The purpose of this discussion is to discuss and learn about this planning process so that we are all trying to do the same things here in a way that everyone here understands, supports, and can agree with...

The attached mission samples were produced for and with people who had no modern business experience or exposure to formal planning processes. So with patience and goodwill we can produce something that is conceptually similar for The attached samples have no jargon. Anyone should be able to understand their message. In this example the formal mission simply was and is: The COA is a self-help organisation of Jewish people providing older Jewish people their own special place for companionship and support.

The mission summary page is limited to broad concepts. The mission detail page summarises what the organsation does to fulfill its mission according to the values and style (a how) stated or implied in the mission. Note also that they both fit on one page.

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First, I want to thank Jafra and Paul for taking this initiative which to me is very important.

My take on a mission statement:

Mepeace is a platform dedicated to enhancing the individual and collective agency and maturity of Israelis and Palestinians -- their capacity to make and implement well-informed and well-considered choices for the long-term benefits of themselves, their families, their nations and their region.

We believe that people are inherently wise. Given a true opportunity for making high quality choices, most of us will consult both their minds and their hearts and will make good choices. Therefore we take no stand as to the eventual content of people's choices, trusting that authentic well-informed and well-considered choices have a much more profound impact than "choices" induced by external pressure or propaganda.

Doron, great to have you on this project!
with people like you we can develop holistic plans ..

on value-networks I've got the following response:
In Peter Block’s new book “Community: The Structure of Belonging” speaks in terms of the critical nature of intention – the means or rules are not as critical as having the same intention. If we are committed we will find the way.
I totally agree .. we have to think about how water flows in nature. And we have the needed intention to move forward. We should not give up!

@all, for editing work like formulation of the statement of purpose we need a wiki-page like

I think we should also organize a regular skype-meeting where we discuss agenda topics we decide on in advanced.
I've now added the mission detail page that summarises what the sample organsation actually does to fulfill its mission. For the samples, the task was to define clearly and formally what the organisation was actually doing. That was really easier to do than what we are trying to do here because we are now attempting now to plan what we will really do and how.

However I trust that the two pages give us all a concise idea and example of where the planning process is heading.
Jafra and others here: Are you comfortable with using these samples as templates for this planning process? Please also read the revised introduction to this dicussion. And look at both samples. I've now added the detailed sample.
Notice that the summary only contains the conceptual essence of the detail without mentioning any of that detail. Those are the kinds of broad concepts I've been fishing for so far in order to try establish the first draft of the essence of in the discussion mePEACEplan -- Vision -- What do we want to achieve, how and why which is at

The detail also shows those concepts and then summarises what that organisation really does (the what). The other discussions in the me PEACEplan group can lead to formulating the activities for The next step would figuring out how to make all that happen. Doing all this has to be a fluid and flexible and iterative process, especially because many activities are already under way in parallel with the planning process.

I happy to try to answer any related questions anyone here may have. I also invite anyone here who has done this before to also help to mentor and facilitate the process.




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