The end of the old world of Earth began when Yellowstone Park burned down in 1988. That is the year that the Atlantean nature spirits and elementals cleansed and purified the Earth. The Earth and surrounding atmosphere was cleansed of the negative thought-forms and entities which plagued mankind for centuries. The nature spirits were instructed to gather up and dispose of the negative thought-forms in the fires that burned in the USA that summer. This cleansing has reoccurred as needed each summer to this day in 2009.

Mankind continues to give off negative thought-forms and energies into the atmosphere that must be cleansed each year. These are energies either created by hateful thoughts and negative energy produced by humans or by the release of negative energy already stored up inside each person's aura from past lives.

In 1988 men and women suddenly felt lost and confused with this new purified Earth atmosphere. People felt energetic and bewildered at the same time. Many great changes were brought about by this great Earth cleansing in 1988 and the following years. Most notably was the Berlin wall coming down and the end of the Cold War. But more importantly the great wars of the future were canceled or greatly muted. Armageddon was not canceled just transmuted. Armageddon is thought to be a great war in the middle east between the forces of good and evil. Armageddon can be either this great war or a final resolution to the main problems of mankind especially in the Middle East.

We are only half way to the soft landing of Armageddon. Still the central problems in the Mideast are unresolved and will boil over into mass worldwide biological attacks and nuclear retaliation by the West on Tehran and most other Arab cities. When 50-60 million USA Christians are slaughtered by a biological attack directed at them then the fundamentalist Christian's desire for a Rapture will be fulfilled in the worse way.

Biological weapons are the poor man's nuclear bomb. Technology has now caught up with mankind and Arab biologist can now create a bio-weapon that will kill mostly Christians in the USA which are the main supporters of the nation of Israel. The Arab scientists learned long ago that a genetically engineered bio-weapon can not be created for the annihilation of just the Jewish people alone. For centuries the bloodlines of Moslem and Jews have intermixed and so to create a bio-weapon against the Jews would backfire and kill most Moslems as well. But the Christians of America are a different story or so the Arab scientists think. In all likelihood a genetically engineered virus against the American Christians will spill over into most every other country in the world and kill as many Christians and Non-Christians as in America. The other countries in the world will have mass casualties and so Moslem Arabs will be scorned and reviled throughout the world after this mass worldwide genocide and murder of the Christians has past.

The US will likely retaliate by nuking Tehran and most other major Arab cities for good measure. Then they will finance bloody revolution in the Arab world and their neighbor countries. All radical Arab religious leaders and their families will be targeted and killed. All of this may not be done openly of course but covertly. Twelve nuclear bombs could just as easily be smuggled into major Arab cities and exploded and explained in the press as Arab infighting or a Jewish plot. But the real death and slaughter will be directed first at radical Arab religious leaders, their families, and their followers who have spent decades fostering hatred against America instead of working for a solution. The radical Moslem religious leaders and their families along with most of their followers will be relentlessly hunted down and killed.

America is not in the least blameless in all of this mass murder and carnage. For decades American politicians have allowed major businesses to plunder Arab and the world's natural resources in the name of free enterprise. And for decades American politicians have meddled in the politics of Moslem nations and kept change from occurring. America's negative karma of past injustices is now coming due. Most of the other countries of the world with mass casualties of their Christians populations from the plagues will stand by and be silent at the covert retaliation against the radical Moslem Arabs. They will do nothing and even be relieved that the violent Moslem factions have finally been eliminated from the planet for good. The millions of "innocent" Arabs and non-Moslem people that get slaughtered by the retaliations will be far higher than the guilty Moslem Arabs. But it will all be rationalized that the innocent Moslems did nothing while the radical Moslems took over their countries and acted against America and the world from within their own countries. So the mass killings of the innocent Moslems and non-Moslems alike will be justified in the minds of many who have lost loved ones to the plagues. So we have a long way to go before Armageddon can be tamed and transmuted completely but it is not really that hard to complete the transmutation of Armageddon.

There are several hundred Arab biological scientists that can create and manufacture this genetically targeted virus that kills American Christians. It is not the jhiadist and the suicide bombers that are of any real threat to America. It is the Arab intellectuals and scientists and businessmen that pose the greatest threat to the mass murder of the Christians. They think they can create and distribute the virus unseen and so retaliation against Arabs will not be assured. But they are wrong and they will be hunted down and torn to pieces along with their entire families by the Christian bounty hunters when they are found. Most innocent Arab scientists will be killed and tortured along with the guilty. And Saudi Arabia and many other Arab countries thought to be friends of America will suffer the same fate. It is not enough to speak of friendship with the USA and then privately finance religious hatred throughout the world against America and other religious faiths worldwide.

