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One Consciousness One Spirit

What if  all the living energies in the universe are as one consciousness, each individual conscious mind making up the whole of universe or Great Spirit.

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One Consciousness, One Spirit

One Consciousness One Spirit


What if  all the living energies in the universe are as one consciousness, each individual conscious mind making up the whole of universe or Great Spirit. What significant roll then can one embodiment of spirit play to any great degree in one physical body in one life time in the scheme of the infinities.

Why are we here? Why are we to suffer so? Let me ask, what would the chance be for me to be here, if this is no more then a chance occurrence? What would the possibilities be of me being here at all  if there were only one chance, “one blink of an eye” in  the expanse of creation if time and space were truly linear, without beginning and without end .If we did live only one life time, what would be accomplished? Any affect we would have would be meaningless in the course of time since man first walked the Earth.


That one flicker of bright light  which could occur anywhere in universe,  like an imploding star. Bright light one second then complete darkness the nextt. If you live in the city and a tree falls in the forest, do you hear the tree fall? No but the tree has fallen just the same whether you were there to observe it or not..


 Let us say for instance, in the before time, what if in spirit form we chose what we are to experience here on earth in different  finite bodies, different but containing the same life essence and consciousness or the soul, with no memory of the before? Is it possible that  we chose to come here to learn the experiences of individuality as well as to teach others what we have learned during our journey on the path of our many life experiences?  It is told that all has a reason and all goes as it is meant to be in harmony with all that is in the infinite plane of this universe.

We make the decisions as to what will be as we go of our own free will. But is there a pattern or a reason that we can discern as to why we are here that we can use as reference points? Something other then what comes from our own physical conscious mind? To summarize this essay, in  my opinion along the way we are tested and we need to undergo these tests in order to evolve to the next phase we are to be in during this life time here, in this reality and the next.

This potential which is of our own choice can be a really beautiful place or if you failed you just simply go back to learn the lessons all over once more. Again this is a decision or choice that we make for better or for worst, in this physical existence you only have the now to make that choice, for the good or for the worst. But remember, there is no loosing or winning in this game, it is all growth and progression or of the awakening consciousness to  the oneness of all. You either learn and pass the test or fail and repeat the test.

Some of us we may ask, why were we given what seems to be a bigger serving on our plates then most. Why? Well, have you ever thought it is possibly because we have a special task to do? Perhaps  we are the forerunners, the  awakening or the quickened from necessity. It is said we are made only just a little less then the angels. These would be the true trail blazers, warriors of light, or light workers,  the awakening who are coming forward to light the way for others to follow. I believe that each step that I accomplish will be the deciding factor as to what I am or will be creating for myself in this life tomorrow, or perhaps even reach out into even our other selves in other life lines here and elsewhere, (the ripple affect).


After all my own greatest desire is to know the true self, to know the one who resides within, then just be the best  her I  can be. I believe that is a pretty strong  human basic survival instinct or characteristic  within ourselves which drives us not only to survive but to thrive and continue to seek the meaning of our true being and to become sufficiently awakened to our purpose here on Gaia so that we may become conscious of our destiny.

We are all ripples on a pond. Energy rippling through all dimensions, circles within circles. These ripples can be harmonious as intended by universe or they can be without pattern and order chaotic and without cause or order where they can act like a black hole sucking in all the light that surrounds it.


We are drawn to this knowing, the inner knowing, it draws us forward like a moth to a light. But even after the short  time I have been here on this journey I can not say truthfully that I know all the answers, I don’t believe any one living in this physical reality does, but I have found a measure of peace with the one who dwells within. I am still merely the seeker of the light and my desire is to share the wisdom and the light that I have amassed in my life time with those who wish to partake of it.


It saddens me to see those many that are blinded by the illusion of materialism, false promises, confusion and deception and lies which deprives us from the true knowings, even rob us of  that which is part of our own essence within each of  us.


Embrace the light within and let no man extinguish it for this is who we truly are. Always be true to yourself, do not succumb to the lies that confronts you each day as soon as you step out the door of our homes in the morning, or pick up the paper or turn on the TV and radio. Who are you? Look deeply within and you shall see the light there in.



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