Invitation for first meeting next Wednesday 6th August.
To define when (depends which time zones will join) pls join discussion on the group-board.
If you wana join, pls send me a massage with your skype ID.

Background; Why regular chat-meetings:

1. Chaos and Order
In terms of organized community we have potential to improve. Personally I like good mixture of chaos and order. Both are natural .. But at mepeace we have more chaos.

2. Treasure in Discussions get lost
I have noticed if I am a way from a Discussion on the boards for a while it is then very hard to follow up.
There is no any rules helps all of us to be productive and synchronized on important posts, information, updates, ..

3. Facilitate Team-work and Building community
Threads are mostley "dry". There is less place for emmotions like over chat, talks or personal meetings.
When we chat on regular basic at least we tune, agree on action items, share efforts .. for any common purpose we follow.
This way we avoid frustration, support each other, and use our energy more productive and efficient. We learn to cooperate and build a team. We produce some fun on work. All of us are here free of charge!

I am not talking about idealogical or political discussions. But more on practical efforts.

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let check who will join. I can arrange my time to start between 6 to 9 pm GMT (UK, +0)

How to send google invitation if I do not have all Emails?

Between 6 to 10 pm GMT (UK, +0) is
  • 4:00 am to 8:00 am on Australia's east coast (GMT/UTC +10)
  • 1:00 pm to 5:00 pm on USA's east coast (GMT/UTC -5)

So a lightly later time on a weekend may be more convenient for all.

OK. Sunday 8 am your time (Sat 6 pm UK+0) will be good for you to start?

any one is joining from USA?

I do not mind if we make 1 "official" meeting and one fall-back meeting during the week for those can not join on the official. (I can not join every Sat.) Weekends are the only time to do social activities with other families.
I thought about this topic ..
Paul, I asked you : Sunday 8 am your time (Sat 6 pm UK+0) will be good for you to start?

It looks we will have no one from the states. So we can do it either Sat. or So. evening middle ease time.
I would love to join , need more details Wael, anyway put me on the list.
I will be glad to participate. Sunday evenings Europe/Middle East Time are best. This allows Americans to participate too.
I'm in the USA, east coast, and I'm interested.

Sundays are good for me; not Saturdays because of Shabat.

Evening Israel/Palestine time is afternoon here, which is fine for me, Eyal, but it's the wee hours of the following morning for Paul. For example, Jafra, the time you suggested - 6 pm UK+0 (8 pm in Israel/Palestine) - would be 3 am for Paul, not 8 am as you thought. Any evening time would likely be either too early for Paul or too late for I/P.

Paul, you wrote:
Between 6 to 10 pm GMT (UK, +0) is
4:00 am to 8:00 am on Australia's east coast (GMT/UTC +10)
1:00 pm to 5:00 pm on USA's east coast (GMT/UTC -5)

That will be true in October, but for now it's 3:00 am to 7:00 am on Australia's east coast, because Israel/Palestine, Europe, and USA are on Daylight Savings Time and in Australia you're on Standard Time (unless is mistaken).

Not so easy to find a time that works for Eur & I/P, Australia, and USA. What about Sunday at 1:00 pm GMT (UK +0), which is 3 pm in I/P, 10 pm for Paul, and 8 am for me? That seems to me to allow the broadest potential inclusion.
Thanks Hayyim, Pls send me your skype id and if you like your Email.
I get always confused with this timing topic. Google- would solve it, may we should use google-calander.

Paul. pls confirm: 1:00 pm GMT (UK +0), which is 3 pm in I/P, 10 pm for Paul, and 8 am for me
If I go out on a Sunday evening I am most often home by 11:00 pm. During daylight saving here that is Midnight. I am night owl, so that is no problem. So I'd prefer one hour later. Note: simply prefer.

Although 10 pm on Sunday evening here generally is OK for me.

Jafra (or anyone), I've never used Skype. Is it software that I would install on my local system? Is it free? If I download and install it, will it explain clearly what I need to do and how to use it? Thanks.

I'll send you (and anyone else here who asks) my email address in a private message.

Paul, if you prefer an hour later (2:00 pm GMT), that's better for me too! I was trying not to keep you up too late. {;^)

Have we said yet what Sunday we're talking about? There's been so little participation in this discussion of timing, I'd suggest not this Sunday, so we have more time after we've chosen the date and time to publicize it among members.
On this thread, pls propose 3 Agenda topics, we should at least achieve in the meeting.
For me the most important topic is:

1) Who make and implement decisions about mePEACE and how?
2) How to maintain a semblance of civility and harmony without some or with minimal censorship
3) Begin to firm up a viable and communally acceptable conceptual description of what mePEACE is really about.




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