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Profile Information

My personal story:
I was adopted as a young baby aged a few weeks old.
I knew nothing about my birth parents until a year ago when I discovered I was born with another name. This explained a lot.

Ever since I can remember I never felt whole. I never felt part of the world around me. I felt separate. Close friendships and love affairs were difficult - they never really seemed to be what 'other people' had and enjoyed.

As I grew older I developed a tremendous survival instinct. I managed to get through life with this inbuilt sense of survival - some people would call it selfishness. Always there was the sense that in everything I did it was 'me first'.

In my teens I discovered the tail end of the 'flower power' movement. I loved the energy and the freedom.
But as this era waned I became disillusioned I couldn't understand why the world couldn't be freer.
I became angry, really angry. The sense of 'not belonging' grew.

At first I became involved with politics; I joined with far left political organisations, but soon tired of the intellectual rhetoric.

In essence I was unhappy inside myself, though I had no idea this was the root.
And this unhappiness turned into real anger.
All I could think about was violence.
I wanted to change the world around me through violence.
I started to dream dreams of guns and bombs and terrorism.
It lived with me day and night.
I tried to share this with people I knew but no one understood the passion.

As time went by I started to look to make contact with some of the revolutionary anarchist groups of the day.
My dream was to become part of something like the Baader Meinhof gang in Germany, the Red Army Brigades in Italy, the IRA in Ireland, and the SLA in the USA.
I especially I was an ardent supporter of the PLO. I thought they were so courageous and passionate about their cause. And I could really feel the anger and identify with it.

These were my natural brothers and sisters. I understood them and they would understand me.

I started getting close, but I knew also what was needed was money so I looked to armed robbery as the key.
I had the perfect plan, I was working in a factory and watched the wages van arrive every week. I studied it carefully
I was no fool.
I wasnt going to get caught. So I put out feelers for guns
It was the only way.
One day a friend introduced me to the brother of a leading london gangster. We met in a pub.
I was intelligent I knew the only way to do this was seriously tooled up
Not revolvers or sawn off shotguns
I wanted sub machine guns
The guy freaked - he thought I was nuts
So nothing happened
I met with some anarchists called The Angry brigade, I met with the Animal Liberation front.
I nearly mugged a businessman in London
I don't know why - but always something stopped me going 'over the edge'
I got involved in the squatting movement in London I organised a daily robbery of food that was delivered outside posh hotels in the early morning - we used the food to feed squatters living in a squat in the old Bristish Library building
I don't know why I never went 'totally out of control'
But one day

Something happened.

Just at the moment that my life was tumbling completely out of control, just at the moment when I was soon to probably start what would become the first of many jail sentences. I discovered love.
Suddenly into this world of action and anger, came a different energy.

The person concerned was an alternative healer. Totally different energy to mine, but at the same time so much the energy that I really wanted in my life, but just hadn't known it.
That was 27 years ago.

In these last 27 years my life took a completely different direction. I spent 7 years working and living in therapeutic communities throughout Europe
Here I learnt the hard lesson about looking at myself first and not for myself first.

When this period came to an end, it was time to come out into the world again.
It wasn't easy. I had discovered a new language, a new way of looking at things. But how to live in the world!
I tried many things and many jobs and lived in several countries. For 6 months I had a total breakdown and did some very strange things
But the real work had begun, and as time went by I felt more at home. Very very slowly.
I got a job in a call centre in the UK. I found a nice house to rent and decided to train as a Nutritional Therapist.
This course was very good for me. Not because I really had any ambitions to be a therapist. I just cleaned up my physical act for the first time in my life.
A few years ago I made a major change again and moved to a different part of the UK. I felt it was time to get another dose of 'spirituality'. There was more to learn.
2 years ago on a visit to my adopted parents they shared with me the first time the full story of my adoption and the fact I was born with a different name.
This unravelling of my past created the start of another shift.
I started helping working on some workshops which helped people go deeply into their pasts to look at their life’s stories
And then
18 months ago I met a woman who had a burning desire for creating social change through peaceful practical means. The vision was so strong, so all encompassing I knew this was now my life's work. I also discovered real love.
I gave up my job, borrowed money to support myself and started working harder than I ever had in my life.
But this was right. In my deep gut this was my real mission.
I love my life now
I love working for peace and for social change
It is so rewarding

Most important of all - I found me.
I found myself.
I now know who I really am.

Youc an find out more about the organisations I work for at and
Why I want peace:
It is better than war
Interests and activities:
Music, love, dancing, hugging, and anything to do with my work and people who love love.
Something you didn't know about me:
I have a false tooth
How I found
Through another portal
What I want to achieve here:
I am interested in ways to expand the work of the organisation I work for, PHI, into other countries.
I have a real heart interest in The Middle East, as I have friends in Israel and a passion for the sad situation in Palestine and would love to do something practical in support

Andrew Sampson's Blog

Peace and war - A difficult dichotomy. Where is the root?

