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MEPEACE needs your support to work for peace in the Middle East. Our work is enabled by generous support and accepts contributions as a registered non-profit organization. The Abraham Fund Initiatives, our 501(c)3 fiscal agent in the US, will channel your tax-free contribution to support our work directly, and for our American friends donations are tax-deductible. Donations are deeply appreciated.

Contribute now online - It is easy:
1. Click:
2. Under "Donation Dedication", fill 'On behalf of' and type: "MEPEACE".

Make out a check:

Make a check out to the Abraham Fund Initiatives, add a note that your check is for MEPEACE, and mail to: Abraham Fund Initiatives, 9 East 45th Street, New York, NY 10017.

Your support will help us develop online and on the ground. Your contribution will be appreciated and acknowledged, no matter how big or small. We offer the following giving opportunities:

$100 - Will make possible a Peace Talks event

$1,000 - Will enable a Cross-border Interfaith Dinner

$10,000 - Will cover all the costs of Peace Cafes for a full year

$50,000 - Will secure the operating costs for one of MEPEACE's five pillars

With $250,000, we will be able to fulfill our master plan for a thriving network, organization and movement for Middle East peace. 

Please read Eyal Raviv's personal appeal and consider making a contribution to our movement for peace.

MEPEACE needs your support now more than ever to continue working for Middle East peace. 
I registered to create a new possibility for peace. I met my friends in Tel Aviv, Israel, and I shared my dream to: "Create a community for activists to meet, network and inspire". I wanted to connect more people who thought people peace is possible in Israel. Our "To do" list was to enrolling people, developing web, and building contacts. And so we started as a platform for peace. 

MEPEACE quickly became a community. Now we are network for peace with thousands of peacemakers and millions of page visits on - visited in 194 countries and more than 10,000 cities in the last 12 months alone. This network helps individuals realize they are not alone, and offers Palestinians, Israelis and Internationals the opportunity to know and reach out to the other.

We seek now to build a movement for peace. I ask you to help us realize this dream with a donation to support our effort. A new movement will generate momentum for peace from bottom-up and can make it happen in 2011 with the support of people like you.

We are building on success. With dedicated volunteers, MEPEACE hosted events every week for the past year, including: Peace Talks, Calls for Compassion, Chat Workshops, Leadership Training Seminars and the Peace Cafe for Palestinians, Israelis and Internationals. We need your help to continue this work and build our movement for peace. How will we do this? We seek to leverage technology and to do for information what we have done for Interaction, linking the fastest growing network of active peacemakers with the most complete online resource center for Middle East peace. We wish connect people with information for conflict resolution and communication. With interaction and information, we can offer inspiration. Knowledge is power and we can empower people and mobilize them for change.

I ask for your financial support so we can continue to develop and offer our services for free. With your help we will train new leaders for a new movement for peace. Let us realize together what is possible today. 

I look forward to your partnership in 2011 and beyond and thank you for your support. Please feel free to contact me directly. 

Eyal Raviv

Tel: + 972-52-688-2828


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