Wafa Halawa
  • 36, Male
  • Gaza
  • Palestinian Territory, Occupied
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Started this discussion. Last reply by Mazin Qumsiyeh Mar 19, 2009. 3 Replies

Will hunger stop rockets?

Started this discussion. Last reply by Mazin Qumsiyeh Dec 26, 2008. 124 Replies


Peace makes the world a better place˙·٠•●¤ۣۜ๘(¯`v´¯)¤ۣۜ๘●•٠·˙

Profile Information

My personal story:
I have been living 25 years under occupation and hard life. I'm eager to live in peace or at least a better life.
Why I want peace:
Peace is the way for a better world.
Interests and activities:
A member in the popular committee for Palestinian refugees.
A member at the Palestinian forum for languages.
A member at the students council at Al-aqsa university in Gaza.
Participated in many meetings about peace & the role of youth.
I also sell stamps at my website:
Something you didn't know about me:
My father was killed by israel when I was only 40 days old
How I found
What I want to achieve here:
To discuss many things:

It gives me pleasure to know you.
Do you promise to respect others and our guidelines and not spam?

Zionists attack Muslims & Christians

It's their manner. This is their way of speaking. Zionists attack Muslims & Christians expressing their inherent hate and grudge. This is the profe that they're not human rather they're sheeps. Those are the impudent ,shameless ,insolen and despicable settlers in Hebron.

It's the time to act against them. It's the time to stop those cowards sheep.

مركز تحميل - تحميل صور - تحميل ملفات - تحميل فلاش Would you be able to live like this? Imagine life under these conditions: Living in limbo under a foreign occupier. Having no self-determination, no right of return, and no power over your daily life. Being in constant fear, economically strangled, and collectively punished. Having your free movement denied by enclosed population centers, closed borders, regular curfews, roadblocks, checkpoints, electric fences, and separation walls. Having your homes regularly demolished and land systematically stolen to build settlements for encroachers in violation of international law prohibiting an occupier from settling its population on conquered land. Having your right to essential services denied - to emergency health care, education, employment, and enough food and clean water. Being forced into extreme poverty, having your crops destroyed, and being victimized by punitive taxes. Having no right for redress in the occupier's courts under laws only protecting the occupier. Being regularly targeted by incursions and attacks on the ground and from the air. Being willfully harassed, ethnically cleansed, arrested, incarcerated, tortured, and slaughtered on any pretext, including for your right of self-defense. Having no rights on your own land in your own country for over six decades and counting. Vilified for being Muslims and called terrorists, crazed Arabs, and fundamentalist extremists. Victimized by a slow-motion genocide to destroy you. Take the Siege away s. Photos from Gaza مركز تحميل - تحميل صور - تحميل ملفات - تحميل فلاش مركز تحميل - تحميل صور - تحميل ملفات - تحميل فلاش مركز تحميل - تحميل صور - تحميل ملفات - تحميل فلاش مركز تحميل - تحميل صور - تحميل ملفات - تحميل فلاش

مركز تحميل - تحميل صور - تحميل ملفات - تحميل فلاش

مركز تحميل - تحميل صور - تحميل ملفات - تحميل فلاش

Rachel Corrie : Victim of justice ? She died trying to help people through non-violence resistance. She believed the world can be better place for all people. Rachil died trying to make this dream come true. مركز تحميل - تحميل صور - تحميل ملفات - تحميل فلاش مركز تحميل - تحميل صور - تحميل ملفات - تحميل فلاش مركز تحميل - تحميل صور - تحميل ملفات - تحميل فلاش Stop Devastation مركز تحميل - تحميل صور - تحميل ملفات - تحميل فلاش مركز تحميل - تحميل صور - تحميل ملفات - تحميل فلاش
مركز تحميل - تحميل صور - تحميل ملفات - تحميل فلاش

مركز تحميل - تحميل صور - تحميل ملفات - تحميل فلاش

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At 2:14am on July 29, 2013, leonardo martin said…

At 3:51am on June 4, 2011, ahmed zahran said…

Ante honest, bold and beautiful that did not bother please contact

At 12:26am on November 7, 2010, halawa nabil said…
Dear brother Wafa ! how are you ? I miss you very much!
At 12:50am on March 19, 2009, Yigal D. Kahana said…
Hi Wafa,
You around?
At 12:56am on February 21, 2009, ben3dwan said…
wish you a better and loveæy and peacefuly life you wish to your self and to your ppl.
I´ll b honerd if you ecept my friendshep......... nice musik.
At 11:42am on February 10, 2009, Christine Quelch said…
Hi Wafa, I see you have been frozen. A number of mepeace people have been frozen, and it is not always permanent.

There is something I have been wanting to tell you for some time: I always liked your real photo best. Your photo has a dignity which can never be seen in a propaganda poster. Propaganda photos, flags, etc., do not have as much value as real photos of real people.

