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Al Haq, Al Manara, Al Quds Association for Democracy and Dialogue, All Nations Cafe, Al-Watan Center, Arabian Culture & Information Center, Care-Palestine, Center for Conflict Resolution & Reconciliation (CCRR), The Center for Democracy and Community Development (CDCD), Contrast Project, Freedom Theatre, Future Generation Hands Association, Hiwar Center, Hope Flowers School, House of Water and Environment (HWE), International Middle East Media Center (IMEMC), International Peace and Co-Operation Center (IPCC), Ittijah, MIFTAH, OneVoice Palestine, Palestine Calendar, Palestinian Centre for Human Rights, Palestinian Centre for Peace and Democracy, Palestine Centre for Rapprochment between People (PCR), Palestinian Dialogue Center, Palestine Note, Palestinian Peace Coalition, Palestinian Solidarity Project, Palestinian Child Arts Center, Palestinian General Federation of Trade Unions (PGFTU), Palestinian Media and Development Institute, Palestinians for Peace and Democracy, Palestinian NGOs Portal, Palestine Peace Society , Palestinian Youth Forum for Cooperation (PYFC), Panorama, Peace and Democracy Forum, PeaceInSight, Peace Research Institute in the Middle East, Picture Balata, Shiraa Association for Development, Tawasul, This Week in Palestine, Tours in English, Wi’am Palestinian Conflict Resolution and Transformation Center, Young Entrepreneurs Palestine


A New Way, Abraham Fund, Adalah, Adam Institute, ADVA, All for Peace Radio, Anarchists Against the Wall, Arab Center for Alternative Planning, Arab Education Institute, Arab Jewish Community Center, Arab-Hebrew theatre, Arava Institute, Arava Valley of Peace Project, Arik Institute, Bat Shalom, Bedouin of Taibeh, Beresheet LaShalom, Bil'in, Bina, Bitter Lemons, B'Tselem, Brit Olam, CISD, Citizens' Accord Forum, CJAED, CL-Middle East, Coalition of Women for Peace, Coexistence Network, Commitment, Courage to Refuse, Combatants for Peace, Daila, Economic Cooperation Foundation, Emek Shaveh, FFIPP, Friendship Village, Geneva Accords, Geneva Initiative, Givat Haviva, Gisha, Gush Shalom, Hagada, Hand in Hand, Heartbeat Jerusalem, Heskem, ICAHD, ICCI, IFLAC, Interfaith Encounter Association, IPCRI - Israel Palestine Creative Regional Initiatives, IPSO, IPYL, Ir-Amim, Israel Syria Peace Society, Israeli Left Archive, Jerusalem Center for Women, Jerusalem Peacemakers, JICC, Keshev, Machsom, Machsom Watch, Makomakan, MECA, Mideast Web, Middleway, Mifalot, Mifgash, Mossawa Center, Music Center, Negev Coexistence Network, Netivot Shalom, New Israel Fund, New Profile, NISPED, Oasis of Peace, Occupation Magazine, Olive Tree Movement, Onevoice, Ossim Shalom, Our Heritage, Palestine-Israel Journal, Peace Child, Peres Center for Peace, Physicians for Human Rights, Parents Circle, Peace Now, Peace NGO Forum, Rabbis for Human Rights, Radio Shalom Salaam, Reiki for Peace, Round Table Israel, Sadaka-Reut, Salon Mazal, Save a child's Heart’s (SACH), School for Peace, Shatil, Sikkuy, Shovrim Shtika, Social TV, Student Coalition, Sulha Project, Ta'ayush, Tami Steinmetz Center, Tarabut, Truman Institute, Van Leer Jerusalem Institute, WAVO, Ta'ayush, TRUST-Emun, Willy Brandt Center, Windows, Ta'ayush, Yaari - Act Beyond Borders, YIFC, Zman Midbar, Zochrot


