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hello everybody... how are we all? i would be very interested to hear feedback on how and what we all feel can be achieved by having the connection of two interactive Facebook groups alongside this network... for i humbly feel they could be used to help reach perhaps people who do not feel able to contribute to mepeace but would like to support it.... or work alongside and with it... or would benefit from sharing information that is in mepeace but for some reason can not find it.... or do not realise it exists

i give you background to these humble thoughts...

for several years i have searched in my home town for help for my family.... and i thought i found it.... and then it didn't give me what i needed so i kept searching til i find another group, another organisation, another discussion group, another book, another online reference, another helpdesk, another government office, another charity, another parent, another officer, another supporter, another campaigner, another doctor, another educationalist, another mother, another... another... another... another... and still i was struggling with same problem... someone to work alongside me to physically in my day to day life make the difference to help me improve the quality of our Family life and give me hope for the future and my children's future if iw as for some reason not here or with them when they needed me... this started in earnest about 8 years ago... and i still struggle ... but what gives me strength is the faith that was restored in me when i 'hit my wall'....

but what this also teach me and what i feel still exists is lots of people... sometimes doing same thing... trying to reach other people .. find friendship... support... work towards common goals and they pass in the dark and sometimes never meet because the link of friendship is missing...

and this...

is where i feel providing 'signposting' ... giving directions.. and connections and positive pr could be achieved through Facebook... by encouraging interaction, providing a forum for those questions and answers and hope for what is already documented... in mepeace

for what i have learnt already is this.... in the Middle East... there are Families like everywhere else in the World... and they want to feel what every other Family in the World feels... and they already have some in their hearts and minds... but in some areas of their lives they need what i was searching for... just a little bit of respectful help empathy and support without having to beg for it and i for one would like to be just one person who's willing to try and bridge the gap... with your help

so... IS THIS something we can do in Facebook?

are you willing to try by displaying links to mepeace or mepeace events through your profile links and profile picture maybe?

or perhaps you have a different view or idea?

hope to hear from you soon

love shel x
dear all... i've posted a couple of discussion items and a wall question on the mepeace facebook group... sure would appreciate your feedback... as often i can only carry questions and ideas on my own... i need help with germination ;0)

am also humbly thinking NOW IS THE TIME for any campaign for practical help during the winter period for this is a competitive market and one when people maybe doing more at home than abroad.. equally though i also feel with G-ds help everything is possible ... if we try

thanks with love and blessings, shel
I've created a new MEPEACE group on the Peace and Collaborative Development Network. Everyone is invited to join:
thank you Oliver... would you like to post a similar invite on the mepeace facebook group for us? and perhaps also introduce yourself or add a bit more about how you feel each group may benefit of working together somehow?
hi all... please can ask for your feedback in the discussion item currently in the mepeace facebook group? thank YOU

love x
all invited so please.... RSVP ... thanks x

this is a global event located in the mepeace events list

there are others however i thought time allowing we could help promote this one?

dear all... just wanted to say thanks for letting me feel a part of something in mepeace and i pray you have continued success with all that you want to achieve. your facebook page like all groups now looks slightly different but everything is still there and it is my hope that some of it is useful to you. as explained to Eyal and some of the members of his team i am unable to continue to contribute any more so i'm also removing myself from this group too, to enable someone else to take over and hopefully lead this team and drive it forever forward based on your needs and wants from all the information that is being shared.

if anyone would like to communicate with me you are welcome to add me as a friend.... as i will check in from time to time... and will naturally continue to serve you should you find yourself in one of the other facebook groups that have offered you their services and ongoing support and friendship where i am able

love and prayers shel
how would mepeace feel about supporting ipeace day in December?

i share a video and ask... maybe mepeace and ipeace could combine something similar... to show united and in support of each other?

please let me know your thoughts... thanks, love
These are the urls if they can assist with the promotion: (already in Facebook)



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