Vanessa Di Domenico
  • 47, Female
  • Maracaibo
  • Venezuela
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Vanessa Di Domenico's Page

Profile Information

My personal story:
Was raised in Venezuela after we came here from Chile due to the 1973 coup, later studied in an Alabama college and lived in many other places. I am a Quaker and a teacher of needy children. I also do translations and interpret English- Spanish or Sp-En
Why I want peace:
We cannot live without peace! I am on the border of Venezuela and Colombia, and I've had enough of seeing the violence in Colombia.
Interests and activities:
charitable work, preaching, tutoring kids, being friends with the street people
Something you didn't know about me:
I am an activist for epilepsy, which I have
How I found
a friend sent me email
What I want to achieve here:
Join with several others with whom we can discuss truths about what is going on in the middle east and here in Colombia/Venezuela
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At 7:45pm on September 27, 2009, JC | WorriedLebanese said…
You know Vanessa, conflicts breed anger. And your friend who studied at the AUB seems to have a lot of anger in her. One cannot say "Palestinians did that"... it's a gross generalisation meant to throw collective responsibility or collective blame at a nation. I don't think it's fair.
As for the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, I think you overestimate its religious dimension. Most Palestinians and Israelis fighting for, or clinging to their rights are doing it for secular reasons (security, welfare, prosperity...), not because of religious motivations.
take care
At 10:18am on September 24, 2009, Michael Goebel said…
Hi Vanessa!

Sending you peace, love, light and joy,
At 12:04pm on December 16, 2008, Rob Schrama said…
Request for a 'letter of recommendation' to the Jerusalem Hug Foundation

Dear Vanessa Di Domenico,

Last June 24th approximately 2000 people embraced the Old City of Jerusalem. They walked around the city walls, holding hands and expressing the unity of the Old City. Inhabitants of Jerusalem, Israeli and Palestinians, as well as peace activists from the entire world are standing side by side in their wish for peace and in their love for Jerusalem.

Since 2007 the Jerusalem Hug has been organized, as a collaboration between the ‘Lovers of Jerusalem’, the ‘Jerusalem Peacemakers’ and a Dutch group of light workers coming from Amsterdam.
The ‘Lovers of Jerusalem’ are a group of people from several peace movement organizations in Israel, under direction by Dvora Pearlman, established to create peace in Jerusalem.
The ‘Jerusalem Peacemakers’ consists of a group of passionate and involved Jewish and Palestinian inhabitants of Jerusalem under direction of Eliyahu McLean and Ibrahim Abu el Hawa who form an international network on inter religious bases with the aim to create peace and unity in Jerusalem. “When real peace in the holy land will be realized, then it will be possible to engineer peace in the whole world.”
In Amsterdam, the Netherlands, Rob Schrama, artist and peace activist, supports the ‘Jerusalem Hug’ together with a small team of involved and passionate fellow workers.

Together we established the ‘Jerusalem Hug Foundation’ that will be involved to get international support.

On May 21 2007 and on June 24 2008 the Big Hug of Jerusalem took place for the first and second time. Both Jerusalem Hugs were visited by more than 2000 participants, inhabitants of Jerusalem, Palestinians and Israeli, as well as peace activists from Israel and from all over the world.

On June 21 2009 a new Jerusalem Hug will be realized. The aim of the Jerusalem Hug is to promote a peaceful experience of freedom and joy to all people. The Jerusalem Hug will focus on love, respect and unity. With this attitude the participants will spread out around the walls of the Old City holding hands, singing and praying for peace and respect for all humankind.

Drumming together is an returning activity in every Jerusalem Hug, connecting the different population groups. During the first Jerusalem Hug in 2007 Palestinian and Israeli drummers from Jerusalem played together. As a result of this experience they decided to continue playing together. Several times they played together at the Damascus Gate to stimulate the rhythm of peace in the hearts of the people.

During the coming Jerusalem Hug, the Palestine and Israeli drummers will get support from internationally famous drummers. GrandMotherDrum, coming from Alaska and Cesar Zuiderwijk, drummer in the rock band ‘Golden Earring’ will invite all drummers in Jerusalem to create together a concert in the park along the north site of the wall.

