How will be build a community of peacemakers? Do we need a community? How will we convince people to participate in our community? What will make our community successful?

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Shalom, Salam, Peace to everyone taking part in today's Peace Cafe.

I'm sorry that no one from Peace Mala can be with you in person but we are with you in spirit.

In our opinion it is vital that peacemaking starts with children and young people. They hold the future of our world in their hearts and minds. This is where education for peace, respect and greater tolerance is so vital. Peace Mala has so much to offer in this respect.

This year more schools and youth groups have engaged with the Peace Mala project for world peace. The entries for this year's awards have started arriving and they are truly wonderful. They show hope for a brighter and more compassionate world.

It would be very powerful to encourage children and young people from the Middle East to engage with the Peace Mala project. If there are any teachers or youth workers visiting the Peace Cafe today, please look up our website and get in touch with us.

With our love, prayers and every blessing,
Pam Evans (Founder), Directors/Trustees and the Peace Mala Team in Wales, UK.

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For more information on Peace Mala please look up the following:
(This should bring up the Peace Mala Educational Film with credits on You Tube. It would be great if you could 'log in' and leave a comment and some stars to help raise the profile on Peace Mala)

And if you haven't seen these, have a look at this stuff too:
The Palestinian voice has to be an equal part of the peace making process. Because of geography and issues of entering Israel, only a few Palestinians were able to join the first Peace Café (so I was told). We need to identify and find solutions to the challenges (physical and psychological) to have a strong Palestinian voice at the table.
You have just voiced what was going into my head Corey, that is a good point to be worked at because the two parts are involved equally in the process of peace making.

If Palestinians cant attend such events that take place in Israel in person, what other solutions do we have?
Elaine, I can't agree with you more. Let me tell you of an experience I had:
A relative of mine has befriended some people from the Philippine community in Israel (people who come to work here for a few- sometimes several- years, a whole issue on its own). She invited many of them over for her birthday. At the party, they connected a laptop to a projector, hooked up to windows messenger with webcams and microphones, and had a live conversation with the families of some of the guests in the Philippines, which was screened on a big screen set up on the wall. It is easy, accessible, and can be done with (what is now considered) pretty basic technology.
To elaborate on Elaine’s and Noa’s great ideas: one option is that each Palestinian on mepeace interested arranges meetings in their cities for other Palestinians interested in peace building where issues can be discussed, ideas brainstormed- a parallel process to what is going on in Israel. The Palestinian representatives from each city can then meet via the internet conference to come up with what they had in common, what was different. When the two sides think they are ready, Israelis and Palestinians meet in a web conference to discuss.

I think the key is that the processes has to happen on both sides and that each side feels they have an equal relationship, an equal say- this is not easy under the current circumstances but it doesn’t mean we shouldn't try.
Roni, there is technical pre-conditions can and should be accomplished to be productive, which can be build from every one any where if we have this in focus.
My opinion developing peace-tools, templates, mile-stones for a process etc. are measures need to be focus on.

A group of us has to start a project to create an environment (web and physical) for peace-cafes..

If you have a project-wiki, pls send me access.

I would go as followed:

1. write a motivation letter to introduce the idea
2. make a concept to create the environment to be send with the introduction letter to ask for support.

For the concept we can start with Brainstorming. here or on the wiki

what exists so far?
I looked into peace tools --- We need sponsors any way if we want to make any thing done.
Or we ask the community to form a primary volunteering web-programming team.

But before all of that I guess a clear strategical statement about me peace has to be developed (my be under the new group MEpeacePlan) to know where are we going with mepeace
OK.. I am very curious for your concept draft .. and excited for this project.
I know Roger "vote on Massage Tool" which is under programming for peace dialog project.

Web-tools helps to break physical boarders.
But well, and good start is a good step.
Any IT- and web-activists may add value on any idea we discuss.
Could the Israelis go to Palestine?

It could be an exciting challenge. (I do not even know if this is an appropriate idea.) I suspect the food and the hospitality would be memorable. This is just an idea for people who like to sometimes live life of the edge.
This website is almost a good as a Master's Degree in Peacebuilding and Conflict Resolution:

This peacebuilding and conflict transformation textbook is fantastic!

Please email me if you have any questions regarding this information.


Chapter Six integrates these models of conflict into a process-structure of conflict. In this view the goal of peace building is not merely to get rid of an undesirable situation. The goal is to generate "continuous, dynamic, self-regenerating processes that maintain form over time and are able to adapt to environmental changes."[p. 84] Such processes should rebuild and sustain relationships.

i like that
Thank you for sounding your ideas. We are gathering ideas here and inviting people to join us. Keep up the good work.



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