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My personal story:
i have lots to say,,,recently,i'am out of my home living in Italy,thats all for now
Why I want peace:
without peace there is no other way to survive!!!peace for me is bread and water !!!so we cant live without Salam,Shalom,Peace,Paz,Pace,Pau and in all language worldwid!!!we have just to be together to be hand in hand and shoulder by shoulder,not only that but to know that we are HUMANS,the only creature who have mind???????so Lets love each other !!!!
Interests and activities:
Active member of different organizations that work for peace
Something you didn't know about me:
Seven times in my life i was to die !!!!!!
How I found
Friends from the Holy Land
What I want to achieve here:
I'am sorry that i really dont want an electronic friends,i really want a true4 friends that really want peace ,,i want that people can come to my house ,eating,sleeping,telling their stories and suffering,and i wanna do the same ,specially Israelis and Palestinians .....i wanna ask you that i wish in the day of the A'atsmauot,or the Nakba(independence ,or the catstrophy)to be a day of Unique declaration of a NEW Day Has Come !!!for both dreams and both lif's .....i need a true friends who really believe of that things ,,,what i really want more is not to speak for people who want peace,,,,but also for people who dont know what is peace and what is to live in peace.

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At 2:25pm on October 23, 2009, Rivka said…
Fawaz! Come va? Da tanto che non ti fai vedere!
At 12:41pm on November 9, 2008, asmaahan Bushnaq said…
how are you Fawaz is your life in
Italy good and it is cold , i wish you are always happy
At 9:57pm on July 28, 2008, Shimon Z. Klein said…
Thank you so much for your kind comments. Yes! I agree with you. We must move forward never forgetting our history or from where we came. Our history is our heritage. The tragic histories of both Jews and Palestinians must not be used as a means to divide or promote hate but rather to strengthen our common will for peace, coexistance and justice. Our histories must never be repeated but rather we should both learn from our mistakes and create a new era for peace and equality. We owe this to our children and the future generations of Israelis and Palestinians. Inshallah!

Warmest regards - vever become despondent in our common desire to achieve peace with justice and dignity.
At 8:29pm on July 28, 2008, Fawaz said…
hai due nome???Rivka!!!no lo sabevo,,,sto bene ,sto ancora a Bari,,,forse me vado a casa per un poco di tempo,,,,sto lavorando ,,,,a presto
At 7:51pm on July 24, 2008, Fawaz said…
Hi Back,
well, i dont want to say how much that true,this could be happend,but not as it i showed in that way, Muslims and christians in Palestine are living peacefully togethe,and they have a very good relationship together,socially,government,and so many other issues,,,they even marry from each other ?it is not imporatnt what religion i'am belonging too? but the important is to integrate of the society of wherei'am living ,,i'am not sure about theise eyewitness,i really consider it as stories of fantasim!i'am sorry t say that,,you know why because the reality is not this,,,the reality is come to Palestine now and see on your eyes how Musl+Chris living well together ,,,all over Israel,West Bank,and even Gaza,this is reality,it is notan immagination,,

i really gently askin you to dont use and pubblish theise stories, because what you know,how the respect and the fogeveness on both sides exist,,,,another thing i wuld like to tell you ,Palestine is not an Islamic country,it is a secular one !!!please againe, i woould like to tell you that Christians have immigrte volantary by them themselves,and were never ben forced to leave palestine ,,this also a reality,,,until now palestine is innhabited by christians ,and they live well all over the Holy Land"Isra-Pales"

please look to live with the other and not to instrument RELIGION as purpose to accuse somebody,or a group of people ,
Thank you
At 6:20pm on July 24, 2008, YUSEF NASIM said…
Fawaz. I no want to relive this atrocity but here some eyewitness reports what happening in Palestine to Christians.


Muslim groups imposed a “reign of terror” on Christians in the PA

• On September 3, 2005, hundreds of armed Palestinian Muslims torched 14 Christian homes in Taybeh, a village near Ramallah, to punish the community because one of its residents was having a relationship with a Muslim woman from a neighboring village. The Muslim woman was murdered by her own family in what they termed an “honor killing.” [1]

• The militants who took over the Church of the Nativity in April 2002 had “imposed a two-year reign of terror [on Bethlehem Christians] that included rape, extortion and executions, according to Bethlehem residents. ‘Finally the Christians can breathe freely,’ said Helen, 50, a Christian mother of four. ‘We are so delighted that these criminals who have intimidated us for such a long time are now going away.’” [2]