The Jerusalem school kids, at least one class of Palestinians and one class of Israeli children are coming together during the Jerusalem Hug to fly their Kites for Peace above the thousands of participants. They will express that the children of Jerusalem want to live in a city were peace, freedom and tolerance are the foundation of our coexisting.

The ‘Jerusalem Hug’ stands symbol for another way to achieve peace. Everywhere the belief in a political solution of the Middle East conflict has been gone down to point zero. There ought to be found another way and that is the way of the heart. We believe that when we find peace in ourselves and when we are able to forgive, world peace will come closer.
The Jerusalem Hug gives expression to this wish for change as a concrete statement. Jerusalem stands as a symbol for peace and forgiveness in the world. Let Jerusalem be a city of connection, the heart of the world where unity and peace will be a fact. Every year, we will increase the Jerusalem Hug to a lager event, with every year more and more participants. Let the ‘Jerusalem Hug’ fill Jerusalem completely with love, so there will not be place for hatred anymore.

We request you to send a letter of recommendation to the Jerusalem Hug Foundation, a supporting letter that we can send to the funds we are approaching for financing our event. The best way to send this letter before December 24 to the “Jerusalem Hug Foundation” Krom Boomsloot 16, 1011 GW Amsterdam, The Netherlands or email it to:

We thank you for your cooperation and we hope to hold hands with you during the coming Jerusalem Hug.


Rob Schrama
At 8:34pm on September 12, 2008, Hayyim Feldman said…
Glad to hear you found it helpful, Vanessa! A few additional things occurred to me, prozionist understandings of zionism: 1) There are two main perspectives, different from one another, within political zionism's aspiration for statehood: One (Herzl's) is that Jews need their own state to serve as a refuge for persecuted or endangered Jews around the Globe. (In fact, it has served that purpose for many Jews from Ethiopia, Russia, the Arab world, etc.) The other is that Jews need a state (for some, an equal share in a bi-national state would do) in order to work out their own destiny and the meaning of their/our collective identity as Jews. Finally, there is a non-political affirmation of zionism (it used to be in conflict with political zionists; now it's more of an additional benefit) called cultural zionism (founded by Ahad Ha'am), which sought to create a thriving Jewish national community in the land of Israel not with any political ambitions (statehood, etc.), but to serve as a spiritual and cultural center for Jews everywhere.
After your program, I'd love to hear how it went.
At 6:30am on September 9, 2008, Hayyim Feldman said…
Shalom-salaam Vanessa,
I posted something to the "URGENT" discussion Paul set up for you, probably too late for you to see it before your program. But if you think it might still be of interest to you, you can find it here. I'd be interested to hear what you decided was most important for you to say about zionism at your program, and how it went.
At 1:34pm on September 8, 2008, Paul RETI said…
Hi Vanessa,

The FAQ at explains how to start a discussion. There is much useful stuff there and it's well written. Problems? Ask again.

At 11:02am on September 8, 2008, Abed khalil said…
Let start with big thanks for this nice email also l went address my cheers and respect for president of Venezuela CHavez for his special concerns that he gave to Palestine and his real desire to see peace prevail the Palestinian and Israeli people ,personally i m working in Palestinian women trainer called(house of peace). as u cane see in my profile photos we are trying to exert all possible to create mutual understanding among soon of Avraham as u said.
and working with Israeli friends to end this brutal occupation by nonviolence resistance.
by the way i met A women for 3 times we and she works as contact person in Quakers in ur office which based in Ram Allah ,also we met lately in Ni,lin in big march to protest against the wall she is from Canada unfortunately i forget her name but may be Kathrain.
im sending all the information related to olive oil by the email address u sent to me .
looking forward to hearing from u.
best regards
At 4:30pm on September 7, 2008, Paul RETI said…
Did you find anything useful here for you program?
At 6:51pm on September 5, 2008, Paul RETI said…
Just noticed your comment. I need to sleep. So I quickly started this discussion:

I hope others now active here help you rather play sanctimonious mind games with each other.

At 9:56am on September 5, 2008, Paul RETI said…
Welcome Vanessa!

What Zionism is seems to interest you. You'll find some information and a focused discussion about Zionism in the discussion FFF ::: Zionism which is at



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