Why Palestinians must declare statehood now to push the peace process and two-states

My column on and also posted on on why the Palestinians MUST declare statehood now to help insure a successful peace process. It is essential to peace because it takes Israelis and palestinians to the end game, and allows two states to negotiate in the context of peace to resolve outstanding issues like Jerusalem, settlements and Palestinian refugees and more/ Here is the link

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Dear President of the future

This is a very important move from the palestinian side

To make peace happen, we need to go directly to the “end game” and declare palestinian Statehood now rather than to wait until all the various issues of contention are resolved.

I would like to focus on the inner work need to take place in our both societies. we actually have internal political struglle for dominance within Israel that drive its extreme behavior and same goes to the Palestinian society.

In Israel we need to work from the acceptance of Palestinian state and deduce from that that we need to end the settlement project and work to create acceptable stable borders with the Palestinian state that will accompany us to a sustainable future. a future that have capacities to hold the dream of us all to a just socety and good future for our children.

The Israel inner work need to focus of diffusion of the settlement group and avoid violence because there is a danger for stability in the Israeli society if we cannot secure the future of the settlers within the borders of Israel. The failure of the settlement movement is a point where some settlers will become more violent toward Arabs and towards Israelis who accept the existence of Palestinian state.

the more we constrain the extremist settlers and ensure enough land for the Palestinian state (WB and GAZA!) we will enable the Palestinian society to solve its inner conflict.

Israel society need to work with the Palestinian society with understanding that the Palestinian society must solve its problems by itself and that the Israel behavior influence the power struggle within Palestine.
Dear Future President of a nascent Palestinian State,
How does that sound????
You are exactly the kind of leader that your people need.
You remind me of the reasons I voted for Barack Obama to be my president.
I have hope because in my lifetime I have witnessed humans evolving.
And - I believe humans are evolving, for the better, faster than ever.
I, myself, have made huge strides in awareness of the need for justice and well being for all sentient beings.
If I have been able to grow and become more enlightened... I have faith that anyone can learn and grow.
Younger generations are coming up that are more aware, tolerant and loving than my elders and my own generation.
The middle east and the world need leaders like you.
Now that I know about you and I will do whatever I can to help spread the word.
For your information, I particpate in The Dialogue Project. You can check that out online.
Also - my husband and I will be traveling to Israel in March with Meretz, USA to continue to learn and share with other like minded people.
Most of our Jewish friends and family are progressive and desirous to see an end of settlements in the West Bank and of finding ways to accomplish a peaceful 2 state solution. I will admit that I know Jews who can't see past the last suicide bomber and are completely defensive about any stated wrong doings by the Israeli government.
It is incumbent on those of us who are progressive and loving to maintain faith and keep talking and perhaps praying.
May you continue to have the strength, courage and conviction to do the hard work.
And may you have good health and ease of spirit on your path.
Shalom, Salaam, Peace,
Barack Hanania Obama ... that sounds very impressive : ) ... Or Ray Obama Hanania ... : )



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