"Growing up in Upstate New York in a progressive Reform Jewish family, I absorbed the understanding that Arabs hate Jews. In fact, I was told they would really prefer to have all Jews pushed into the sea, never to be bothered with again. I am not exactly sure where I heard this. I do not recall a specific individual informing me of this accepted truth or hearing it in my weekly Hebrew school classes or Shabbat services at temple.

Nonetheless, it was a part of me. It was a part of what constituted the challenge of being Jewish in this day and age. Indeed, not only this day and age. Jewish history is rife with Jews encountering irrational urges to eradicate or drive them away, most indelible of these being in Nazi Germany. Thus, the understanding was passed to me that throughout history, it is a Jew’s lot in life to be on the receiving end of hatred and, right now, it is the Arabs in particular who possess the fierce animus toward Jews.

You can then imagine my discomfort upon approaching the Turkish-Syria border: what if the Arabs on the other side were to discover my heritage? It won’t be that difficult. I kind of look the part of the classic Jewess: dark kinky-curly hair, blue eyes, swarthy skin tone, “Jew-nose”…what else could I be?...."

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Essrea Cherin

Chair, Boulder-Nablus Sister City Project

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Why do Arabs hate Jews or vice versa?
People from all over the world belong to the same one family, we are all brothers and sisters.

Cradle of Humanity

The Truth About Racism

"I am black, I am black in origin, (photo included) only colour of my skin has had faded away with time. My prime parents, hominids, moved away migrating from their original place of birth. The further north they moved close to the present North complexity of their skin has changed accordingly, simply has had whitened.
There is nothing like racism. All people around the world is One family and I am black in origin.

Genesis 2:7, Acts 17:26, anthropologists, anatomists like Prof. Joel Rack and others state about it very clearly:

Genesis 2:7(a) And the Lord God formed man of the dust of the ground*

Q: What is the colour of the dust of the ground*?
A: White? pink, yellow, red, brown or black!?

Acts 17:26 And hath made of one blood all nations of men for to dwell on all the face of the earth, …  

Eddie Izzard's remarkable statements about racism;

"What would skin colour be like?" - (Time line: 32:27) "This shows that the racism is stupid, is insane, because we are all the same people." - (Time line: 34:03) Ref:

"What would skin colour be like?" - (Time line: 03:44)

How many wars have been fought over the colour of the skin and all of this hatred going on but it really is just to do with where you are, where the sun and the body will also had just as tribes and everyone were moving further north were there was less sun light, that's right, when they were actually start shading pigment - (Time line: 04:16)

Human migrations:

Taking into consideration these above 4 undoubtful facts:

1. religious                  - Acts 17:26

2. anthropological       - Eddie Izzard's story

3. modern                    - Matrix 

4. Oppenheimer's fact - Modern Man's Journey Out of Africa 2003

bring us to the only one sound conclusion that all inhabitants of our Mother Earth are all the same people, we all are brothers and sisters by blood, we all belong to the same one family under One God here on earth and I am black in origin.


Racism comes from fear. Fear comes from the unknown.
We do not know each other. The time has come to introduce ourselves to each other. Find out about our whereabouts. Where the cradle of all humanity is placed exactly. Where do we belong to?

Let's educate each other.
Let's connect, collaborate, and take action to end this mental distortion.
Engage all educators, students, organizations, and other stakeholders interested in global education.
Implement the project, #blackonwhitecurriculum, in every class room, in every school, college, university all over the world and wipe this mental impediment, racism, from the face of the earth now and for ever.

Whosoever insults another person by saying, cit. "you black nigger" (noun, offensive; a contemptuous term for a black or dark-skinned person) is undoubtedly, exactly and precisely insulting him/her/ self.

So let this #blackonwhitecurriculum be implemented in every class room in every school, college, university, every household all over the world and wipe this mental impediment, racism, from the face of the earth for now and for ever.


Taken from Sequel Box, Sequel 10, "The Truth About Racism" at:



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