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My personal story:
I was born on September 10, 1952 in Tel-Aviv, Israel. My family in Israel goes back at least 200 years, way before the state was founded. The parents of my grandmother, Sara Algazi, were one of the first 60 families to found the city of Tel-Aviv.

When I was seven years old, my Dad, ever in search of new opportunities, moved my mother, my brother, and me to America, the land of opportunity.

Each of us pursued the American dream in his own way. I studied at the University of Pennsylvania, and became a lawyer at the University of Maryland. I’ve worked with my Dad as a custom home builder for the past 30 years. As part of the family business, I designed, sold, and built approximately 1200 custom homes in the Baltimore metropolitan area.

In 1975, I was fortunate to marry a wonderful woman, Mira, whom I met in Paris, France. She has been the light in my life. Mira worked in the family business for 18 years as our service manager, a job you wouldn’t wish on your worst enemy.

As a family, we’ve been blessed in many ways, and we owe much of it to this great land of America - a land of limitless opportunities, and unlimited possibilities. With so much to be thankful for, comes an irresistible urge to give back to the community.

My wife and I would like to help sell a Vision of Hope on the Arab street, in the Middle East, and in the world as a whole. This would be our way of giving back, and fulfilling our dream to help make a difference in the world.
Why I want peace:
I have enjoyed many blessings throughout my life. I have come to believe that our lives here have the potential to be a heaven on earth. It doesn't make sense to me, that with all the beauty that surrounds us, that we would choose instead to go at each other's throats, for who knows what reason. Therefore, for the sake of my children, and their children, and the countless generations of children yet to come, I choose to bet on peace, and to give substance to what is now only a dream.
Interests and activities:
Peace, Family, Writing, Movies, Skiing, Snorkeling, Nature walks,
Something you didn't know about me:
I may be delusional, but I actually believe that peace can happen.
How I found
Reading Alice's post on
What I want to achieve here:
My wife and I have started a project called Selling a Vision of Hope. You are welcome to visit at I would like to spread our message as far as we can, and eventually to give substance to the message by launching a project in the Middle East. From what I see, this website is a good way of spreading the word, and fine-tuning the message by listening to what others have to say.

I am open to suggestion, and consider it an honor to discuss the possibilities with anyone who cares to participate, whether or not they agree with me. I learn more from criticism than from praise. And I am proud to be in the company of those who yearn for peace.

Nissim Dahan's Blog

Green Industrial Zones: A New Model for the Middle East

Posted on January 18, 2012 at 7:16pm 0 Comments


The following conversation took place between me, myself and I; three people I happen to know quite well:


What is your answer for the Middle East?

I would use Arab and Western capital and knowhow to build a Green Industrial Zone in Rafah, Gaza; where Gaza, Egypt and Israel converge, and where 300,000 Jews, Christians and Muslims would show up to work on a daily basis.

Why Rafah in particular? Isn’t that a…


Gandhi, King and Mandela

Posted on November 29, 2011 at 11:59pm 0 Comments

Some of the strongmen of the Middle East are no longer in the picture, but who, and what, will come to replace them?

Yesterday’s parliamentary elections in Egypt is a case in point. Certainly, there was a sense of hope written on the faces of Egyptians who voted, as perhaps a first step in reclaiming their country. But who did they vote for? Undoubtedly, the Muslim Brotherhood will garner a strong position in the new government. But does that necessarily mean an end to democracy even…


You're Also Right

Posted on November 3, 2011 at 4:56pm 0 Comments

My friend, Sagi Melamed, wrote this article. As you read it ask youreself this: How do you promote the cause of peace when both sides to a conflict believe they're right?

You’re Also Right

Sagi Melamed

There is a well-known story about a rabbi who was called upon to settle a dispute between two of his followers. The first man poured out his complaints to the rabbi, and when he finished, the rabbi said, “You’re right.” Then it was the second one’s turn. When he… Continue

Two Hints That Peace May Be Possible

Posted on October 13, 2011 at 12:00am 26 Comments

In this increasingly hostile world of ours, it is only natural to search for even the slightest hint that peace may be possible. As I watched the news last night, two such hints came into sharp focus right before my eyes. The first is Iran’s recent attempt to assassinate the Saudi Ambassador to the U.S. And the second is the imminent, God willing, release by Hamas of Gilad Shalit, a captive Israeli soldier, in exchange for the release of approximately 1000 Palestinian prisoners being held in…


So It's Freedom You Want?