The world oil supplies are running out far faster than we are publicly told. The Arabs have inflated their oil reserves for years and we have already reached peak oil and now each year our supply of oil will decline very rapidly worldwide. The world will be shocked at how fast Mexico's oil declines and runs out. The American Republican Party has forced through congress a massive border fence building bill to keep the expected flood of Mexican illegal aliens from coming to America when Mexico's oil runs out very soon. The oil of Mexico has kept this country afloat for several decades. But within a handful of years Mexico will no longer export oil abroad and receive the much needed capital to run their country.

Iran needs nuclear reactors for the same reason--their oil is running out far faster than they are telling the world. Oil reserves in the ground of all the Arab countries are a total fabrication in order to get higher OPEC quotas. The higher your countries reserves in the ground the higher your quota of oil you can produce and sell. But the oil reserve figures are all lies and the Arab leaders know this.

The race to finance ethanol in America is not accidental. Many Republican American politicians know the world is running out of oil far quicker than the general public realizes. Politicians also know that ethanol from corn is not the answer because it is not efficient. But in a few years when the ethanol investors also learn this then switch grasses and corn stalks might be used to make ethanol. The early ethanol investors will have to retool their plants at millions of dollars cost or loose everything. But bio-diesel from nut trees may be the real winner. It is a renewable fuel that can be utilized now in diesel engines and needs only to be expanded. It just takes a few years to grow the tropical nut trees around your bio-diesel plant. These trees used for fuel grow almost anywhere even in poor soils.

The solutions to all the world's problems are staring the world in its face. Solutions will become known for major world pollution problems and also political problems. But the real changes are those that are happening within mankind. The world's climate will change slowly and we will have to learn how to control the climate of the world to survive. Farming the Pacific Ocean with iron powders to create algae blooms will be the first major breakthrough to controlling carbon dioxide emission buildup on Earth. But all these changes taking place on Earth are preceded by changes within mankind. All change is first inner and spiritual in nature. That is the real great change that is taking place upon Earth at this time --inner spiritual change. Hopefully not too many peoples will be harmed or killed because they can not change and adapt fast enough to the inner changes. But it is easy to change and adapt when you know how to do this.

Christ said that the kingdom of heaven was within us but most religions today do not practice this. Religions have lost there way and no longer lead men to God. Religions lead men to good (mostly) which is a good start but not good enough. That is why religions must change and transmute also to survive. But religions have begun to do this and they are on the forefront of spiritual change and renewal. They must teach their followers to go within to survive just like Christ and all the other great sages and religious teachers of the past have taught. This is the key to the survival of nations and individuals in the coming Earth Changes. The outer changes of Earth will be mild and of little consequence when the inner changes are realized within mankind.

Religions today are social events and weekly social get-togethers. Religious followers attempt to buy their way into heaven by following the practice of their religion faithfully. But if these religious practices do not lead the people within then they are worthless and ultimately harmful. The only true practice of any religion is done when one close your eyes and you commune with God and the Divine essence of all life. Lifelong daily contemplation and meditation practices which contact the higher divine nature of God are the only true religion. When this is done one soon learns in contemplation that God is all around us and within us and has never left us. And that we are all the Children of God and we are destined to grow up and become the Sons and Daughters of God.

This world is a training ground for souls who are all the Children of God. The damned which reject God and good are not forever damned. God is always waiting to reclaim the lost souls of ignorance. It is all but impossible to be damned forever and live in ignorance of your true spiritual nature. God is always watching and waiting for a soul's pain which makes a soul cry out for assistance and salvation. All of our pain and suffering is a result of the soul's growing up process. If we never experienced pain and separation from God then we would not really appreciate our divine nature. How can a man appreciate the cool relief of Spring if he has not yet experienced the scorching hot of Summer. Bad is good when it teaches us to appreciate our divine heritage. Bad and negative are also God and are only the opposite poles of God. Nothing and no one can ever be truly separated from anything else in all of creation. We are all One.

Hitler, Attila the Hun, and all the other dictators and mass murders in the past and the future are all God's Children. It is far harder to volunteer to play the part of Hitler or Saddam and be hated by many peoples throughout history than it is to play the part of the Pope or Mother Theresa. As souls we all play our roles and parts in the play of life both good and bad. Damn the negative actions of others not the individual souls themselves that brings about these negative actions. For every man today has both the negative and positive in them. Ever man today can make a major mistake and bring down great harm upon mankind unknowingly and unintentionally. That is the nature of existence. How many Hitlers has Mother Theresa saved from death by her kind healings and good works. How many life saving drugs have turned out to be poisonous and early death to millions who have taken them. How many religious leaders have lead their followers to a meaningless existence and death because they do not lead men to God. How many millions of mothers have fed their children poisonous foods that harm them greatly and unknowingly for the rest of their lives? The harm men do to themselves and others unknowingly and unintentionally is far greater than the harm of a million Hitlers could ever do. All of this harm is done because men do not contact God daily by going within for guidance and direction. In the absence of this divine direction mankind makes many mistakes and suffers greatly from this. Free will is not free. It must be earned and paid for with lifetimes of tutoring from God through daily meditations and contemplations. With free will comes total responsibility to learn to use free will for the good of All as well as for your own good. Souls must learn to use their great spiritual natures wisely before they are allowed into the heavens.

