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After reading this article, it made me feel worthless; a punch in the face to all people that are working towards peace and reconciliation, making it sounds as if it is/was a joke!

I found this article to be offensive, making it sound like dialogue is counter productive. I personally feel that dialogue will bring people together (maybe not necessarilly their governments), and dispell the stereotypes, racism, hate that they had been taught, and come to see the other side as human… Continue

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Investing in Peace

Currently there as been a lot of BDSM (Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions Movement) towards Israel, along with an academic and cultural boycott. I don't mind if people-- schools, institutions, goverments, companies, etc. are divesting from companies that are invested in the violence, oppression and or occupation (on BOTH sides-- since I feel that both sides are responsible in one way or another for the violence, and current state of affairs within Israel and Palestine, but also with Israel and… Continue

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Hamas rocket attacks 'war crimes'-- Excellent, balanced article from the BBC! :)

I was so happy to find this article.

Finally, human rights groups are admitting that Hamas should be responsible for the war crimes and damages that they have done to Israelies in Southern Israel.

I think that people need to realize that both sides are responsible for the violence-- it's not a one man's act, and both the Israeli government and Hamas should be held responsible for the autrocities that they have done.

The article admits a lot of things that I have been… Continue

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Israelies and Palestinians Playing Soccer?

I happened to encounter this video on a blog.

This video could be construed as degrading and demoralizing, but I decided to see the good in this video.

Despite the wall, they could all play a good game of soccer.

But I still did not like how they did not show the Palestinians, making it sound as if they were not human.

And that really dissapointed… Continue

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Lieberman vows to quit if charged

If find this article to be very interesting.

First, What kind of fraud was Avigdor Lieberman accused of within the Israeli government ?

I am happy that he may have to resign, since I did not like his policy towards peace, nor his racist attitudes (some of them sounded VERY scary! Especially the one where he said that "Minorities everywhere are the problem. I find that totally ironic that he would say that, since he, as a Jew was a minority, living under opprssive… Continue

Added by Stephanie Chase on August 3, 2009 at 6:42pm — No Comments comes to Boston on Tuesday, June 30th

For anyone that is in the Boston area next Tuesday, I should be going to this event! :)

Hope to see you there


Stephanie :)

Aziz Abu Sarah, leading Palestinian peacemaker

Marc, Aziz , and Scott will be speaking Tuesday night in Boston. See the details below. Please come, or send others who you know in New England!

“Positive Change: Peace Steps that Can Make a… Continue

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Join J Street in Newton Centre on Thursday, June 18th

I will be attending this event next Thursday.

If anyone is in the Boston area, you should attend to! :)

Maybe we can go together!


Stephanie :)

J Street is pleased to invite you to

Temple Emanuel of Newton Centre on Thursday, June 18th at 7:30PM


J Street Executive Director Jeremy Ben-Ami


former AIPAC President and Democratic National Committee Chairman Steve… Continue

Added by Stephanie Chase on June 12, 2009 at 2:57am — 1 Comment

Soccer for Peace-- Sunday, June 27th-- Anyone planning on going?!

Hey everyone!

I am (hopefully) gonna go to NYC at the end of this month, + early July.

Anyways, I noticed for the mepeace calendar that there is a Soccer for Peace event in NY (near Manhattan).

I want to go, but it costs, $1000 for a team, or $125 per individual participant. Now I don't have that kind of money, being a poor college student who is jobless, living within a crap economy. Is there a way that I could… Continue

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I received an e-mail from a friend about boycotting Israeli Couscous sold at Trader Joe's

Today I reiceived an e-mail from a friend about boycotting Israeli Couscous sold at Trader Joes (we are both on the same list serve at my former college, Students for Justice in Palestine).

For those that are not from the United States, Trader Joe's is a health food store that sells organic and fair trade food from around the world, giving Americans more of a variety than one would find at a mainstream grocery store.

The article was a little ambiguous to me-- Boycott/de-shelve the… Continue

Added by Stephanie Chase on June 5, 2009 at 3:39am — 5 Comments

I am planning to make regional mepeace groups here on mepeace! :)

Hi everyone!

