I am starting this thread to be a base for discussions about any announcements or questions about MEPEACE in Second Life.

Right now in Second Life there is a MEPEACE Group that can be freely joined. There is also a simple kiosk in The Aileen Zessinthal Home and Unity Educational Center (you can see a pic of it that Neri put up in the comment section of the announcement blog I posted . . . go to my blog page to locate the picture).

This is NOT a call to join Second Life, necessarily. Right now this opportunity is for people who already are a part of or would normally be interested in Second Life. Second Life is a place to have fun and be creative and connect with people. But now if someone is already in Second Life, they can connect with their MEPEACE friends also by joining the Group.

I/we WILL be doing some more things for MEPEACE using the capabilities of Second Life. For example, we've had the idea of possibly doing an online Peace Cafe in Second Life. But that is down the road a bit.

I can answer any questions you have here. Shalom/Salaam ~ Jennifer

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thank you Jennifer... could you share with us how to be able to enter second life only i tried and got frustrated and so quit before i even got passed the sign up... i was trying to enter the peace jam event so it may have been a busy time however it did rather put me off cause i felt like i couldn't get through the door.... all hints and tips gratefully received...

what i struggled with was creating an identity that i felt was nothing remotely like me and i kept getting errors and told i already existed!!!!

cheers x
Oh, man! Shells! Ha ha. I'm sorry it was so hard. Unfortunately, I am not a technician as far as Second Life goes; computer stuff is always a challenge to me also. Nor do I represent Second Life. I have been in Second Life for over a year now, so I do understand the community in a way that I could answer some kinds of questions.

I am wondering if you want to send me a private message and tell me exactly what worked, and what didn't work, and give it to me in order. Maybe I might have some tips. I do have two avatars but I think the sign in process went well for me. There is a customer service area on the Second Life website. You have to fill out a ticket to get a problem solved, although they have FAQs and wiki information too.

I will send you a private message to figure it out a little more.



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