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Opportunities to volunteer for - Join us and help

Which teams would you like to join? MEPEACE is currently looking for help in the following:

Welcoming Team: Help us welcome and engage new peacemakers
Dialogue Team: Help us host Online Peace Talks and MEPEACE Chats
Calendar Team: Updating our site calendar of peace with new events
Links Team: Helping us develop our online resource center for peace
Arabic Team: Translate important content into Arabic
Facebook Team: Help us grow our presence on Facebook
Leadership Team: Develop teams to help us transform
Funding Team: Help us raise money to make our work sustainable

If you would like to help MEPEACE, please email Oliver Haack, our volunteer coordinator, at with the following information:

Your name:
Which teams would you like to help:
How many hours per week can you volunteer:
Contact details: Telephone, Skype and email:
-- is a network for peace and a platform for peacemakers. With your help we can:

1. Exemplify and realize peace and co-existence online and on the ground
2. Empower individuals and organizations with interaction, information and inspiration
3. Leverage the web and networking technologies to mobilize a movement for Middle East peace

We are now transforming As it stands, few shoulder the responsibilities for This transformation will empower volunteers to build teams and lead a movement for Middle East peace. Our proposed leadership structure:

See and download the full details at:

How it will work – MEPEACE will support leaders and teams in four areas of responsibility (circles): Interact, Inform, Inspire, Sustain – each with five teams and corresponding leaders. Teams encourage cooperation, share the work and accomplish more. Teams exemplify co-existence, offer experience and empower leaders from the bottom-up. This team model will encourage motivated peacemakers to take and share responsibilities.

Communication – it is vitally important for us to communicate clearly and consistently with each other

Team leaders – each will build team of 4-5 individuals to advance work with weekly communication
Steering Committee - made of Team Leaders. The SC will make decisions by monthly communication
The WIP - consists of Circle Leaders representing the world, Israel and Palestine - will communicate weekly and create an agenda for the Steering Committee
The board and international board will be engaged to support the WIP and Steering Committee. The boards will be updated monthly and meet quarterly
Community – peacemakers will receive a monthly update in addition to twice-weekly communication

MEPEACE is looking for talented volunteers. Do you have an interest in joining us? Email your contact details to our volunteer coordinator, Oliver Haack, at In your email, tell us how you want to help, how many hours a week you can volunteer, and what you need from us.

We meet on Sundays at 21:30 Israel/Palestine time to support our volunteers at Please join us.


عزيزي صانع السلام , الصديق العزيز

منبر صانعي السلام " MEPEACE" بحاجة لمساعدتك لنمو وتعزيز السلام وذلك بالمجالات التالية :
- على الإنترنت (ادارة موقع , تكنولوجيا معلومات )
- ترويج ( على الفيس بوك, والمجتمعات الاخرى بالغة العربي)
- القيادة ( احداث , مصادر و موارد الدعم ,التحالفات)

اذا كنت ترغب في مساعدة منبر صناع السلام "MEPEACE" الرجاء مراسلة السيد : اوليفير هاك على البريد الإلكتروني التالي:
الرجاء ارفاق البيانات التالية :

الاسم :
في اي مجال تريد ان تساعد :
كيف يمكنك مساعدة MEPEACE :
عدد ساعات التطوع التي يمكنك تطوعها :
رقم الهاتف \ skype :
البريد الإلكتروني :


Discussion Forum

Bridges and Shells comments

Started by Mahmood Sairally. Last reply by Jacques Banne Jul 28, 2014. 8 Replies

Following my comment on bridges in July 2009, I would like very much offer my services to help. The better solution is to be able to motivate the youngsters of both Palestinians and Israelis to feel…Continue

Fundraising Team

Started by MEPEACE. Last reply by Jacques Banne Jul 28, 2014. 3 Replies

Responsibilities: Identify fundraising sources and opportunities, foundation, supporters, etc.

Tags: Team, Fundraising

Events Team

Started by MEPEACE. Last reply by Jamiu Tolani Alli-Balogun Jan 18, 2013. 12 Replies

Help create events, Peace Cafes, Peace Talks, and other face-to-face encounters, brainstorm, learn from past events, share knowledge, manage the MEPEACE calendar of peace events.

