicide bombings and terrorism with what Israel has to offer.

AGAIN, I am curious.

Not all elements within Israel are extremist, and not all elements with the Palestinians are extremist.  Because these are the people I have been working with.



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