MEPEACE Awards 2013

MEPEACE's 4th annual peacemaker awards! We welcome your comments below.

Thousands of peacemakers inspire peace today. Here we shine a light on 5 accomplished peacemakers, 5 young individuals with great promise for peace and five networks and orgs making a difference.


Leadership – Mahmoud Abbas (Abu Mazen) – President of the Palestinian National Authority

For being a leader for peace in tough times. For renouncing violence and promoting non-violent methods for the establishment of Palestine.

 - Tim Upham -
For his ceaseless efforts to contribute interesting and necessary discussions on

Online Dedication
 - Sussan:
Sussan is dedicated online on MEPEACE, working to “share ideas, and search for solutions that leave no one humiliated.”

On-the-ground organization 
Dr. Ahmad Hijazi, RIP
A leader in conflict resolution and director of the School for peace in Neve Shalom/Wahat Al Salam (Oasis of Peace), until his untimely death in 2012.

Innovation – Shelley Hermon -
Producer and director of “Within the Eye of the Storm” – Award winning film on Bassam and Rami, combatants for peace.

 – Names to watch!

Ahmed Helou
Tireless worker for peace and Co-founder of Visit Palestine

Sulaiman Khatib
Committed leader for peace from Ramallah

Yovav Kalifon
 - Pioneer of the ‘Tiyul-Rihla Project’, a joint initiative bringing Israelis and Palestinians together to learn the history of the other.​

Ayelet Haliva
 – Pioneer of Social Justice Now

Alon Lee-Green
 – Young politico advancing Arab-Jewish relations and social justice

: Making a difference!
Possibilities – Facebook –
The all-encompassing social network is recognized for enabling the 'virtual togetherness' that can help bring peace and change, enabling worthy efforts such as ‘YaLa Young Leaders’ and ‘Israel Loves Iran’.

Innovation - 
YaLa-Young Leaders يالا-يا قادة الشباب יאללה-מנהיגים צעירים –
YaLa-Young Leaders is an online, Facebook-based movement dedicated to empowering young Middle Easterners to lead their generation to a better future with more than 260,000 ‘Likes’ from across the Arab world, Israel, the Mediterranean and the wider international community.

Breakthrough - 
Israel Loves Iran -
A bridge in the Middle East between the people.We are not enemies. We love each other. The aim is to: “communicate. Get the lines open. That's hope…and that's easy. Because of the internet.”


Education - Peace Mala –
'Grass roots' charity working for peace through education. A Peace Mala is a symbolic double rainbow bracelet that promotes friendship, respect and peace between people of all cultures, lifestyles, faiths, beliefs and none. It is a vision for the future. Wearing the Peace Mala is a promise to help create a better world.

Initiative –
My Face for Peace
An independent peace initiative, launched in October 2012 in Hamburg/Germany for giving face to the wish for global peace. “Positive change is possible only through unity and solidarity of a great mass of people. Showing face is a first step in a peaceful future. To make this process successful it is inevitable that each of us begins to create peace in the own heart.”


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