‘Banning’ is complete deletion. Many people have been banned from mepeace, and plenty of them were Zionists. Would you believe, they used to rejoin the same day !! And, stick up an Israeli flag as well !!

I would much prefer to see you instead of Rachel Corrie, even though she is a very important person. I am glad you are still here, but it is sad you are not able to say much.

Best Wishes.
At 2:35pm on February 8, 2009, Neri Bar-On said…
Dear Wafa,

what do you expect my reaction to your claims that "Anyway, it's not me who don't respect others but you and most of jews here at mepeace. "

you are closing your door for listening, you declare me and my other friends are not respecting you, and by that you justify for not respecting us.

I am writing here a lot and you can find my writing and see if I am respectful, but such decelerations base of me being Jewish are not respecting me, nor it can change our conversation to be open, it is just a blame game were unfortunately your blame were so strong Eyal decided to quite your voice.

I invite you to read this: We cannot blame the blamers its their "truth" after all.

This statment: "Also you don't want any one here to remind the peacemakers of your bloody history and your dirty hands which killed and still make massacres and genocide against the children of Gaza . " is insulting,if this is what you think you probably enjoy more other network and no need to insist to be a member of

mepeace is not the only palce to discuss Israel Palestin relationship.
3) Palestinian Mothers
Women are 50 % of the world, and gave birth to the other half.. we are the world
I consider Palestinian Mothers as a "anti-Zionist" group
open by a إقبال التميمي Iqbal Tamimi. many members of mepeace were banned from there due disagreements.

and to that: "Further more you killed many of peace supporters like Rachil which is the truth you don't want others to remember ." I can only add that I am sad for Rachel death and wish it would be otherwise, I recognize the courage and dedication and wish the killing to stop.

Please understand, is a multi-political network it mean that we have people from all the spectrum from the settlers to the Hamas supporters. if any of us show dis-respect to the others he actually mark himself as non cooperative for co-creating a different future that include all and he/she exclude himself from the group.

The conflict is not a game, and it is not a simple one side is good the other side is evil. it is unbalanced and it is the Palestinians who pays the main cost of it but we need to include all, you and me in the solution. excluding us because we are Jewish Israeli will not solve the problem can you see it? same as excluding you and your hard words.

with respect and love
At 7:19am on February 7, 2009, Neri Bar-On said…
Dear Wafa,

if you say you were baned from the site how come you continue writing?
if you find value in talking with members why not to do it respect to others who thing differently from you?

I was banned from this site because I was telling the truth and because of the photo I use in my profile. You can add me or write to me on
facebook: wafa halawa

See you
At 3:43pm on February 5, 2009, Hadi Al Bahra said…
Since I am new to this group and website, so you can guess it; yes I am taking the tour getting my self familiarized with the group. I agree completely with the notes below, of keeping our discussions, and postings civilized, ethical, and clean. We are here by choice to interact and meet the other, who he/she may consider us as his/her enemy, and we may also feel the same. We have picked the path to peace through discussion and exchanges of ideas and by letting each side knows how the other side feels, and thinks. I fully understand the misery that Wafa went and most probably still going through, so I put what she wrote in the "angered, reactive, desperate looking for a way out" and of course letting out anger, I really do not know what I would have written, or done if I am living in Gaza, under siege starving to death, being under bombardment, so please everyone give her a break, and show her love and concern, show her that we care, and we are ready to help her out.
But what I could not understand is the posting below written by Mr. Paul RETI , I had to read it more than five times to make sure that I understand him correctly, what he wrote amounts to a threat note to her, he stated that "Rachel Corrie thought that she was indestructible. ==> She died." Then fallowing that by the statement "You seem to think that you are indestructible. ==> For now, your are still alive on this site." Implies two thoughts, that her end will be getting killed like Rachel Corrie, because she thinks the same that she is indestructible, and then this threat is covered up placing it on being alive on the website. Also I do not think that Rachel Corrie died because that she thought that she was indestructible, she died because she thought that the Israeli soldier driving the bulldozer was a humankind, a civilized citizen of civilized country, she was wrong.
I really think this is not a good example on how to show Wafa how to communicate with other members, and a very bad way in managing or controlling postings on this website.
At 9:25am on December 21, 2008, Paul RETI said…
Hi Wafa; Were I an evil and racist Zionist, I would urge you take to heart the thinking behind Christine's, except her suggest for you delete anything at all from this site. :-)

Wafa Halawa's Blog

[ Draft ]

Posted on November 7, 2008 at 2:00am 1 Comment

Raining at my poor area which's called Al-shati refugges camp in Gaza

Something about Al-shati refugees camp :

Beach camp lies beside the sea in the northern part of Gaza City. It is known locally as "Shati" camp. The camp was established on 747 dunums (less than one square kilometer) after the 1948 conflict for some 23,000 refugees from Lydda, Jaffa, Beersheva and the southern coastal plain of Palestine.

The refugees first lived in tents and were… Continue


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