• “In February 2002, Palestinian Muslims rampaged against Christians in Ramallah, burning apartments and stores owned by Christians and attempted to burn down the Greek Orthodox and Roman Catholic Churches.” The PA failed to intervene, according to the Boston Globe. [3]

Muslim militants harass and rape Christian girls and coerce them to adopt Islamic clothing and behavior

• Inaz Jiries Hanna Muslah, a 23-year-old Palestinian Christian teacher, said that “public harassment of Christian girls began when the PA came to power after 1993. Before, [there were] no things like this. We could go everyplace we wanted….[but now] I don’t walk alone on the street because of this bad thing.” Interview (with what media outlet?)August 2002 [4]

• Sana Razi Nashash, a 24-year-old Christian woman from Beit Jallah, said sexual harassment became widespread after the PA came to power. She feels she is a “virtual prisoner” in her own home due to the pervasiveness of harassment of Christian women: “So right now I could not go to the street, even 7 o’clock I cannot go to the street alone, but before [the PA came to power], I used to go and work with no problem at night.” Interview (with what media outlet?)August 2002 [5]

Christian holy sites and cemeteries are vandalized, and worshippers are prevented from attending services

• Muslim extremists have attacked Christian facilities and clubs, the Wall Street Journal reported in July 1994. Christian graves, crosses, and statues have been desecrated. Christian cemeteries have been defaced, monasteries have had their phone lines cut, and there have been break-ins at convents. [6]

• In 1997, the Waqf (Muslim religious property) authorities attempted to break through into the Church of the Holy Sepulcher in Jerusalem, which is adjacent to the al-Hanaqa Mosque in order to install toilets on the roof of the church. The illegal construction was halted only after Israeli and world pressure. [7]

Persecution is forcing Christians to flee the PA and its increasing Islamic radicalism

• The Arab states in the Middle East all established Islam as their official religion and have “very serious issues of religious restrictions, discrimination, persecution….lack of tolerance and pluralism…[and] impose significant legal obstacles to religious freedom, contrary to the provisions of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.” Steven J. Coffey, US Principal Deputy Assistant of State in the Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights and Labor. Testimony before the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations May 1, 1997. [8]

• “Life in [PA-ruled] Bethlehem has become insufferable for many members of the dwindling Christian minorities. Increasing Muslim-Christian tensions have left some Christians reluctant to celebrate Christmas in the town at the heart of the story of Christ’s birth,” according to a December 1997 report in the London Times. [9]

• “The Christian rate of emigration from the Territories has accelerated and the Christian population of the Territories has dropped from 15% in 1950 to barely 2% today. Many fear that soon few if any Christians will be left in Bethlehem, the birthplace of Jesus, or in Nazareth though they once were Christian majority cities.” [10] "

You know the truth but jus a moral coward that not own up to it.
At 10:10pm on July 23, 2008, YUSEF NASIM said…
It happen in the summer of 2002.. I no care if you believe or not but this is truth.

I hear same stories from Lebanese and from Egyptian friends. everyone lying but Muslims tell truth. What Muslims do in Lebanon, Darfur and Efypt is big crime. This group no even listen, too busy with Cafe and conference.
At 9:58am on July 16, 2008, asmaahan Bushnaq said…
hi Fawas iam habby to see you here and Ihope you visit us in Jenin
i am working as atrainer in humman wrights its good for me to work in this fild for my country
keep tutch
At 6:01am on June 21, 2008, Hassen KSANTINI said…
Salam Fawaz,
I understantd you and I agree with you. It wasn't a critic. I want to say that seeing a palestinian talking for peace while he know what the israelis soldiers did to his compatriots force the respect ! Very few of people can do that ! Only a peace maker can do that. So, total respect my friend !
At 3:50am on June 19, 2008, Hassen KSANTINI said…
Hi Fawaz,
Thanks for your kind comment and for your sincerity.
I don't know if you are being to understand me but for me it's really astounding : A man talking for peace while he put a photo of a palestinian shot dead by the Israelis soldiers ! And that's why I'm here for discovering such things and try to understand. Here in Algeria, people are absolutely in ignorance of such things. They think that all the palestinians are for the "war" and that all palestinians are feddayin.
Anyway, Allah Maâk, If one day you decide to come in algeria, my house it's open ! Not because you are a palestinian but because you are a peacemaker ! My house it's open also for all our Israelis friends who fight for peace even against their government and that, believe me, it's not easy!


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