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Comment by Abraham Bah on March 18, 2008 at 2:32pm
To Be Hip, Cool And violence free-Through out the 40 days of peace

You are very special. The way you think, feel, and act is important because you have an awesome task ahead of you. You and other young women and men your age will provide the leadership for this nation in the 21st century. Take a moment to imagine nations in which all people are treated with dignity and respect .There are no discrimination against people who are different. Imagine living in a nation in which all people are safe.
There is no crime or violence. Imagine living in nation in which illegal drugs are not used or sold. Recognize that you and other young people can create a nation in which all people have dignity.
And respect, all people are nonviolent and safe, and all people are drug-free. At this very moment, you and other young people are shaping the future. Everything that you do counts. To Be Hip, Cool And violence free, will give you the information that you need to act and think in ways that keep you and others healthy, safe, and drug-free you will learn how to treat others with respect.
You will learn how to be nonviolent and to protect yourself from harm. Then it is up to you to use this information. Remember, your future and futures of this nation are influenced by your actions.
Comment by Abraham Bah on February 26, 2008 at 5:44pm
40 days for peace is project in the action plan of Service For Peace within the frame work of its vast awareness campaign of communities to take commitments, to pledge and lead peace initiatives through Service. Sierra Leone after facing a profound devastating conflict of 11 years duri9ng which one many people died, important damage infrastructure, the relations of good cohabitation, brotherhood and confidence is broken too.

At the moment, when the Sierra leoneans are, more then ever decided to reconstruct a new country facilitated by the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC), initiatives going the direction of peace consolidation and of the creation of a climate of confidence of tolerance and non-violence must be encouraged and strengthen to avoid new susceptible sources of conflict. The project 40 days of peace will contribute largely to it in the sense that it implies directly basic communities as actors of change. This project 40 days of peace will also help to minimized violence for the eminent local council elections.


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