mePEACEplan -- Vision -- What do we want to achieve, how and why

The purpose of this discussion is to arrive at and document an agreed and brief formal vision (mission) statement for That brief statement should ideally summarise in less than 30 words what we want to achieve and where, and how and why and by when.

Once we have some concensus on the overall Vision (mission, statement of purpose, objective), we can begin to discuss more practical smaller projects that can help us achieve that Vision (mission).

For an example of its use see: mePEACEplan -- The planning process which is at In that example the formal vision was: The COA is a self-help organisation of Jewish people providing older Jewish people their own special place for companionship and support.

The task here is to arrive at similar style formal vision statement for
Jafra pointed us to this explanation of developing the vision/mission:
Develop a Statement of Purpose: The first step is to define, with absolute clarity and deep conviction, the purpose of the community. An effective statement of purpose will be a clear, commonly understood statement of that which identifies and binds the community together as worthy of pursuit. When properly done, it can usually be expressed in a single sentence. Participants will say about the purpose, "If we could achieve that, my life would have meaning."

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I am not judging either (at this point), however, I think that Paul's "find and implement viable ways of living together in peace" may be a very different drive than Neri's "enable and promote . . . promoting a new reality in the Middle East as a territory of peace". The first is very practical. The latter is more about changing thought and belief. Although there is overlap between the two: Paul's will also include changing belief; Neri's words/ ideas will also require practical action.

I think I prefer Neri's words at this point, but I find either of them good, but I just wanted to point out the difference.
That is precisely the point of a discussion such as this. Thanks...

OTOH I think that implement is more action and measurable result oriented than promote. I also think that alone can not enable anything other than to facilitate networking and action by its members. The members do things. does not (other than facilitate). We are now splitting hairs, but important hairs in trying to find the few most appropriate words.

I also think that neither version requires or implies a change in belief other than a belief (of some) that the people from the two sides cannot work constructively together.
How about "....develop and implement..."
Living together in a free area where there are no barriers, checkpoints, and permissions, and to be able to make all kinds of human interactions with each others when ever they want and easily.
Thanks Hiba. That is a good summary of most of the key results we seek.

I hope that many more people here at have a go at trying draft/write/craft something similarly brief and pithy. Doing that well is not easy.
Common celebrations. Common things that are mourned. Common things that are admired (including people historical and present that are admired as examples of peace and intelligence and other strengths). Common values (children, elderly, education -- for example).

I see these things as goals of a peace in the Middle East, particularly Israeli/Palestini. However, perhaps can be thought of as promoting these things?
I have to say that in thinking about providing a clear, common direction for what happens here on the website and as a Real Life community that has this website in common -- I re-read what Eyal has written on his profile page. And I also see at the top of the site: interaction, information, and inspiration.

I think (?) that Eyal wants us to make this place our own, and that he doesn't have to say every thing that goes on here. That is the beauty of it.

However, I think the Voice that he initiated is a very simple one and should remain simple, in my opinion. Although many of us here may want to be involved in activism or political peace processes or similar, I don't see this place as filling that part of Peace. I find that the simple sociality and fun that can take place -- a shared meal (the Peace Cafe) -- is exactly what the strength of Eyal's ideas and mepeace's part of the total shape of peace in the Middle East. Obviously, members of mepeace can still use mepeace and the website as a springboard to activism as well, or with a Group that people may want to be a part of that.

Am I way off? Am I making sense? I'm not sure I am, ha ha.

My point is, we don't have to go looking very far off for a vision or mission statement other than the interaction, information, and inspiration, and the other statements Eyal started out with that can be read on his page.
Dear MaidservantX,

Peace Cafe is not a shared meal it is a World Cafe structure that enable big audience to deep conversation.

As for not engaging the Peace process, many member are already realted to existed organizations and the interaction where we share information inspire us to act. not every one need to be activists here as no one need to agree with the rest but this format enable the activists to create more acts that will shift our situation.
Thank you for the clarification. I did understand it was a world conversation, but the Cafe idea brings in the idea of a shared table. Even if it isn't food, per se, it is still like a feast. Maybe? But I do understand better now.

it is a feast of humanity and conversation, the rule is to enjoy

this is were you can influencing the world's transformation to peace, prosperity, purity and unity in many areas of individual and community life.
A gentle reminder....

Interesting digression. The Cafe concept is just one of the many things that can help to promote and publicise, and attract and empower members to just go with the idea and do it...
Develop a Statement of Purpose: Purpose is to support manifestation of multi-political community of activists with communal agreement to collaborate on activities and projects that craft our future to be a peaceful one.

for creation of that community the members of are invited to take rules in creating, promoting, volunteering in such activities from the activities needed to make this community alive and striving through the activities of caring to people who sufferers in the current conflict to wide scale cooperation of NGO's governments and Individuals.



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