What or where is the middle east conflict between Israel and Palestine in reality really all about?



We all know about the history of Israel. It was a state in the past there where it is a state today.


If the facts about the Israel state are so clear , I am wondering about why or what it is the Palestinians fight about. Does this mean they do not agree with the Israeli history story or historical  facts about Israel and their existings in the past as an israeli state long time ago , or is it about something else or do they just want to have the state back the way it was when it was how it was when it was called Palestine. I really like to understand a bit  better what the real conflict is really about.


Or do the Palestinians want a state not as it was in the past where you see the Hebrew language and the Arabic language written on the coins so the speak, they want just an Arabic state so the speak with no Hebrewic letters on the coins so the speak as we see the Palestine we once knew was ruled by both Hebrew speaking people and Arabic speaking people.


This would mean the fight is about if the state should be an Arabic or Hebrewic state.


This could mean the fight is about the real history facts and both parties seem not to  agree with each other, about the real history facts


Or is there perhaps another reason for the conflict what is going on in the middle east between Israel and Palestine I do not know about?


In short terms: where is the conflict actually all about in reality and why do they not come to an agreement on what terms?


I can not say the whole conflict is really clear to me what it really is all about.


I think if we know the facts there must be able to come to a solution, so I am wondering why there still is no peace in the middle east.


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Israel wants to dictate the terms, what else is new? Well yes Israel has the power thanks to it's western backers. Will it always? You need to take that into consideration. if the Palestinians are chased to Jordan believe me it will not solve anything for the future of Israel. Only another temporary measure which dooms the future of the currant Jewish immigrants in Palestine. or I will refer to Israel when Israel becomes legitimate not only by it's western backers but the rest of the world.
The US leadership is currantly not working in the interest of the American public. We know this. That's why I say work as a people for the people. For Palestinian to accept even a 2 state is because they are in weak position, it is not what they feel is just. It is not a just solution in fact. All it takes is a shift in western power and *poof* Israel is no more. So whatever solution one advocates, it has to be based on justice or the peace is temporary.

you write a lot but not read much.
I said that loungegenie position is not reasonable and not that All Palestinains are not reasonable.

loungegenie is not palestinian.

Palestinians have the right to life where they life and lived in the past, and noone is allowed to take away their property and land. That is theft.

I wish that was as simple, it is not; the reality is 10,000,000 Israelis live here now, many of them, like me borned into Israel. this is not fair but this is reality If you try to dismiss Israel you will not get me and Ohad and many other go back home, our home is here.

Ohad and myself and many other know that this is home for us Israelis and for Palestinians and we wish to make a future that include all of us, and your position with the theft claim just make it as we born thieves which is a lie and element the enhance rage and hate and make it imposable for us to create a future that can work with us included.

Did you notice that the ones who complain are mostly europeans like you and not Palestinians ? Palestinians who think like you will not communicate with us as they will recognize that "normalization" is their enemy, they wish to continue fight us thinking that you will help them destroy Israel. Palestinian are much wiser then what you and Loungegenie bring here and I do not see how I can work with you, but I am working with Palestinians and this is what important because this is our future and you are just outsider think that you are better then us. shame on you.
Israelis are not ready to be Arab Jews, they are Israelis.
you confuse Nationality, Religion, pan-nationality (as Jew and Arab).

I think Jewish will fight for the whole ARab Area. They look for ways to start a battle with the Islam. And the Islam is fuley aware of that.
So if Israel calls them a terrorist, they show they like to attack them as soon as possible.

You clearly not a Peace activist if this is what you think about the Jews.

you write too much.
I am married to a Palestinian, have 4 children who are half Palestinian, have a home in Jordan, reletives in the West Bank that makes me Palestinian. Not very nice for you to attempt to marginalize me Neri. I am no fool. I believe my opionion is as valid as yours if not matching yours. I am not a Nazi I am simply espressing myself without being unkind or deceitful with anyone and not devaluing anyone to make my opinion look valid. My in laws are victims of the 1948 nakba, I know things from the source. Do not marginalize me. That makes you seem not very sincere here, actually.
as far as having a viewpoint on the situation as I read Ner's reply to Connie, I believe people are basing their opinions from events not anti semitism or from an unpeaceful position. One has to look at the whole to formulate an idea about peace. It's just logic. What is a just solution to bring about a peaceful resolution, this is the question.

You can have any opinion you like, but here we are in a forum of Israelis and Palestinians who assume they can work and create a future that include all of us.

your opinion are not coming with that and you do not support us working together while you do not live here and probably never visited Israel to see what it is.

no one claim you are a Nazi, but you said awful things on Jews and Israelis who see themselves as Zionists.
Sadly it seems that humanity, for now, is doomed or destined to fight amongst itself, nations against nations, races against races, brothers & sisters against brothers & sisters.

And all this internal argument plays out against and within the background of historical fact & fiction.

But the Reality behind it all is, as we seek to know, the Peace The Salaam the Shalom of the One Nameless creator that parented us all.

But of course, we still have to deal with the facts & in so many ways recognize & overcome "evil".

And someday we SHALL overcome!
Imagine if we are on a plane togeather with all our baggage (Palestine, Israel etc) and things start getting bumpier and bumpier untill we are grabbing the arms of whoever is seated next to us and we realize we may die, look into each others eyes because they may be the last eyes we see on earth...would we see a Palestinian or an Israeli or a pro-Palestine or pro-Israel person? Or would we be human beings sharing the same scary ride? It's the powers that manipulate us. It's them who are making the ride dangerous no matter who we are or what we believe.
Neri Bar-on said: you do not live here and probably never visited Israel to see what it is.

No I don't go to Palestine, everyone from Palestine comes into Jordan to visit me. Can't send my kids to Palestine to go to school or anything because there is always something coming from your side of the wall. On the other side of the wall one can be walking with a friend or child or mother and look suddenly to find only a pair of shoes that belong to the person who was walking in them. Is that what I need to see? Maybe you have never been outside your artificial border except in a tank or bulldozer? Maybe you are the one who does not know what it is like. And it is all Palestine to me, just artficial borders to keep the Palestinians off their lands. But I am sorry to offend. It is an offensvie situation but work on, work on.
Maybe you have never been outside your artificial border except in a tank or bulldozer?

How can you expect to create anything with Israelis if this is how you see them?
you see, this is What the middle east conflict between Israel and Palestine in reality really all about!

I found this old discussion while I was having a look at Bob's page.

Anyone care to contribute?

It is a tug-a-war over land, and on that land is a tug-a-war over who was there first, and who has the right to be there, and who does not.  The given is, they are both there.  When an independent Palestine is created, it is going to be on one-tenth of the British mandate of Palestine, whose borders where demarcated in 1922.  Greater Israel is going to have to be defined by economic greatness, not expansive boundaries.  David Ben-Gurion said about a Jewish homeland in 1939, "I will accept a homeland, even if it is the size of a tablecloth."  We will all have to follow Ben-Gurion's request, because both Israelis and Palestinians are going to have to accept tablecloths.  Which means ACCEPTING REALITY.



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