Deborah J. Boyd
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  • Arlington, Va.
  • United States
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My personal story:
I have a mission to establish Peace on Earth by 2027.
Why I want peace:
It is the natural sate of the world. The Earth was designed to operate in balance and cooperation. It makes no sense to develop things for others to destroy them. Education + Prosperity = Peace
Interests and activities:
Something you didn't know about me:
I see the future
How I found
on ning
What I want to achieve here:
an understanding of what others feel about peace

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At 10:39pm on November 4, 2009, omnya sophy said…
it is very great what you said ms';Deborah J. Boyd
About people and peace, but will not find a lot of people are interested in people like you and like me and all members in the mepeace And really not all members Faith of peace Like other humans, and probably get more money than what he believes in
But to look for the future a little No This is not available I believe that the conflict was and will remain because of the money And not because of religion or anything else all this cover I'm with you hundred percent Humans now animals Sorry to prolongation
I wish to live in your life in peace Sorry for bad my English It is not my language
At 9:34pm on November 4, 2009, omnya sophy said…
hi Deborah J. Boyd Thank you for add me
I hope to be friends And do arefreshing talks
At 7:59pm on November 1, 2009, Andrew Williams Jr said…
Well, it was only after I celebrated my first 12 months of celibacy on September 1, 2009, that I realized I never for one minute experienced any "loss" of pleasure by disciplining my hormone-driven "urges" to plunge and procreate.

I remember, in fact, the unexpected joys I experienced by expressing "love" that did not include the element of "lust" for the women I have met around the world, but not yet in person, like yourself.

It was even more surprising for me to then find myself expressing the words, "i love you" to men without the knee-jerk "embarassment" I once experienced by any verbal acknoweldgement of "feelings" apart from competitiveness or rivalry towards men not in my family. As you know, I am an "only child" so that effectually put all other men on Earth outside my "comfort zone" for expressing any more than casual camraderie.

It was, again, only after experiencing the results of disciplining my "automatic" responses could I have acknowledged the far greater rewards than losses.

Yet, there are no "permanent" solutions. This conversation is a perfect example. I experienced a burst of happiness when I found you here, and immediately just typed what came to mind. Only after I pushed "add comment" did the thorught occur to me: " what will the other readers think?" Then came "how can I pull it back or delete it before anyone else reads it?"

It took the next thought "Well, it could be thought-provoking and spark some relevant dialogue between and among others, and that's the whole point of joining this group is about" to quiet all of my petty concerns.

It's truly not about what others think about what we feel or express here that counts. It's about what we feel and do that makes a difference.

So, Deborah, "thanks for sharing". let's chat soon.

I love you,
At 3:56pm on November 1, 2009, fesalk411 said…
A True Story By Faisal Al-Hatib
I am a Palestinian Arab from Hizmeh, a village between Jerusalem and Ramallah. When I was 15 years old I fought against the Israeli Occupation in search of freedom. At that time I thought every Jewish person, whether soldier or citizen, man or woman, young or old, should be killed. I rejected the right for any Jew to live and every Jew was a target. I was just a kid, believe me, and I didn’t understand anything about politics or the Arab-Israeli conflict. I was arrested and sat in jail for 12 years. This was during the first intifada from 1987. At that time nobody talked about peace but only of violence. I matured during my time in jail. I started studying and reading books on politics, literature, poetry, and about the Madrid Conference.

It gave me hope to live in peace and dignity. I learned that violence only breeds violence and that peace is the only solution for the two nations, the only way for both to have a respectful and beautiful future. We live on the same land. We are neighbors. We drink the same water and both pray to a monotheistic God. We must live in peace on the basis of religion for God and land for everyone.
At 1:55pm on November 1, 2009, Andrew Williams Jr said…
Hello, Darling! Glad to connect with you here, too. I love you!
At 4:39am on September 19, 2009, Irvin said…

Glad you like it.

Peace to you, too.
At 12:01am on July 10, 2008, Max S said…
Thanks for adding me. Cheers Max.
At 9:45pm on July 9, 2008, Pete said…
Well....(draws deep breath)....the simple answers would be to empathise more and communicate more....but thats easier said than done! draw a line under history....learn from the past...yes...and look into the past....But Don't Stare!! If any group wants to find something to find a grievance about, history will provide it, but its the here and now that matters to this generation, and a secure future that matters to the next. I quite like the Native American way of looking at decisions, rather than looking backwards, they judge their decisions on how it might affect the group up to 7 generations in the future...

As a wise man once eye for an eye will make the whole world go blind...

I appreciate this is easier for me to say as I'm not from a part of the world that is currently "disputed" and to be fair my countries history has been more one of the aggressor than the the Irish process proved, to make peace happen, leaders from one or preferably both sides have to be strong enough to break the cycle of violence and as I said, draw a line under what has gone before.

hope that sounds relatively sensible...


At 2:48pm on June 24, 2008, Eyal Raviv said…
Welcome Deborah and nice work on peace consciousness. Enjoy us. Use our Features. If you have a question on the site, see our FAQ. Please share your Feedback, and please invite your friends to join us.

Eyal Raviv
Founder - mepeace
At 1:56am on June 24, 2008, Yigal D. Kahana said…
Hi Deborah,
Welcome to mepeace, and it's an honor to get to know you here.
I like the discussion you began, and want to respond to it out of the limelight.
If you add me as a friend, I'll be able to send you a response in private, before stirring up the pot too much.


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