Following my comment on bridges in July 2009, I would like very much offer my services to help. The better solution is to be able to motivate the youngsters of both Palestinians and Israelis to feel that they are both indigeneous of the same country which The Most High created for them to live in Peace. The only thing which seprates them is the religion, but if one goes deep to the roots they have a lot of similarities. As I wrote last July, I neither speak nor understand Arabi or Hebrew. It is such a pity that with all the assets that the Middle East has it could be used in a fruitful way instead of wars, hate and so on.
Let us join hands together and start building a harmonious and peaceful place.
Salaam and shalom to all of you.

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Hi friends copy here the message of my friend Jayme from Israel:

At the moment we are in Holit in the activity of the March for Peace and Non Violence.
I'll send you photos and a film of the event soon. We made the March today , it was spectacular and touching ..!
There were 60 persons. We made an act exactly at the bourder of Gaza, in front of the palestinian city of Raffia where our shout for a world without wars and violence has been heared!

Estamos no momento em Holit na Atividade da Marcha pela Paz e a Nao Violencia.
Em Breve enviaremos a vcs fotos e um pequeno filme do Evento. Realizamos Hoje a Marcha e Foi espetacular e Emocionante!
Participaram 60 pessoas.
Realizamos o ato exatamente na fronteira de GAZA ,em frente a cidade Palestina de Rafia, onde se fez escutar o nosso grito por Um Mundo sem Guerra,e sem Violencia!
Um Grande Abraco a Todos
thanks Cris... would YOU equally like to be a mepeace volunteer youth voice alongside Mahmood?
thank you Mahmood... i was recently introduced to an Amnesty youth support group in Palestine in the last few days and i wonder just how many more youth friendship and support groups there are that would welcome more youth to become invovled?... could i ask YOU to consider being our mepeace youth volunteer representative and give them a voice.... i have already worked with wherepeacelives which is in mepeace and i suspect there are others....

it has been a blessing to see your sharing today, hugs x
who are we representing?

who are we talking for and for what purpose?

how long must we talk?

when do we need to talk?

and how do we share these responsibilities?

in Facebook and in my personal life as a Mother I am involved in various partnerships... I agreed to work with my local government office and answer regular anonomous questionnaires on their current and future services, I help in my boys schools as much as I can, I am in a local support group and I interact with many others... in a partnership role.... and I am an organiser.... I organise events for my Family and other Families we have befriended in a social environment

engaging with Children is the biggest hope I have found that in the future there will be fewer boundaries or walls to finding peace in their lives... because more and more parents, schools, local government offices and support groups are uniting and working together

here is a short film that was just shared with me through Facebook:

and this is just one example of how working with Children and Families makes a difference... however it takes every single one of us to be that difference. sometimes parents are the only voice for their children ... but sometimes they too are not listened to...

that is why i pray that this group will be a success... to be that voice... the one that cries out for help every day...

thank you
WOW! please see the volunteer wall for links to youth initiatives....
in case i am not alone in not knowing.... are we all aware if look at home page of mepeace there is a pulldown menu bar underneath the mepeace banner... starts from left; Home, Invite, My Page.... well from other end... there is 5 tabs in 'LINKS' - take a look! WOW what a great resource!

what i am wondering now is... if we knew what our friends and members wanted to achieve by being on mepeace do we have experienced mepeace and middle east guides and/or people willing to befriend others to help them fulfill their desire to feel more at peace by perhaps receiving help and support during their journey with us? eg. stay with them until they do find and receive the help they are searching for?

only it feels like there is already so much information available that perhaps is unknown or unused to actively help people in their day to day lives which is THE area of their lives that they are able to control and be able to influence perhaps?

i am only a humble onlooker tho ... so please ... do let us keep discussing this and provide me with your own thoughts and feelings on this discussion item

thanks shel
all invited so please.... RSVP ... thanks x

I am the founder and the organizer of : Iartexpo art as a bridge for peace, International art expo and exhibit,
a non profit organization,
to help Israelis and Palestinians artists, to exhibit together to dialogue together.. Here in Israel.
and (hope) in Ramallah

Please visit:

Face book page iartexpo2012 art as a bridge for peace
I hope you like the idea.
We are starving for aid and help, most the time I work alone.
We are helped by our volunteers.
We need resources.
We seek for Sponsors to help us realize our project.

Please help me realize this dream.
Jacques Banne



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