Many of us have valuable pearls of wisdom we can share with the world and never get a chance. 

Please feel free to consider imagining this as a written TED stage and respond as if you were actually giving a short TED talk on Peace. 

This is my talk: I am applying to speak at TED 2013 about my efforts to build upon Jeremy Gilley's International Peace One Day UN Resolution (A Res 55/282). I have actually proposed to the United Nations that an International Peace EVERY Day Treaty For Global Truce and Global Cease Fire be submitted to all nations for them to review and sign. I call for all 192 world leaders to come together in the United Nations on 9/21/12 to sign the treaty. They are invited to raise their right hand and in unison say "Global Truce Starts Now! Global Cease Fire Starts Now! May Peace Prevail on Earth and Let It Begin With Me! Then all 192 world leaders are invited to simultaneously issue cease fire orders to their military commanders. I am inviting religious, educational and informal leaders to take part also!

I have already written to many world leaders and submitted my idea to them. I have submitted this proposal to the UN Secretary General. I have requested to meet him and asked if I may speak about this idea to the entire UN General Assembly and the entire UN Security Council. 

I am inviting all humanity to help make this idea viral. I believe we can create peace. I had to imagine peace and conceptualize backward from the premise that peace is possible. I then reverse engineered. I asked myself what would we need to do to get a global truce and a global cease fire put into place and adhered to. 

I wrote up a 200 page proposal containing over 500 ideas This is a never ending project that we have to work on 24/7/365. It will take all of humanity's brilliance to figure out the solution to this problem. It won't be easy but nothing worth while is. I challenge humanity to end all war! May peace Prevail on Earth!

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Comment by Roger Eaton on August 3, 2014 at 7:40am

It is clear we cannot tackle the Israeli/Palestinian conflict head-on.  Using American football terminology, we need to do an end-run - go around the obstacles not through them.  Here is my latest idea: 

The UNA Gender Crosstalk is a crowd-sourced online exchange between the genders. The purpose of the Crosstalk is to foster human unity. Each lunar month, the participants select one message from the women and one message from the men. These two selected messages are broadcast widely and are used as the topics for the following month. Over the months and years, the genders will weave a tale of love and wit. Through this new lens, the human race will see itself as the intelligent, generous and capable species that we are, giving us the trust and confidence we need to cooperate on pressing global matters.

First we have to shake out the software - please join in at  The interface will be simplified over the next two months, but you can probably navigate it as is.  

Then we start up a dialog between the women of Israel and Palestein and the men of Israel and Palestine.  If anything can trump nationality and religion, it is gender.  It is worth a try. 


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Comment by Roger Eaton on November 16, 2013 at 6:29pm

My prayer is for peace and fortitude. A global appeal for world peace such as that of Michelle Rosenthal is very welcome. At the same time we need to persuade the nations and religions. It is not just a matter of humanity agreeing to end war. The nations and religions must agree as well. It is helpful also to realize that peace is a verb, not a noun. That's why I pray for the fortitude I need, we need, to make the journey.


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