Privacy is a very serious and important issue, especially for a site like

Why is that so? Some of the issues I see are:

  • All of the site is now accessible to anyone on the WEB and not just members.
  • Many people don't use their (full) real names. I do. I am single and have no dependants. Were my circumstances different, I know that I'd be a lot more circumspect.
  • Some people do not even want private messages on this site from certain others on this site. Whilst I think that simply reflects on them, that is just how it is.
  • To limit spam, I do not want my SKYPE address to be public on this or any other site, though I know that anyone who wants to find it can do so by searching SKYPE.

The above are just some of the issues I see. Please add others and suggest solutions.

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so maybe we can open a google group where the admin has to OK the members that join? And then on the group we can have a list of skype user names?
I agree entirely with your sentiments here....we don't want to become a ready made Skype marketing list or something similar...

Maybe whoever wants to host the call should put up a topic on these pages, then whoever wants to join that conversation sends a private message to the host confirming their interest and their Skype Id. The host then adds each one as a contact and confirms acceptance to the group....maybe by adding a name to a list on this page so we can see numbers, but can't see Skype details. In this way you would only share your Id with the host of the call you wanted to partake in.
Yes Pete. That may be one solution. But that may not be enough.

I am not sure that only the the host needs to know the skype address of all participants.

I think that all participants may need to specifically or implicitly accept calls from all others in the conference. For example, I configured my skype to accept text mesages from anyone (not everyone does that) and to accept calls only from those I've specifically authorised (not everyone does that).
Nice pic....

You may be right....but I know from the first conference call I did I was only a contact with the host of the call....he called me, I accepted the call and I was in the conference with everyone else, even though I didn't actually have them as a contact myself. We shared contact details with each other freely at the end of the call, but it wasn't implicitly vital to do so prior to the event. The host calls each individual participant in turn, so you only accept a call from one person, but once you do, you can chat freely with everyone else already connected. At least, this was my experience of was good in the fact that bringing people who don't know each other together in such a way brings a certain element of doubt about who exactly you are talking to, but once you've chatted for an hour or more you can tell if these are people you want to share details with, and we all freely did so at the end of the first call.

I guess that if you have played with your settings on Skype more than I have, this may not be the case...I suppose there's only one way to find out for sure!!
count me in.
great idea.
Yep Roni. It must be tested before one tries to use it for real.

A list like Roni suggests also overcomes most of the privacy issues as the addresses members is then only known to the members and not the universe.

I am happy to get involved with the testing. Bandwidth may also be an issue for those with slow ADSL(-like) connections even for on-way video.

I am happy to try to help in the testing. Sydney is GMT/UTC +10.

Many thanks to Roni for the call....

I was never quite sure the best way the idea could be utilised for the specific needs of this site but I feel we have established a really good place to start from with tremendous potential.

I have been looking into Shoutcast used in conjunction with Winamp to provide a means to broadcast audio very long as the broadcast doesn't include copywrited materials (usually music) then it can be set up for very little as this avoids royalty payments.

I'll keep looking into how this can be done in conjunction with Skype for interactive questions and a means to add the "whiteboard".
I have found some software for an interactive whiteboard function which is free to use and doesn't even require a download:

lets you share web page links, type text, share files etc.

Could be very useful...



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