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Why I want peace:
Because it is something beautiful and published the universe of love between people
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Of love and peace among people
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What is Islam?
Q: What is Islam?

Fri: Islam: faith and the law to ensure that all the needs of people in various stages of life.

Q: systems of Islam?

A: Islam is not a reflection of human beings, but produced (God) Almighty undiminished.

Q: Does Islam fit for the survival of forever? Will work every time, place, and his mother?

A: God of Islam was revealed to be a religion for all people at all times and the country, and all nations.

Q: On the down of Islam?

A: Islam, Allah has sent down to the last of His Prophets, Muhammad (may Allah bless him and his family and peace).

Q: At any time when the Prophet of Islam?

Fri: Before (four centuries), after the Christ (peace be upon him), including some (five centuries) In a year this year (1387) H., goes the life of Islam and four hundred thousand years, and coincides with the year (1967) of the birth of Christ (peace be upon him) .

Q: What is the difference between the religion of Islam, the religion of Jesus, Moses Alclem and religion and other religions?

Fri: religions inflicted God from heaven to earth and all the many religion suit was initiated by the time of that debt is, if the debt was late, the previous versions of religion, Islam, and thus it is the last of the revealed religions of the sky to guide people. The difference between religions wide progressive schools (primary, secondary, college), and thus promoted as a religion of human advancement fully fit, so that the Islam is a religion of humanity and all religions are not different in substance, but differ in some of the benefits and privacy, according to different classes of development humans.

Q: Does Islam developed or not?

A: Islam has two aspects:

1 side, the firm which is not correct to development, which has leaked to the development of the cause of insanity and corruption, for example: Hassan (the truth) and (Secretariat) and right (injustice) and (Parsimony) and the inviolability of (monopoly) and (murder) and the necessity of (the prayer (f) of fasting) and unnecessary (customer satisfaction), and so on.

2 side, which must be advanced by the switch and change, the general rules of Islam, said it applies to advanced, for example: If you changed the means of transport (animal) to the (vehicle) to (a) to (a) to (a), and changed the means of lighting from (wax) to the (oil) to the (electricity) to (corn) Thus, Islam has permitted this development, but urged by the various needs.

Q: Does Islam sufficient for the needs of all people? How so?

A: Islam is sufficient for the needs of all human beings, because God has revealed religion in all matters.

As to how Islam is enough? That is because the (Koran wise) and (pure year) we have two sections of the legislation:

1 legislation which provides for specific topics, about the sanctity of (drinking).

2 overall legislation, which provides general subjects, about the sanctity of (all drinking sugared).

Q: How do you say that Islam is sufficient for all the needs of all human beings, and we see new things, it has not been mentioned in (the Koran) and (year) for example: (banks) and (insurance) and ... It did not have a go at the appointed and the impact of Islam?

A: Since Islam is a religion of God, who produced the guide for all human beings, and God is omniscient, therefore ensuring the needs of all people, even including renewable .. The examples that you mentioned, Islam reigns Btcherieth college, P (the Bank) is a number of things mentioned in the legislation of Islam (loan) and (ensure) and (transfer) and the like .. And (insurance) is covered for saying the Almighty: (except that you compromise on the trade) (1).

The Almighty said: (fulfilled contracts) (2) tapes mentioned in the books (doctrine).

Q: What is the need for Islam?

A: Islam as a doctrine and law of progress, and the Islamic faith, it is (I) the fact, I personally do not think, the thought of a fairy tale, and (II) who did not believe that the Islamic faith to be a loser in the Hereafter.

The Islamic law, those who do not abide by the demolition of his life must be secular as well as the punishment in the hereafter, then Islamic law is the best of all laws and laws that serve human beings in various stages of life and humanity's happiness, the bulk of the world and the Hereafter depends on Islam.

Q: (I) How do we know that the world was another so-called (the Hereafter) are dependent on the happiness of the human Islam ..? And (II) is evidence that Islamic Sharia is the best of all laws and regulations, they are the fittest human beings without any other ...?

A: The existence of the other world after this world, demonstrated by the scientific evidence cited in the book (to speak), as evidenced by the research (psychological) and the preparation of magnetic Kaltenoim lives, and the like are indications of immortality of the soul after death (3).

The best that Islamic Sharia law and all of the (laws) That shows the comparison between the laws of Islam and other laws for the various needs of human beings (4).

Here's a summary of the testimony of scientists West on the subject.

Say (Bernard Shaw): (if it took the European world to the lips of a man Kmamed of all ills, but must be called the savior of humanity ... I believe that the Mohammedan religion is the only religion that all nuclear-tapes required, and the approval of the various facilities of life .. We have predicted that Mohammed's religion would be acceptable to Europe tomorrow, it seemed to be acceptable to have a bad day ... what the world today to a man Kmamed solve the problems of the world).