Posted on September 25, 2011 at 10:30pm 23 Comments

People the world over cry out for “freedom,” but how often do we sit down and think about what it really means to be free?

Over the years, different people the world over embraced different interpretations of “freedom.”

Janice Joplin used to sing of freedom as “…nothing left to lose.” Is that what it means to be free? Or is that the state of mind that is needed to put everything on the line, and to venture forth in search of freedom?

The framers of the U.S.… Continue

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At 10:55pm on May 12, 2012, leonardo martin said…



cotizaciones de Prem Rawat - Maharaji

At 3:31pm on March 3, 2012, leonardo martin said…
At 12:53am on April 18, 2011, Roger Eaton said…
I like it all.  Your Golden Rule, Golden Mean and Greatest Good common sense basics are good.  Your vision of hope is excellent, but we need a backup plan in case those billionaires don't materialize!  (;-)  Here is my idea:  I am taking a world view, and my interest in the Middle East is that success here would shortcut the process of building a peacful, prosperous and harmonious world. Also, I sense as you do, that the interests of the people of the Middle East is for peace, so there might well be a way.
At 12:01am on April 18, 2011, Roger Eaton said…
I have printed your Yes or No to Peace article and mailed it to Obama saying I hoped he might put it to use.  It is a well written, well thought out article and I hope it goes somewhere. 
At 10:06pm on January 2, 2011, Bruce Craig Roter said…
Thank you Nissim, for today "The Classroom," this peace music is being shared with just one community in New York.  I look to the future with the hope that it spreads broadly so that the children who perform "The Classroom" can teach all of us about peace.
At 5:04pm on October 30, 2010, Bruce Craig Roter said…
Hello Nissim,

I wish you much success with your endeavors for peace as well. If you are interested, perhaps we may find a way to work together. I share with you the website for my most recent project, a children's peace opera that will be premiered in the U.S. in January. For the premiere, the children singers will portray two groups of children: Palestinian and Israeli, who are all in the same class and get along wonderfully.
At 9:55pm on July 5, 2010, Nissim Dahan said…
Faisal, your story is inspiring to me. You faced unusual hardships, and instead of turning bitter, you turned to peace.

From what I see, there is a real opportunity now to bring peace to Israelis and Palestinians, and to grow that peace into a revitalization of the entire region. This will happen not because people love one another, but because for a change, they may actually need one another to stave off some very common threats. However, even though peace may begin this way, it could grow to something much more, just as your experiences helped you to grow into the man you are today.

I hope we continue to stay in touch, and maybe find a way to push the peace process forward.

Best wishes to you and your family,

At 9:42pm on July 5, 2010, fesalk411 said…
A True Story By Faisal Al-kateep
I am a Palestinian Arab from Hizmeh, a village between Jerusalem and Ramallah. When I was 15 years old I fought against the Israeli Occupation in search of freedom. At that time I thought every Jewish person, whether soldier or citizen, man or woman, young or old, should be killed. I rejected the right for any Jew to live and every Jew was a target. I was just a kid, believe me, and I didn’t understand anything about politics or the Arab-Israeli conflict. I was arrested and sat in jail for 12 years. This was during the first intifada from 1987. At that time nobody talked about peace but only of violence. I matured during my time in jail. I started studying and reading books on politics, literature, poetry, and about the Madrid Conference.

It gave me hope to live in peace and dignity. I learned that violence only breeds violence and that peace is the only solution for the two nations, the only way for both to have a respectful and beautiful future. We live on the same land. We are neighbors. We drink the same water and both pray to a monotheistic God. We must live in peace on the basis of religion for God and land for everyone.
At 1:28am on August 12, 2008, Hayyim Feldman said…
Shalom-salaam Nissim,
I just read your wonderful reply to Paul's questions about "Why did you join mepeace?"
Have you met mepeace member Adam Neiman? If not, you might like to read his profile:
At 7:35pm on June 16, 2008, Hassen KSANTINI said…
Dear Nissim,
Thanks for your welcome, i'm glad to be your friend.


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