few days left for the year 2010 and there is not any hope that could be achieved soon . its not because Israelis and Palestinians dont want PEACE . its because politics from both side dont believe on it specially militants leader . ( i mean HAMAS and NETENYAHO ) from this point we must move .
Israelis and Palestinians responsible that hamas and israel militants leader is who leads us by voting for them in the Election . if we really believe on PEACE we must vote for those who believe on PEACE .
on the next election . if that happen then we could say the PEACE is so near to be achieved . but if we vote for those who dont believe on PEACE then allow me to say that we ( israelis and palestinians ) dont deserve to live on PEACE .

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Everybody believes in and wants peace.

For some peace means my peace my way. That can only happen if one side subjugates or destroys the other.

For some peace means our peace our way. That requires development of mutual trust, and much wisdom, humility, and humanity. We're not there yet. :-)
i believe that the only way for PEACE is by voting for the one who believe on PEACE on the next israelian and palestenian election . i mean when i say believe on peace . whom translate there believes on peace to acts which leads in the end for PEACE .

When in your opinion will elections be called in Judea and Samaria or will Abbass be president for life.Do you foresee a time when Hamas decides to loosen its control of Gaza and allows elections. I am not optimistic on either count.
my friend
first the palesetenian election sooner ar later will be held in the west bank and gaza because and hamas will agree on these election because its not interests that refuse the election or the result of this election
second the problem is not just hamas as u say . the problem is hamas and the israelian politicts who dont want PEACE .what do u call Leberman statement that palestenian and arab must Expelled from israel and west bank . the solution is in our hand (israelians and palestenian ) calling for peace by pick up those who want peace to be our leader .
Lieberman has called for many things harmful to the Palestinians. How many of them actually happened because he said so?
To start to develop mutual trust we must begin by listening to the other without judging the other.
this is o true Paul,

when you listening to the other you are practicing unconditional trust which is the basis of mutual trust
Happy new year and fruitful new decade
Dear loveu4ever

I would like to suggest that sometimes when peace approach by action of humans and not as act of G-D we can see acceleration of violence within our two societies. Killing Rabin is trivial well observed example. you maybe observed that many times when Israel and Hamas agreed on seize fire there were "last bombs" which could easily break the agreement.

When you see now aggression of Israel gov to right and wing activists and see attacks on Palestinians and on Israelis by extremist and aggression within the Palestinian society you can assume that there is also some positive interpretation of reality which recognize peace, and the aggression comes from the fear of the extremists.

we can hope from seeing:

how livny or some of Kadima KMs will join the Israeli government to enhance its ability to keep its power in the Israel parliament.
how Gilad Shalit will be released and enable Hamas to think that it can win Palestinian election
how Hamas Fatah talkes with Egypt progressed

this is how signs of change look like and as you know we have no guarantee that one or few extremists from any of the side will kill that chance again.

I do not think that at this point election is important, and even the "full free democratic system".
What is important is that the "political system" will be unite so historic national decisions will be made.

We need the leaders of Hamas, Fatah and other groups recognize that there is a need for one political entity. The Israeli will not (and cannot) sign agreement with sub-group of the Palestinian nation. they did that in Oslo and we did not get a palestinian state out of that.

All that does not free the Israelis with stopping the settlements and later when border agreement on the table remove settlements for ensuring the territory of the palestinian state.

for the Kadima entering the Government is very important as we need to defuse the settlers power within the government (the power come from their ability to live the coalition with Kadima the Government will have more stability and ability to remove settlements)
my Dear friend
first of all about Rabin did u agree that yhe ones that killed Rabin were who dont want PEACE . the one who killed Rabin not just one person they are all the one who dont want and dont believe on PEACE . such as Netenyaho and Liberman . second my friend Kadima and its leaders were the leader of the israelian before netenyaho and his friend be the leaders of the israelians . so kadima what do for the PEACE process . nothing at all . just war in GAZA . GAZA not HAMAS . hundreds of cheldren and innocent people were killed in GAZA . why ? ???? did u thing that make peace be done or it make the heatness be more and more in our heart . pleace dont till me the war was against HAMAS . because it wasnt . i hate kadima and netenyaho and HAMAS . because all they want is killing innocent people from both side . and its sadness that more they killed more the populetery be more . from the palestenians presedent mahmood abbas want PEACE . in the other side non of the israelian leaders want peace . this what i believe and i hope that my believe is wrong but from what i see i am so wright .
When the peace could be achieved?
When people learn and accept the truth.
This is the story I wish to share with all members of and others.
Let's Council the Holy Land. Let's Council the wHole World.
When in 1967 that war erupted between Israel and Arabic States my farther said: They are still, like for centuries, fighting for the holy land. But imagine Maniuṡ, imagine the globe, imagine the earth from afar. Drain the whole water from its surface, all you going to be left with is a dry, solid ROCK!, dry solid land!. Wherever you put your finger on, on any place of this one solid land, it is going to land on the holy land. Isn't? The holy land is everywhere.
The whole world have to learn and comprehend and accept, especially people living in this particular area, people who live in Jerusalem, in the city of Peace.
THE HOLY LAND IS EVERYWHERE! Not only in Jerusalem, Mecca or any other 'holy' shrine or place on Earth. Wake up people, wake up to the Truth, to the True image of The Holy Land. Stop living this distorted image our father's fathers lived for so long. Wake up and accept the Truth and Reality.
and put it as a topic of tonight's Sunday, 3 Jan 2010
WhereMEPEACE Chat (http:/
my dear friend
its not in our hand to council the holy land because it in our Religion as muslims, Jewish and Christian . but its in our hand to live together in the holy land in peace as it was Reported in QORAN



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