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MEPEACE Now in TakingITGlobal

Started this discussion. Last reply by Oliver Haack Dec 16, 2009. 1 Reply


We Must Get Mind Peace,Frieden,paz,pace,שלום,paix,мир,سلام

Profile Information

My personal story:
i am photographer.journalist, work in gaza strip , i sow and still see alot of thing that i dont want see it
Why I want peace:
Peace is the solution
Interests and activities:
human rights
Something you didn't know about me:
i am just want peace
How I found
i found it bcz i need peace
What I want to achieve here:
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Revisiting nationalism in the Palestinian-Israeli relationship

Posted on February 27, 2010 at 2:40pm 1 Comment

by Shelley Ostroff
JERUSALEM - Israeli and Palestinian nationalities emerged only within the last century at a time when globalisation was beginning to transform familiar ideas about nations and nationalism. The declaration of the State of Israel as a Jewish state exacerbated the conflict between the two nations striving for self-determination within the…

منح مشاريع صغيرة - فقط لفلسطين

Posted on January 14, 2010 at 3:17am 0 Comments

هل لديك فكرة مشروع أو حلم لجعل مجتمعك مكانا أفضل ؟ هل تبحث عن تمويل وشبكات وفرصة لبناء قدراتك في تنفيذ المشاريع إذا فلا تفوت الفرصة وقدم للمنح الصغيرة من خلال برنامج "شباب من أجل التغيير" لكي تدعم مشروعك التنموي وتشارك في دورة الكترونية عن إدارة المشاريع. كما يمكنك الحصول على منحة لحضور المنتدى الخامس للشباب العربي في الإسكندرية والمؤتمر العالمي للشباب في اسطنبول، تركيا!

لا تفوت الفرصة، وقدم للمنحة الآن:…


The 2009 is going

Posted on December 30, 2009 at 4:03pm 0 Comments

The 2009 is going, with its grief and happy events.
A new year of peace for a mother who lost son.
A new year of peace for spirit who lost soul.
A new year of peace to the world ,all worlds.
A new year of peace to Gaza.
Salam from Gaza . I give you peace

We Dont Want Peace.....

Posted on November 11, 2009 at 11:19pm 4 Comments

Yes he means that

We just use peace word . and dont work in it

in interview with "Ali Hassan " 12 years old . I asked him e about posibility to leave in peace together with israeli . he answered me " What are you talking about ? You just talk bullshit , Peace just word politicals uses it to escape from them mistakes. and when they asked to work in it Seriously they put mistakes on the other side. We can make peace by easy ways.If I smile for jew boy from my heart thats mean I… Continue

Peace start from Gaza & Sderot

Posted on February 24, 2009 at 5:23am 4 Comments

Yes I mean that

Peace start from gaza & sderot . Do you know why?I think all of us know reason

Becouse my work i did alot of interview with people in gaza after war alot of them if not all ask peace and hope peace come to our land. thay know that just peace is solution.

I will not forget thats girl .she is 12 years old .her name is Zynab Samoni. she lost alot of her family when she talk to camera she said "what will happen if we are in peace,why we just think… Continue

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At 2:40am on March 31, 2010, Hagay said…

At 11:24pm on March 4, 2010, Rivka said…
Is that you in your picture?
At 5:47pm on January 3, 2010, Deborah Rafaeli said…
Nice to be your friend to Walla.
Love your pictures,the eyes are speaking.

Happy new year.

At 9:41am on January 2, 2010, seansmom said…
I should change my photo, huh!
At 9:40am on January 2, 2010, seansmom said…

