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So what is iPeace? How will it be different?

The idea behind this group is to give mepeace members some information about iPeace.

If you believe in iPeace, please join this group and invite all your mepeace friends to it.

First and foremost iPeace is a network that connects like-minded PEOPLE. A place where you can make real new friends, invite your old ones and share your dreams and vision of a better world.

iPeace is not an organization. It's an organism. It's alive, and it's made out of people; It is made from you, her him, them, us and me. It is not for profit and it is not for prestige. It is for peace. Period.

iPeace is a wiki-organism that believes in unity, sharing and love. iPeace believes in the tremendous power of people, when united together, to make a true change in the world.

Sharing Peace. Making A Difference
. If each one of us makes the pledge to reduce pain in out world just by a little bit, our impact will be tremendous. Fight poverty, violence, hunger or prejudice. Help our children get better education or do something for our planet. The aggregate of the little changes will make our world more peaceful.

A wise man once said: "You can't make peace with someone hungry, you can't make peace with someone who has nothing to lose".

iPeace will be a hub to ALL peace initiatives in the world. You'll be able to come here and educate yourself about what's going on and where, and also share YOUR knowledge. We will cooperate and give support to all peace initiatives, as long as they are non violent and non profit.

iPeace is a positive place. We don't need to see the horrors of war. They are posted all over our world.

October 12 at 8:39pm
Here's a tiny bit what iPeace people are saying:

At iPeace you can feel that we are one in our hearts !

In iPeace I feel alive.I find myself dropping into iPeace for a bit of tranquility. I love the connection and communication between friends and the respect that is woven into the very fabric that holds ipeace together.

iPeace means involvement in creating a strand of the fabric humanity is weaving to bring our beleaguered human family to a state of unity and global tranquility.

iPeace shows the meaning of NAMASTE. Whoever you are, whereever you come from, whateyer is your religion or society - here we are one - just humans - just friends!

iPeace is my faith and hope that all true lovers of Peace joining this wonderful place, in their hopeful quest to reach more and more pure hearts, will achieve the biggest task of all times and make Peace become our present !

iPeace means there is a venue for all peace-seeking individuals in all parts of this world; a venue where love, tolerance, acceptance and kindness bind us together and provide a strong network in which to promote peace.

Now is the time - iPeace is the place!
Here we can see the power of our wish for freedom.

iPeace allows every person to put his aspiration for peace into words, in expectation for it to become true. Leaders lead countries to wars but most of the private persons wish for peace and tranquility. iPeace gives us hope to unite under the same goal - to live our lives peacefully, make a living and raise children into a better world.

iPeace helps me in my mission to create a peaceful world through music. It gives me hope and is place where I can interact with like minded peace loving people. I am inspired by the growth of iPeace.

iPeace - Join today

Welcome to Enjoy it, share yourself, volunteer to help and support us. Make new friends, participate in forum discussions or start your own, respect the guidelines and if you have a question see our FAQ. Please share your feedback and invite your friends to join us.


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Comment by David Califa on October 10, 2008 at 1:31pm
new logo . do you like it?
Comment by David Califa on October 10, 2008 at 1:31pm

Comment by David Califa on October 8, 2008 at 1:47am
iPeace keeps growing

6400 members in less the 2 weeks from launch

This is incredible, inspiring and uplifting. New members are joining us every day. And they are filling the iPeace space with hundreds of blogs, new groups, their poetry, songs and videos.

We are now more than 6400 Peace People from over 160 countries, and we start to look like a peace force.

Please visit iPeace to see what's new
Comment by perola on October 2, 2008 at 2:15pm
A Paz.......falar de paz é poesia, é falar de amor, de liberdade, é estado de alma, eu penso assim, mas será que quem está em lugares que não tem paz, consegue ter essa visão?
Comment by Eyal Raviv on September 15, 2008 at 9:44am
Congratulations on your initiative.

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