Tags: Team, Events

Facebook and Online Promotion Team

Started by Eyal Raviv. Last reply by Gary Rocha Sep 24, 2010. 21 Replies

This is the team to help us spread mepeace through Facebook. Reply if you can help us on Facebook and other sites on the internet.Please reply if you can you help us do any of these tasks:1. Be an…Continue

Tags: volunteer, facebook, promotion

Arabic Team

Started by MEPEACE. Last reply by mohammed eeden Aug 21, 2010. 3 Replies

Responsibilities: Translate into Arabic. Reach out to new people in Arabic.

Tags: team, volunteer, translation, translate, arabic

Do you like to join Facebook or Arabic team? انضم لفريق الفيسبوك أو اللغة العربية

Started by Waleed Hammad. Last reply by mohammed eeden Aug 19, 2010. 1 Reply

I am looking for peace makers who are willing to help in Facebook and Arabic language. Are you interested in joining one of the Inspire area's teams? If yes, send me an email at:…Continue

Second Life Q & A

Started by Jennifer A. Miskin-Flake. Last reply by Jennifer A. Miskin-Flake Nov 1, 2009. 2 Replies

I am starting this thread to be a base for discussions about any announcements or questions about MEPEACE in Second Life.Right now in Second Life there is a MEPEACE Group that can be freely joined.…Continue

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Started by Joseph Ante Oct 17, 2009. 0 Replies

The end of the old world of Earth began when Yellowstone Park burned down in 1988. That is the year that the Atlantean nature spirits and elementals cleansed and purified the Earth. The Earth and…Continue

Media Team

Started by MEPEACE. Last reply by Shells Oct 16, 2009. 2 Replies

Responsibilities: Help MEPEACE reach new media. Connections, relationships, opportunities, etc.

Tags: team, Media


Started by yousef yousef. Last reply by Mahmood Sairally Jul 28, 2009. 2 Replies

Communication between the Palestinians and the Israelis and the peace-loving people across the world،Possible exchange of views meeting the possibilities of direct radio contact or via the Internet

Tags: of, views, exchange, and, the


Welcome to Enjoy it, share yourself, volunteer to help and support us. Make new friends, participate in forum discussions or start your own, respect the guidelines and if you have a question see our FAQ. Please share your feedback and invite your friends to join us.


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Comment by ismail abazied on January 21, 2009 at 4:26am
And I bear all the feelings of regret on what happened in Gaza want the continuation of life as one and we want the people of the Middle East at the beginning of the General Conference and of the coexistence and dialogue between religions and races in the Middle East (Jordan, Palestine, Israel. Syria, Lebanon) and We have this idea I had after the war in Gaza because we want to live and our children live far from the war want peace between the Arabs and Israel and I want to be young people who start coexistence By this, because the future is ours and not for the outdated and backward ideas and reactionary
We want peace in the Middle East and coexistence between nations, therefore I hope that you are the advocates of this ideology that does not skimp on the ideas and opinion and the support and advice and guidance or in any way you can help me and in the future to achieve peace between the Arabs and Israel for the future
Comment by ismail abazied on January 21, 2009 at 4:26am
ואני לשאת את כל הרגשות של חרטה על מה שקרה בעזה רוצה המשך החיים כאחד, ואנו רוצים את האנשים של המזרח התיכון בתחילת כללי כנס ו של דו קיום ואת הדיאלוג בין הדתות ואת הגזעים במזרח התיכון (ירדן, פלשתין, ישראל. סוריה, לבנון) ויש לנו רעיון זה היה לי אחרי המלחמה בעזה בגלל שאנחנו רוצים לחיות ואת הילדים שלנו גרים רחוק המלחמה רוצה שלום בין ערביי ישראל ואני רוצה להיות צעירים מי להתחיל דו קיום זה, כי העתיד שלנו ולא של מיושן ו לאחור רעיונות ריאקציונר
אנחנו רוצים שלום במזרח התיכון ועל דו קיום בין העמים, לכן אני מקווה שאתה את זה advocates של האידיאולוגיה לא לקמץ רעיונות על דעתו ועל תמיכה וייעוץ והדרכה או בכל דרך שתוכל לעזור לי ב בעתיד כדי להשיג שלום בין הערבים לישראל על עתיד
Comment by Paul RETI on January 4, 2009 at 3:02am
It is great to have such feel good teams. I will continue to post welcomes.

Meanwhile, members are making racists (Jew-hating) posts and posting images that breach the guidelines. The more things change....
Comment by aussiekeith on January 4, 2009 at 2:08am
I am in face book myself, if anybody wants to add me.
Please do so.

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