As President Barack Obama takes office in the United States, many hope he will bring change to the Middle East. I believe change starts with each of us.

What will you do for peace in Middle East? Please reply to this and tell how you will dedicate yourself.

Here are a few ideas for making a difference on

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Anything you will do will help. MEPEACE combines ME and PEACE as we believe 'Middle East peace starts with me', the individual. Please share with us how you will help.

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i made a financial conrtibution to help the children/future of gaza and posted the information on my facebook site with a strong reccomendation of the ankara cati aktarma integrity of the donation site

i will keep dialoguing here-i am learning much at ipeace--to curb my anger-to try and quell anger href="" title="çatı aktarma">çatı aktarma ankara çatı aktarma in others-to express but more important to listen and to ankara lazer epilasyon follow the ankara lazer patht of those who supported nonviolence-ghandi-dalai lama-mandella-dr kingAnkara duşakabin sistemleri dusakabin duşakabin
saglık rehberiniz. saç ekimi saglık bilgi sitesi.

lazer epilasyon ankara
I will be reading, rather than talking. I intend to focus on books, and also use some internet sites. Ankara evden eve nakliyat şirketi olarak bizler sizlere en kaliteli hizmeti veriyoruz.evden eve nakliyat
evden eve ankara firması olarak With any luck, you won’t be hearing much from me, for about 6 months, maybe longer. Once I would have said, evden eve ankara kaliteden ödün vermeden evden eve yapıyoruz.
ankara evden eve szilerde kaliteyi ucuza lamak için bize başvurun.
This year I’m planning to become more familiar with political and historical issues in Israel and Palestine. evden eve evden eve nakliye firmaları.
1 year, and this war will be over. (That is the way I thought for about 40 years.) Now, I know better than to think that..!!!
We decided to choose an age at with we would like to die, rather than suffer. My cousin chose 71, which alarmed me, since she is already 65. I chose 75. A day or so later, I started to think, what is it I still want to see or do with my life ?? I decided I would like to see a satisfactory resolution to the Palestinian problem, in my life-time.
I believe there are ten pillarls of activism work for peace (which must be based on restorative justice). I have been working along those lines. The material is summarized here:



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