Say (Dr. Jrene French member of the House of Representatives):

(Followed all the Koranic verses that are linked to the natural sciences, health and medical micro-studied, and I understood well, and found them to apply all our knowledge on the application of modern Voslmt because I ascertained that Muhammad came right before the open of a thousand years, but it does have a teacher or teachers from human beings, even though the owner of all of the arts or the art of science of science compare all the verses associated with him as good as I am compared to without a doubt the safest, if a reasonable person, devoid of purpose).

Say (Marks, Ph.D. in philosophy):

(The Prophet Mohammed was the first recorded all his, and it is here to wish Rights Center, which has excellent Muhammad, and their talks of health .. and accuracy and honesty, and the truth is that it has sent a messenger to renew the message to the world elite is the message above, the Constitution is his unwavering of the world, all brought by Mohammed minds of modern palate).

Say (Cheryl Dean of the Faculty of Law, University of Vienna):

(The human Bantsab proud (man Kmamed) it as it was able, despite his wish a few centuries to come we will be European legislation is the happiest if we come to the summit after two thousand years).

He says (of Dr. retin):

(Din Mohammad confirmed the permission of the first hour of his appearance in the life of the Prophet that the public debt, if a good fit for each sex was necessarily the mind of each and every degree of civilization).

Say (the philosopher Karillis I):

(In the Middle legally founded and organized by the Arab philosopher (Mohammed) that the world if all the elements of this approach and made a commitment to the Arab philosopher Bakannouna not all in order in the whole world are one country but has not missed one of two not to a lack of).

To many other remarks, the thinkers of the West and Flasveth.

Q: How many Muslims in the world today?

C: not exactly known, but the statistics cited in some books and magazines, suggests that the close (HUNDRED MILLION) (5) people.

Q: Where is home to Muslims?

A: Muslims are spread in almost every country in the world, and most of the (Asia) and (Africa).

Q: Do Muslims believe that their religion will become the religion of the people of the whole world?

A: Yes, Muslims believe that their religion the religion of the people of the world will not remain a Muslim at all, as promised in the Koran-Hakim said: (for it over all religion) (6) In the frequent talk about the Prophet and Imams Alothar them peace in the last decade shows a man the descendants of the Prophet of Islam is called (Imam Mahdi) (peace be upon him) is being circulated in all the land of Islam (7).

Q: What is the view of Islam (this life)? Is Islam is a religion (article) or (the spirit) or two?

Fri: an Islam to life, to rule and the spirit of the Almighty is saying in the Quran the wise: (including those who say God give us good in this world and in the Hereafter good, and save us from the punishment of those fire them share what they have earned) (8) In the Hadith: (not us Dniah Akrth to leave, and not leave us to Akrth Dniah) (9).

On the other talk: (Dnyak to work as if you never lived, and I work for if you were to die tomorrow, hereafter) (10).

Q: What are the limits of the Islamic country in the previous centuries, and in this century? And how Islam spread?

A: The need for these subjects to the UK in many books, a multitude of sufficient access to the summary of the book that read: (map of the Muslim world) and a book (call to Islam).

1 Surat women: verse 29.

Surat Round 2: verse 1.

3 See (Islamic beliefs) and (How do you know God (f) Would you like to know God) of the author.

4 See (the Islamic criminal law): Abdul Razzaq return.

Statistics due to the 5-year 1960, with the first edition were printed.

Surat Repentance 6: verse 33.

7, as in the treasure of workers: 38,654 g and 38,692 x 38,691 G and G 38667th

Sura 8: verse 201 202.

9 Means: Fri 12 p. 49.

10 means: Fri 12 p. 49.

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At 9:29am on August 1, 2009, mohanad said…
My statures are falling
Like feathers of snow
Their voices are calling
In whispering word waiting for the morning light

Heaven is calling
From rainy shores
Counting wounded lights falling
Into their dreams still searching for an open door

In morning dew,
a glorious scene came through,
like war is over now
I feel I'm coming home again

The moments unfold
In the meaning of love
This war is over now

I feel I'm coming home again

An arrow of freedom
Is piercing my heart
Breaking chains of emotion
Given a moment to pray
Lost innocence to find its way

Feelings of sensation
A cry in the dark
Hope is on the horizon
With a reason to stay
And living for a brand new day

In morning dew,
a glorious scene came through,
like war is over now
I feel I'm coming home again

The moments unfold
In the meaning of love
This war is over now
I feel I'm coming home again

سلام الله على الدنيا على الإنسان
آه آه آه و آه
متي نحيا بحب وأمان
سلام الله
سلام الله
سلام الله على الدنيا على الإنسان

In morning dew,
a glorious scene came through,
like war is over now
I feel I'm coming home again

The moments unfold
In the meaning of love
This war is over now
I feel I'm coming home again
To you..


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