At 5:01am on October 18, 2009, Habsah61 said…
Thanks so much for the add.
At 11:43am on October 17, 2009, اسامه محمد said…
New cut of course from your formation of sister [aalqaatlh]
and occurrences of the cut around the girl revolve his poisons and make brotherly her and friend make brotherly her
following intestine [shw] [bySyr] with them
and certain in question and allyl in acquaintance first compliance on the question unifies him
god of right path is poisonous [aalqSh]
road [aalshhaadh]
wave of the sea rushs roaring towards the coast and the golden sands plunge and the adherance tries [bhaawaalzHf] towards the squatting camps for soldiers of the occupation. Seawaters rise anger [tz'ar] as prisoner [mSfd] the hands and the feet in the handcuffs. The expressing tries about agitated her in scene the anger arouses…
Atmospheres of Gaza mixs in the automatic smoke and the humming abominable emitted from wheels military which the place fill up… Crazy lead rushs from [fwhaat] the guns to the flying innocents
harvest encircling in the sky and house searchs about does not release on him missile.
Yolks of the relief mixs with roadsign of the bullets and the scream and calls of the anger.
Schools of Gaza locks her announced doors the strike last notice corroded. Students of the schools travels the roads [wytlftwn] [ymnt] and simple research about director from this turmoil glowing and the chaos [aale'aarmh] [aalmyly't] in the smoke and the blood.
Small poisons in hand of brother Ibrahim catch his her who 15 year informs [wyhrwlaan] towards tight alley far about [zxaat] the bullets. Stops little and hairs in the rescue sigh after their. Poisons to friend of Ibrahim look his her small brother Ahmed who loved his and adherent lived for him throughout period studious previous. Smiles in directed him and calm down from frightened him. Says on you so we in safety in the alley raved and beautiful that you remainder of standing here throughout the time corroded ends this aggressive attack. Losing ended the danger in permission Allah. Ibrahim shakes headed him praise be to God and praised [llh] on our safety all. Ended [aalhjmh] when poisonous newcomer and make brotherly her and friend make brotherly her to their house. Ahmed to Ibrahim in astonishment looks. Meets in what thinks [yaa] friends of Ibrahim so sharp Ibrahim in tone said his questioning about what [yjwl] in his idea of friend in what thinking? So reply of Ahmed quickly wanted to the Israeli camp goes to who falls in above [aaltlh] the grown-up near the airport. Yes. Wanted to does something. Wanted to strives. Wanted that. Ibrahim said accelerated as that lion follows him dangerous very. Pain hears in the ten who trier for the arrival killed during their to [dhaalk] the camp is transient opposite bloody in him. Ahmed said yet reputation. Raved who makes me the going thinks in to there so stubborn my plan [saastxdmhaa]. Forges ['abraahym] and thinks. All right. Lets us thinks be equal now for that we will go together so do not rub goes and your border for the danger so poisonous interior of reputation suddenly that she the going to place intends unknown so asked to where goes? Reported me in Allah on you what speaks [yaa] [aaHbaab] heart…. So said grilling… On you [yaa] his sisters… [f'aHst] that them disguises something on her so said to loves… either to reports me or angered from you followed speaks me never and left meant ..... so Ibrahim said goodness will report you… I and Ahmed in the going to the camp think who the airport falls near… and as to astonishing his strike of poisons so rose and the children embraced and Allah said in on you do not do what smallness on the confrontation ended and the death in Allah do not do and as to her tears became waterfall does not beat followed the crying refrains about ..... so Ahmed said and to is…. They said for do not say to is… There their blessing is worry of big than you and introduces how the enemy behaves with and belongs what ended small and what I in need ended punching so does not kill me in going your hopes you ..... The silence stay over little camp on the house and the all silent to tears his her honey poisons sloping from eyes [aaljmylh]…
Said [aadhhbwaa] to the sleep and agreed
and negotiated for me tomorrow in what will decide….
To is building informed [saaGDb] on you that went .....? Question of the part first
questions is Ibrahim and Ahmed to the camp will go?
Is Ibrahim will go [lwHdh] mother of Ahmed [lwHdh] or their colleges together?؟
Is their sister will leave his poisons their blessing get angry?؟؟
Smart allyl compliance god of present goes follows thought [shw] goes peace
make brotherly you
At 11:43am on October 17, 2009, اسامه محمد said…
قصة جديدة طبعا من تأليف اختكم القاتله
وتدور احداث القصة حول الفتاة سميه واخوها وصديق اخوها
تابعو معي شو بيصير معهم
واكيد في سؤال واللي بتعرف تجاوب على السؤال اول وحده
إلها هديه
اسم القصه
طريق الشهاده

أمواج البحر تندفع هادرة نحو الشاطئ وتقتحم الرمال الذهبية وتحاول التشبث بهاوالزحف نحو المعسكرات الجاثمة لجنود الاحتلال .. تتعالى مياه البحر غضبا تزأر كسجين مصفد اليدين والقدمين بالأغلال .. تحاول التعبير عن ثورتها في مشهد يثير الغضب ...
أجواء غزة تختلط بالدخان والأزيز البغيض المنبعث من عجلات الآليات العسكرية التي تملأ المكان ... رصاص مجنون ينطلق من فوهات البنادق ليحصد الأبرياء

طائرات تحلق في السماء وتبحث عن منزل لم يطلق عليه قذيفة ..
صفارات الإسعاف تختلط مع صوت الرصاص والصراخ ونداءات الغضب ..
مدارس غزة تغلق أبوابها معلنة الإضراب حتى إشعار آخر .. طلبة المدارس يجوبون الطرقات ويتلفتون يمنة ويسرة بحثا عن مخرج من هذه المعمعة المحتدمة والفوضى العارمه الميلئة بالدخان والدم ..

