This is the team to help us spread mepeace through Facebook. Reply if you can help us on Facebook and other sites on the internet.

Please reply if you can you help us do any of these tasks:

1. Be an administrator and update our Facebook group in English or Arabic
2. Invite your friends to join our Facebook page, group, cause, and to join
3. Promote to Arabic or Englsh speakers on Facebook or other online forums
4. Draw a one-page list of the Arabic forums we should share and invite Arab speakers to

MEPEACE Facebook Page:
MEPEACE Facebook Group:
MEPEACE Facebook Cause:

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I did try to add some friends through facebook.
Some either decided not join the group, and the ones that did not join, I can not invite again on facebook, since when I try to add them again, I can't since there is a little message that pops up saying "They have already been invited." Plus I don't want to pester them, since I don't want to sound annoying :S
So what's a more legit way if my options are limited?!
I can help out with adding people on FB and I have quite a few Arab friends too who I could invite. :)
i would like to help share news/views through Facebook... i confess i already do... and have just put out a lovely picture of you Eyal alerting Friends to this volunteer area. maybe you would like make Friends with us on Facebook also and take it from there. that way you can see how we are using it to network/share. G-d bless and thanks for invite to join with you like this x
i could add some friends on facebook but i don't have much friends in it " i am not active on facebook"
i am glad that i may help in anyway, i am all yours
شكرا على هذه الفرصة
Eyal... may i make humble suggestion please... that perhaps we in this team are linked to the pr/communications team? and that way we can be advised what you might like us to promote for you in a united way through our profiles ... maybe this could be as simple as sharing a web address link or Facebook group link with same wording from the message update you send out? only i feel although we can share your voice we are not your voice and will need directing and leading. if helpful am happy to be link from this team to pr/communications team and in first instance invite everyone in this team if like to make Friend of me here in mepeace and in Facebook... in Facebook i can be found as Michelle Mary by the email address .... love and blessings all. shel ps. amount of time anyone may want to contribute or offer to this assistance with networking across sites... i humbly suggest maybe putting a posting in your profile or adding a brief note of invitation to come across to mepeace to join a discussion or a mepeace supported event... 5 mins/week? and i will help you... you can share from me :) .... hugs x
There is constant contact, I want to be an active member
great! do you Adam.. or anyone else in the group know anything about the admin side of Facebook? i've been admin in several groups and am currently working in a group helping to interlink admin and officer roles. and i have a question i'd be grateful for any assistance re communicating out of a group/what's worked or maybe not worked for any of you?

thanks xox
is everyone here also in the mepeace facebook group? i have just joined but see from there that two groups are currently present within this network.... can we invite the admin of these two groups to join us here also and talk with us in the volunteer group perhaps to give us some background/guidance as to how you might like us to interact with you please? thank you. love shel
I agree with your ideas Shells. Will be glad to add you as admin to our Facebook group. We do have two groups - trying to figure out what to do with them.
goodness! i did not expect this... thank you ... will pray before answering and ask a Friend to pray with me.
blessings Eyal... i have meditated and prayed and shared with a Friend and now feel ready to discuss this with you please... i feel guided to ask if rather than an Admin position maybe i could be more use being named as volunteer admin support perhaps in the officer category for i feel admin/officer roles interact for the benefit and support of day/day Facebook Admin which i feel needs to be retained within the mepeace 'management' team ... i will send you a message to try and explain in more detail. Shel
Hi, you will be added in the capacity which will help us both. Thank you for asking to help. Please do send a message to explain in more detail and I will be guided by you.



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