Kalinaw Mindanao Movement Inc. response the call of the Philippine Government under the Presidential Proclamation 127, S.2001 which sets the last Thursday of November to the first Wednesday of December as the Mindanao Week of Peace. To be actively response to the call in celebration with Mindanao Week of Peace we must first enlighten and impart the peace and development education to the future leaders, which is the Youth. K-Mindanao is a YOUTH FOR PEACE ACTION, non profit, non sectarian and non-government organization (NGO). This NGO is primarily operated by the students, youth, and young professionals and assisted by individual donors. YOUTH FOR PEACE ACTION is learning about peace and development education complements to local community activities. Our approach is to use non-formal education to promote non violent attitudes and behavior, values and ways of life, how to respond to violence, promote intercultural learning, dialogue, and respect of democracy and human rights. K-Mindanao YOUTH FOR PEACE ACTION participates but not limited to seminars- workshops but also in local community projects through exchange programs on leadership training, war - peace

The organization was founded by Wilfredo Gevero Jr., the Organization was a prophetic vision from the divine providence when he was 12 years old, way back November 14, 1996. The founder thought that it was impossible to organize the organization since he is young and not capable to stand in his own. At his high school, Mr. Gevero has shown leadership potentials by being active in community program. He was trained primary on how to be a leader and to be part of the community. Community involvements and proper training/orientation equipped the founder’s skills. It continue until he reaches in college, he was a President of Liceo de Cagayan University under the College of Information Technology and later became the Secretary General of Communications at the Supreme Student Council The journey continues, at age of 23 the visions and dreams becomes reality. As a juridical person, Kalinaw Mindanao Movement Inc. is registered with the Securities and Exchange Commissions under permit number 2007-28874. Divine visions, leadership training, community involvements and his motto in life dictate him to organize the movement.

The Founder’s. motto is: the time to act, act now and live without limits”

It’s a meaningful motto, today is the time to act for peace and to organize a friendly environment in the island of Mindanao. No matter what happen, no matter who will opposed as long as it is not against to the international ideology for peace, its constitution and by laws set by the Philippine government, by laws of k-Mindanao Movement Inc. and not against the teaching of our divine providence. The main concern of the organization is to end –up the conflict between Filipino versus Filipino in Mindanao

The main concern of the organization is to end –up the conflict between Filipino versus Filipino in Mindanao, K-Mindanao members studied some aspect for what are the reasons of this conflicts:

1. Poverty
2. Unfair treatment/racial discrimination
3. Corruption
4. Insufficient funds for Mindanao development
5. ETC (further research)

Our purposes:

The following are the purposes for which this organization has been organized:
1. To strengthen the connection between Filipinos in Mindanao despite’s of different culture, traditions and beliefs;

2. To educate every citizen in Mindanao about the essence of PEACE, ORDER, UNITY and DEVELOPMENT.

3. To encourage every citizen to promote PEACE and ORDER, UNITY and DEVELOPMENT.

4. To assist and support all members of the organizations.

5. To be active in participation to any humanitarian and peace keeping force.
6. Promote Justice to every member of the organization, to pursue a peaceful and orderly society in order to attain better life for our children and for the up coming generations.

7. Assist all members through KALIPAY KASAKIT practice.
Our Visions:

To organized a harmonious, peaceful and friendly environment with in the island of Mindanao.
To obtain the dreams of every Filipino to have peace in Mindanao and to be able to live Mindanao with out fear and uncertainty.
At K-Mindanao we believe that, to eventually emerge as a World leader in Peace and Humanitarian action force.

Our Missions:

To educate every youth about the essence of PEACE AND WAR to trained every youth about how to become world leaders through proper training, seminar and workshop
We believe in using our creativity, artistic, leadership and potential in providing public service to the people who need our assistant and support primarily in MORAL, SPIRITUAL and SOCIAL help which make K-Mindanao members will be more united.
Our Goals:
To educate every citizen in the island of Mindanao the true essence of Peace and Order, Unity and Development.
To be able to build a vocational school intended to all K-Mindanao members and its affiliates. The school will be named: “Institute of computer studies and automotive”.
To be able to build at least 150 secretariat outpost Philippine Wide.
Our Projects:
Principal Projects:
Leadership Training and workshop
War awareness program
Family Orientation
Secondary Projects:
Livelihood Program
Feeding program
HIV/AIDS awareness program
Drugs awareness program
Tree planting
Bridge financing program
Job fairs
knock into your doors; KMMI currently seeking and looking for international and local individuals and or organization that would help us in terms of in kind and financial needs. If you want to donate , fell free to call us at (088) 2334522 or visit our central office at #074 Zone-10 Patag, Cagayan de Oro City, 9000 Philippines.
For online support:
yahoo messenger and skype account name:>>> kamindanao@yahoo.comWe are online from: Sunday to Thursday from: 9:30 AM -8:00 PM Friday and Saturday 9:30 AM -9:00 PM

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