تمسك سميه بيد شقيقها الصغير إبراهيم الذي يبلغ 15 عاما ويهرولان نحو زقاق ضيق بعيداً عن زخات الرصاص .. يتوقفان قليلاً ويتنهدان بعد شعورهما بالنجاة .. تنظر سميه إلى صديق ابراهيم شقيقها الصغير احمد الذي أحبه وعاش ملازما له طيلة فترة الدراسة السابقة .. تبتسم في وجهه وتهدئ من روعه .. وتقول لا عليك فنحن بامان في هذا الزقاق وجميل انك بقيت واقفا هنا طيلة الوقت حتى تنتهي هذه الهجمة الشرسة .. فقد زال الخطر باذن الله .. يهز إبراهيم رأسه الحمد لله وحمدا لله على سلامتنا جميعا .. وانتهت الهجمه عندما وصلت سمية واخوها وصديق اخوها الى بيتهم .. ينظر احمد إلى ابراهيم بدهشة .. أتعرف بماذا افكر يا صديقي ابراهيم فقال ابراهيم بنبرة حاده متسائلا عما يجول في خاطر صديقه بماذا تفكر ؟ فرد احمد بسرعة أريد أن أذهب إلى المعسكر الاسرائيلي الذي يقع في فوق التله الكبيرة بالقرب من المطار .. نعم.. أريد أن أفعل شيئاً .. أريد أن أجاهد .. أريد أن .. وقال ابراهيم مسرعا كأن اسدا يلحقه خطر جدا .. ألم تسمع بالعشرات الذين قتلوا أثناء محاولتهم للوصول إلى ذالك المعسكر فان المواجهات الدامية فيه .. وقال احمد بل سمعت .. وهذا الذي يجعلني أفكر بالذهاب إلى هناك فعندي خطة ساستخدمها .. يطرق أبراهيم ويفكر .. حسنا .. دعنا نفكر سويا الآن لاننا سنذهب معا فلن ادعك تذهب وحدك للخطر فدخلت سمية سمعت فجأة انها ينويان الذهاب إلى مكان مجهول فسألت إلى اين تذهبان ؟ اخبروني بالله عليكم ماذا تتكلمون يا احباب قلبي .... فقالوا لا شي... لا عليك يا اختاه ...فأحست بانهم يخفون شيئا عليها فقالت لهم ...إما ان تخبروني او اغضب منكما ولا تكلماني ابدا وابتعدوا عني .....فقال ابراهيم حسنا سنخبرك ...نفكر انا واحمد بالذهاب إلى المعسكر الذي يقع بالقرب من المطار ...وكأن الصاعقة ضربت سميه فقامت وحضنت الاطفال وقالت بالله عليكم لا تفعلوا ما زلتم صغارا على المواجهة والموت بالله لا تفعلوا وكأن دموعها اصبحت شلالا لا ينبض ولا يكف عن البكاء .....فقال احمد ولكن .... قالت لهم لا تقولوا لكن ... هناك من هم اكبر منكم ويعرفون كيف يتصرفون مع العدو وانتم ما زلتم صغارا وما زلت انا بحاجة لكم فلا تقتلوني بذهابكم ارجوكم ..... وبات الصمت قليلا مخيما على البيت والكل صامت إلا دموع سميه المنحدرة من عيونها العسلية الجميله...

وقالت اذهبوا الى النوم واتفقوا
وقولوا لي غدا بماذا ستقررون ....
ولكن اعلموا باني ساغضب عليكم ان ذهبتم .....؟

سؤال الجزء الاول
سؤالي هل سيذهب ابراهيم واحمد إلى المعسكر ؟
هل سيذهب ابراهيم لوحده ام احمد لوحده او كليهما معا ؟؟
وهل سيتركون اختهم سميه تغضب منهم ؟؟؟

الشاطرة اللي رح تجاوب إلها هدية يلا فكروا شو رح يصير
At 1:22pm on October 16, 2009, Eyal Raviv said…
Hi Walla, your profile is being recommended on Thank you for your commitment to peace!
At 4:37am on February 23, 2009, Corey Gil-Shuster said…
your profile picture is very good. Is it you or did you take it?


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