ALLMEP, Alternative Information Center, Ameinu, Americans for Peace Now, ATFP, Arab Americare, Artsbridge, Beyond Words, Brit Tzedek v'Shalom, canpalnet, Center for Religious Tolerance, CHE-ME, CPT, Coalition of Women for a Just Peace, Code Pink Alert, Coexistence Trust, Compassionate Listening Project, Creativity for Peace, Creedia, Crossing Borders, Electronic Intifada, Find Common Ground, FOEME, Foundation for Middle East Peace, GAP, Generations of Peace, Global Peace Partners, Global Majority, Global Network for Nonviolence, Global UR, Grace Pilgrimage, GYAN, Healing Across the Divides, Heal the Rift, Hotpeace, If Americans Knew, IA Taskforce, Interfaith Council for Peace in the Middle East, Interfaith Peace-Builders, IFLAC, International Center for Conciliation, Ishmael & Isaac, ISM, Israel Palestine Project, IWC, Jews and Muslims Together, Jewish Friends of Palestine, Jewish Muslim Directory Jewish-Palestinian Living Room Dialogue Group, Jewish Voice for Peace, Jews for a Just Peace, JStreet, Just Vision, Kesher, Leading Leaders for Peace, Kids4Peace, Levantine Cultural Center, Lend for Peace, MAN, Masar Center, MECRD, ME Faith, Mideast Youth, Meretz USA, MEY TV, Middle East Peace Dialogue Network, MMEP, Nova, One Region One Future, One State, Open House, Palestine Think Tank, Parents Circle-Families Forum, Partners for Peace, Peace 365, Peace Alliance, Peace Direct, Peace it Together, Peace Mala, Peace NGO Forum, Peace X Peace, PeacePlayers International, PEACH, Playing for Peace, Public Peace Process, Putting Peace First, Qumsiyeh, Re:GENERATION, Search for Common Ground, Seeds of Peace, Seeking Common Ground, SGI, Service for Peace, Sharing Jerusalem, Standup for Peace, Tamera, Teach Peace, UME, University of the Middle East Project, UPF, UPZ, WAWA, Where Peace Lives, WiserEarth


Sykes–Picot Agreement (1915),Balfour Declaration (1917), Churchill White Paper (1922), Peel Commission (1937), Palestine Partition Commission (1938), MacDonald White Paper (1939), United Nations Partition Plan for Palestine (1947), Lausanne Conference (1949), Armistice Agreements (1949), Jarring Mission (1967-1971), Allon Plan (1967), Rogers Plan (1970), UN Resolution 338 (1973), Camp David Accords (1978), Israel Egypt Peace Treaty (1979), Fahd Plan (1981), Reagan Plan (1982), Fez Initiative (1982), Madrid Conference (1991), Oslo Accords (1993), Israel Jordan Treaty of Peace (1994), Oslo II Accord (1995), Hebron Agreement (1997), Wye River Memorandum (1998), Camp David Summit (2000), Clinton Parameters (2000), Taba Summit (2001), Elon Peace Plan (2002), Nusseibeh Ayalon Initiative (2002), Road Map for Peace (2003), Geneva Initiative (2003), Sharm el-Sheikh Summit (2005), Road Map for Peace (2003), Annapolis Conference (2007), Israeli Peace Initiative (2011), Arab Peace Initiative (2002)


Mahmoud Abbas (Abu Mazen), Sufian Abu Zaida, Riyad al-Malki, Yigal Allon, Yasser Arafat, Hanan Ashrawi, Uri Avnery, Ehud Barak, Menahem Begin, David Ben-Gurion, Mahmoud Darwish, Saeb Erekat, Levi Eshkol, Ismail Haniyeh, Faisal Husseini, Golda Meir, Benjamin Netanyahu, Sari Nusseibeh, Ehud Olmert, Shimon Peres, Ahmed Qurei (Abu Ala), Yitzhak Rabin, Jibril RajoubYitzhak Shamir, Moshe Sharett, Ariel Sharon, Ahmad Tibi


Seeds of Peace - Teachers Guides


+972 Magazine, Aljazeera in English, Al Monitor: The Pulse of the Middle East, Arab World News, BBC, Dugrinet, Ha'aretz, Jerusalem Post, Mondoweiss, NRG, Palestine Chronicle, Times of Israel, Walla News, Washington Report on Middle East Affairs, YNET, Ynet News


Comparing Truths for Resolution, East Med Sea Peace, Epic Pedal Project, Gaza Mom, Good Neighbors Blog, Jerusalem Reality Tours", Life must go on in Gaza and Sderot", Lisa Saffron, Listening to the Tune,, Media Oasis, middleastb, One Region One Future, Palestine-Israel Journal, Peace Consciousness, Palestinian Global Conversations, Peaceinthebag, Peace Palestine, Permanent Prayer 4 Peace, The Regional NetworkSabbah's Blog, Shimon Z.K., Vision of Hope is not responsible for the contents or reliability of any linked websites and does not necessarily endorse the views expressed within them. We cannot guarantee that these links will work all of the time and we have no control over the availability of linked pages.


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Do you have a peace organization, blog, news source or other resource you want to see here? Add a comment with the resources and link to the website. We want to feature sources and resources contributing to Middle East peace.

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