Free will is not free. It costs us much pain and suffering and causes us to learn and experience separation from God. God gives us enough rope to enjoy our free will until we realize we need God's assistance to learn how to use it wisely.

Israel has a choice to make. Their Arab neighbors will never relent and allow them to live in peace as long as they live in Palestine. They will continue to attack them secretly and openly until the day they die. If Israel is attacked by every Arab and/or non-Arab country in the region Israel will have no choice but to use its nuclear weapons and destroy much of the middle east and Asia. Hundreds of millions of people will be killed and Israel will survive by the force of its armies. But at what cost. Most of their Arab brothers will be horridly killed or injured for life. A third of the world will be destroyed and made a wasteland for generations to come. And the surviving Moslems and the countries around the world will blame Israel for generations of nuclear deaths and disease brought by the widespread use of their nuclear weapons. Arabs will no longer go to war to return their Palestinian lands. They will concede bitter defeat and shun any further contact with Israel as a nation forever. The mighty Israel will have won her right to exist as a nation. And much additional lands around Israel will be annexed which their fundamentalist religious leaders have stated was their eventual right because it was given to them by God.

Or Israel can choose a different course by acknowledging that their nation state created by the force of arms after WWII was not a very good idea. They could acknowledge that their Arab neighbors will never truly give them peace and stop attacking them. They could acknowledge that their religious leaders were wrong about Palestine being their rightful lands given to them by God. And they could all pack up and move elsewhere on Earth.

Not likely. But to save 50-60 million Christians worldwide from a horrible plague death, to save 300 million Moslems from nuclear annihilation, and save a third of the Earth from massive destruction and radioactive contamination for a 1000 years it seem like a good bargain. But then the Arabs will have finally won the Israeli promised lands of Israel and Jews would be the wandering Jews of their forefathers again. But then maybe all that would be a good thing. Maybe God did not promise the lands of Palestine to the Jews.

What I would like to see is a brokered peace in the Middle East where Israel agrees to give up her nation gradually as fair compensation is given for her considerable expense of nation building these past 60 years. The Arab countries will consent to buy the countries asset so that the Israeli population could move to other countries to live. Then the wandering Jews will be welcome with open arms in other countries because of their great sacrifice for the world and they will have money to spend to make their new homes . And in return the world will have peace and also a new name -- Israel. Planet Israel will be the new planetary name and the Jewish people will finally have their homeland promised by God -- the Planet Israel.

America and Saudi Arabia could guarantee the final loans and settlements for this great exchange of wealth for Israeli resettlement and arbitrate any disputes if some what more money for their homes or factories than they are truly worth. And the great mass of Palestinians will have a new ready built country to occupy and hopefully live peacefully. When this is done the Old World of Earth will end and new one begins.

Armageddon need not be a great war of destruction. Armageddon is a final resolution one way or another -- a solution. That is the great change in consciousness that must be realized. To force your will upon another is not the way of the future. The engines of destruction have become too great and the survival of mankind upon this planet depends upon the final resolution of war and unity of thought that we are all One and equal in the eyes of God. The new age of mankind will first be about healing and equalizing the great disparity of poverty on -- the Planet Israel.

The past great civilizations on the Earth of MU and Atlantis failed to learn the knowledge of peace and were destroyed because of it. We are the descendants of these past great civilizations and are again asked to learn this one great lesson of life and living. We are all one in the eyes of God. We are all the same.

To force your way upon another is not the way of peace it is not the way of the future. To justify injustice no matter how well spoken is not the way of peace. Now is the time for Israel to show the way for all the world by sacrificing her new nation of Israel. Israel was chosen by man and God to show the way. Now all Israel must do what they have agreed and show the way of peace for the world in this time.

Israelis' leaders must begin by voting with their feet and leave Israel for a new home out in the world. And then all other Israelis may follow them out into the world. If this was an easy task then you would not have been asked to do it. So you are answered. -- J.E. Ante

Joseph Ante
J.E. Ante, Graduate University of Indianapolis BA 1972, Head of the Life Science Institute Health Library, original organizer of first Earth Day in 1970 and local ZPG chapter in Indiana, Population and Environment Editor with Reflector at Indianapolis University, 12yr organic gardener with fruit, nuts, and berries, lifelong student of Out-of-Body spiritual techniques.

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