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How Obama makes Hamas feel...

Started this discussion. Last reply by Carol Warady Nov 15, 2008. 10 Replies

Shimon Peres Speech to the UN

Started this discussion. Last reply by Carol Warady Oct 3, 2008. 1 Reply


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My personal story:
I grew up in Washington D.C.
When I turned 18, I moved to Israel and graduated High School there. I then decided to differ the army for a year and became an EMT for the Israeli public ambulance service called Magen David Adom. After my year of service, I decided I should go to school, so I applied to universities in the United States.
I am a student at the University of Miami School of Business with a major in Entrepreneurship on a full scholarship. I am also an Ambassador Research Scholar for the Entrepreneurship development program at the school.
Why I want peace:
So no more lives are lost and justice is done.
Interests and activities:
I am an avid skateboarder and entrepreneur.
Something you didn't know about me:
The hair in my profile picture is my real hair.
How I found
What I want to achieve here:
Because there is no section for contact information, I will put it here.

Seth Levy's Blog

Hamas: We still think Israel must die

Posted on September 16, 2008 at 9:27pm 1 Comment

Hamas Reaffirms 'No Recognition of Israel'

Hamas vowed to continue its war against Israel.

Members of the terrorist group Hamas "reelected" the Islamist organization's most prominent leaders and promoted members of the group's armed wing during a secret ballot last month, Reuters reported. A Hamas spokesman, referring to the secret vote as a demonstration of the "wonderful face of democracy," said the results reaffirmed Hamas' refusal to recognize the legitimacy of the… Continue

16 Palestinians killed yesterday, not a peep about it on this site

Posted on September 16, 2008 at 8:12pm 2 Comments

Why was nothing mentioned? Because it was not at the hand of Israel and therefore apparently doesn't matter. I don't really know why this is, but I feel it is important to note anyways.
12 Palestinians killed in Gaza
3 Palestinians killed in Lebanon
1 Palestinian killed (at the hand of Fatah no less) in the West Bank
Why am I posting this? Because no one else will.

My final posting

Posted on August 14, 2008 at 11:01am 1 Comment

Ever since I have been on here, very few people here have taken me seriously. Recently, the threats made towards me via private messages from fellow 'peace makers' have made me realize that this place is not for me. I joined this website in order to help bridge gaps in the Palestinian-Israeli conflict because I felt that I have a unique perspective on the situation however it is a perspective that is clearly not wanted to be heard by many members of MePeace. I have much more important things to… Continue

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At 4:11am on September 24, 2008, Vincent Mespoulet said…
yeah "israelian" is a gallicism :) Thank you !
At 10:12pm on April 8, 2008, Yigal D. Kahana said…
Hey Seth,
I plan to be in Miami between Thursday and Sunday, and then in Israel until May 12 or so.
I'll try to catch up with you in at least one of them!
At 2:36pm on April 5, 2008, Max S said…
Hi there Seth. Instead of engaging in the discussion you started in the forum, Muslims and the Media, I decide to write to you personally. You make many interesting points on this website but I find the idea that the Muslim protests at the Danish cartoons or this silly Fitna is developing into or is a ‘global issue’, to use your language, is frankly laughable. Most debates I have heard on this subject are example ridden arguments which are lacking in concept or are a discussion where concrete political ideas such as freedom of speech or the right to religious freedom are reduced to mere slogans. Highly debateable interpretations are made about people’s intentions on either side and absurd interpretations of history are frequently stated. On the whole I think people are attracted to this issue because of the heat of the argument rather than the significance of the subject. I would also add further that these types of debates are not new or confined to Muslims. In Britain people contributed in far higher numbers to the argument over fox hunting than they did to that of the House of Lords reform. Considering that the latter was about democratic representation in their society and the other about a minority who engaged in an archaic practice it would appear that people’s priorities were wildly misplaced. This in fact is not true. All surveys taken show that when it comes to what issues affect the way people vote they are the traditional ‘bread and butter’ issues such as crime and education not foxes or cartoons. I might also add that the worst riots in the Middle East in recent times occurred in Egypt and they were about the price of bread. There were demonstrations in Tehran as well but considering this is the number one city in the world to purchase visual representations of the Prophet Muhammad, something the protesters claimed was ‘offensive’, I suggest a slightly more thoughtful interpretation of recent events is required and a serious analysis does start with quoting a French sex maniac like Voltaire. As far as I am concerned the protesters in my country simply wanted a fight and when they ended up in court the arguments they made showed that they knew next to nothing about their own religion. Were they any different from the like minded idiots who partook in the anti-Communist punch ups of 1950’s America? Do you seriously think they had read Das Capital or made eloquent argument against state ownership when they to end up in court? Let’s get real Seth, everybody enjoys a witch hunt. Mob rule has clearly gripped some sections of various Muslim societies and people are clearly enjoying the moment but you will find similar behaviour of football matches in the UK and I can assure from my own experiences that these thugs are no different from the two I have just mention, if less self-righteous. What is different is there exists a political and social environment in Britain the actively discourages this. It is conveniently forgotten by some in this debate that governments like Iran fund such events largely for political reasons (which is no different from Mugabe of Zimbabwe or the Nazi of 1930’s Europe) in order to come out with some general theory about one fifth of the world’s population. It is too convenient to portray Muslims as a bunch of hypocritical loonies who go mental the moment anybody criticises the Koran, a book a large number of them cannot actually read. I am not suggesting that you hold this view but the debate you started encourages it. There is a serious issue about freedom of speech in the Middle East as there is about persecution of people who are Muslim. Recently a young Saudi man has been sent to prison for debating these very issues on his blog but most people in Europe who ramble on about freedom of speech chose to ignore him while in Burma the horrific persecution of Muslims is not consider worthy of a riot by the those demonstrators in Tehran. I strongly believe in freedom of expression. This is why I signed the online petition for the young Saudi man that I have mentioned and I encourage you to do the same. You can find it at:


PS. I am sorry if this sounds dismissive, this is not intended. I just don’t see what debates such as these actually achieve. They close minds rather than open them. Have your views changed at all from what you have read in the forum?
At 12:40am on March 15, 2008, Yigal D. Kahana said…
Purim is basically the night of the 20th and day of the 21st.
At 7:19pm on March 14, 2008, Yigal D. Kahana said…
Call me at 305-987-1083 about Purim plans.
Should not be too tough to arrange for you to come to the Megillah, some parties, and the Purim meal.
At 6:25pm on March 14, 2008, Yigal D. Kahana said…
Hi Seth,
and welcome to mepeace.
So you're at the U of M? See any basketball games this year?
What are your plans for Purim? Maybe come to Miami Beach? I hope to be there, and there will be some great parties and meals you can come to, if you want.
All the best,
At 9:11am on March 14, 2008, Eyal Raviv said…
Welcome Seth. I love what you wrote in "Why I want peace". Where is the sb park in Tel Aviv? Will you help us promote mepeace?
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