Yonit Levy : Israeli anchorwoman blamed for showing empathy for Gazans

"Israeli news readers who comment on Operation Cast Lead better have cast iron expressions on their faces or some viewers will complain of treachery.

Anchorwoman for Channel 2, Yonit Levy, has been accused of being 'anti-Zionist,' 'weakening national morale' and 'empathizing with the enemy' because in the course of interviews with Gazan Arabs she asked about civilian casualties and expressed concern for fellow humans.

One outraged viewer started an online petition to object to Levy's 'empathy for the enemy'. The viewer hoped to raise 10,000 signatures but quickly reached 30,000 plus. She has since disabled the signature option claiming it has gotten out-of-control.

Viewers also complained because at the end of a broadcast Ms Levy said: "It's hard to convince the world that the war is justified when we have one person dead and the Palestinian nation has 350 dead."

Other female Israeli newsreaders are also under suspicion of engaging in the 'crime' of empathy - this would include Channel 10's Miki Haimovich and Oshrat Kotler. And horror of horrors - Dana Weiss of Channel 2 was spotted assuming facial expressions during interviews that connote sorrow or pain for those Gazans who are suffering.

This overreaction on the part of Israeli viewers sounds very much like guilt dressed up as patriotism. Hundreds of innocent Palestinian children have been butchered in an assault that has shocked and outraged the world.

During the Third Reich it was considered to be treachery to express humanitarian feelings for Jews. Any German newscaster mad enough to have expressed on-air empathy for Jews would assuredly have been arrested by the Gestapo and executed after a hasty hearing in front of Nazi Judge Roland Freisler.

Perhaps some Israelis would be happier if Ms Levy received similar treatment."

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This is a voice of the tribe. Our Tribal impulse is driving us to protect ... It is played by the Political leaders and I think we all know that.

To fully witness what Israel as a country is doing today is a complex emotional work, you will not find common Israeli who manifest that ... nor you will find a common Palestinan. We are all commons in some degree.

So we will hear this voices and will and experience anger because they do not recognize 300+ souls who died the 800+ souls to carry a physical wound in their life and many to be affected in bad way and the families of all of these people who just be in the wrong place and the wrong side of the border when the bomb fell.

I am sorry for that, really do.

I invite you to recognize the commitment for change toward a better future for us. A future that will transcend our Tribal emotions, this is our responsibility for our children - to be able to care for all as a great tribe we all are.




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