Posted on October 5, 2007 at 10:50pm 1 Comment

Dear friends

I only just discovered this portal and I feel like I am stepping into the fire!

First if people who read this might liek to also read my profile it may give an understanding where I am coming from.

I have this strange dichotomoy which goes through me - it never goes away. I have done much personal work to uncover my own sources of frustration and anger...and yet....

I still get incredibly churned up when I come across…


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At 11:59pm on May 30, 2008, Rob Schrama said…
The ‘Big Hug’ and the future of Jerusalem

The sting of all problems between Israeli and Palestinians lays in the Old City of Jerusalem. Her status has to be solved in such a way, that all parties fighting for control over her can agree upon.

On June 24, the ‘Big Hug’ will be hold in Jerusalem. Light workers from Israel, Palestine and from all over the world, ‘Lovers of Jerusalem’, will come together to bring warmth and energy to this city, embracing holding hands the Old City. If we bundle all our positive energies and bring these to Jerusalem, we can create peace to this exceptional place.

We are organizing the Big Hug to make the people aware –especially the Israeli and Palestinian inhabitants of Jerusalem- that there is a very shaped perspective for the city of Jerusalem as a city of peace: a new, undivided Jerusalem, as the capital of Palestine, Israel and at large.

Let go of the conflict concerning her command and dedicate the city to the Omnipresent. The Old City as a whole is His Temple. To give the walled Old City free to God, as a "Status Apart”, as an independent city, will be the most feasible way to come out the current impasse.

The Old City of Jerusalem must become an open city; a House of Prayer for all the Peoples. This perspective is written down in the Holy Books, this is the perspective we, as ‘Lovers of Jerusalem’ embrace as well as solution. But how many people does already notice this hopeful point of view?

What I saw in Jerusalem and also everywhere else where I meet Islamic and Jewish people is, that not so many persons really think about a future for Jerusalem. Most of the time, they stick with old ideas that the Old City of Jerusalem will always remain a part of Israel, or in opposite, that it will be absolutely a part of a new Palestinian state, as stolen land that has to be given back. With these visions, a future Jerusalem will be a divided city with an East Palestinian and West Israeli part, with barbed wire and checkpoints in between, like the situation of the city from 1948-1967. Or, coming closer to an agreement, people suggest -like proposed in the “Geneva Accord” in 2003- to make a complicated dividing of the Old City in a Israeli and Palestinian part. That will mean that the small alleys will be split by walls and barriers too. The idea that a future Jerusalem will become a divided city, is something that we have to prevent.

There are living about 250.000 Palestinian and 500.000 Israeli rather close together in one city. Do they want to make a separation of Jerusalem in parts or do they choose, deep in their hearts, for unity? So my best friends, it is our task to inform the whole city that there is an alternative for the Jerusalem of today.

All lovers of a united Jerusalem will come together to encircle and embrace the Old City of Jerusalem with love and devotion. We have to encourage all inhabitants of Jerusalem to join the coming Big Hug, with the idea of a New Jerusalem that might be realized with their support.

Rob Schrama Phone:0031-646608660
At 5:00pm on March 26, 2008, abdalkhaq abu hait said…
hi nice to meet u and to be frind and this is my email address to be in touch if u wont to know about the medical situation of ower contry
At 5:00am on October 7, 2007, Andrew Sampson said…
Hiya Kim
Well would you believe it is 2.51am here!
Just finished a massive upgrade of our portal. God I wish I was one of thos ecomputer geniuses who can flick their fingers and the compuer lights up instantly!
I did take some time off - I watched a strange game called Rugby Football on the TV - its about as alien to you as baseball is to me! Very exciting England were playing Australia in the world cup in France and England one.
But believe it or not - I never watch sport!
Because my world is about 85% 'work orientated at the moment - I kind of learn to relax when I work. (But it isn't really work - I try to ensure most of what I do comes under 'creativity'.
Music - ah there is my inner man being met again.
I adore music - I just wish I never learnt to play an instrument. There are so many I adore.
Electric violin sends me into ecstacy. Saxophone - makes me tingle all over - really cool lead guitar and I am anybody's
It's funny I suddenly foudn an online resource where I coudl get music real cheap - legally. And I foudn they had music I hadn't heard for years but still enjoyed
So blissful!
Ok back to creativity
Hugs from across the pond

At 1:12am on October 7, 2007, Eyal Raviv said…
Hi Andrew, welcome to our community. You are doing something practical on! Enjoy yourself here! Check out our Features. If you have a question on the site, see our FAQ. And I welcome your Feedback.
At 10:57pm on October 5, 2007, Jane Young said…
Hi Andrew
Really good to see you here at MePeace ~ wow what a life-story!! I look forward to skyping with you over the weekend.
Love and blessings
Jane xx :)


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