So I wanted to let everyone know that I am going to create mepeace regional groups, as a way to for other mepeace members to meet up with people that live nearby them.

After living in Massachusetts, and being a little dismayed that all of the mepeace events (when Eyal came to the US) in the US where in NYC or Washington DC, it was a little bit hard to go to those, do to it being too far away for me; money; time; travel; conflictions with work/school ,etc.

So I am… Continue

Added by Stephanie Chase on May 6, 2009 at 9:19pm — 1 Comment

Stand with Obama; Stand With Israel

Hey everyone!

I am a member and supporter of J-Street, which is the new Pro-Israel lobby, which asks for peace and justice in Israel, Palestine and a just solution to the conflict; to improve US relations with Iran, rather than fighting or putting sanctions on Iran and getting to build connections and diplomatic relations between Israel and her neighbors, which is crucial for Middle East Peace.

Below is a petition against the agressive right-wingers, who are trying to persuade… Continue

Added by Stephanie Chase on May 3, 2009 at 8:12pm — 1 Comment

Israeli exporters suffer anti-Israel boycotts (JPost)

*Exporters suffer anti-Israel boycotts*

Mar. 30, 2009


Local exporters are losing foreign markets and customers because of the

global economic crisis and a growing anti-Israel boycott of locally made

products following Operation Cast Lead, the Israel Manufacturers Association

said Sunday.

"In addition to the problems and difficulties arising from the global

economic crisis, 21 percent of local exporters report… Continue

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On Anti-Semitism, Boycotts, and the Case of Hermann Dierkes: An Open Letter from Jewish Peace Activists

Like many of these other Jewish scholars, activists, students, historians, writers, journalists, etc., I too strongly condemn Israel for what has done in the occupied terrirtories, and most recently, Gaza, and I feel that products that support Israel's violence, occupation and oppression in these areas from the occupied territories and Gaza should be boycotted.

With that stand, I am against Israel as a whole, since not everything Israel has done and produced has been bad. I think that we… Continue

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Motorola Sells Israel Bomb Division as National Boycott Campaign Advances

From the U.S. Campaign to End the Occupation:

Motorola Sells Israel Bomb Division as National Boycott Campaign Advances

Washington, DC (April 2)-The US Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation and


organizations participating in a national boycott campaign against Motorola

welcomed news

that Motorola Israel Ltd. has sold its Government Electronics Department,

which made several

products that enable… Continue

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First National J-Street Conference in Washington DC, this October!

Hey Everyone!

I just wanted to let all of you know that J-Street will be having its first annual conference in Washington DC this October, October 25-29 (October 24th-27th for students--> students also get a discount, if they sign up early enough! There will be more info below).

This will be the largesting gathering of its kind in Washington DC, in which there will be a new pro-Israel view, but critical of Israel's actions, and we want to let the politicians know that it is ok to… Continue

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Sindyanna of Galilee

I just found out about this really cool fair trade website in the Gaillee, that helps Arab communities!
Enjoy ! :)

Added by Stephanie Chase on March 31, 2009 at 6:13am — 1 Comment

Whose is "real" here on mepeace? Who has integrity and who does not?

I am posting this since after seeing a few members that claim to be Arab, but speak in a very anti- Arab tone, may not be who they claim to be on this site.

While I understand that this is a website and we are on the internet, and people can disguise themselves, I am a little dishearted to see people want to trick other members into who they are with propoganda. (I don't want to say names, to respect the privacy of these people).

Just looking at a few other blogs made me feel like I… Continue

Added by Stephanie Chase on March 24, 2009 at 7:04pm — 12 Comments

Please support Hampshire College at your University

I go to school at Hampshire College, out in Amherst, MA.

Hampshire is the first college in the US to divest from companies that profit from the Israeli occupation.

Below is a petition from Jewish Voice for Peace to Understand what is going on, and to help support the students.



As a university student, educator, alumnus, or staff member, you must have heard the news last week that Hampshire College became the first college in… Continue

Added by Stephanie Chase on February 23, 2009 at 6:17am — 1 Comment

Travelling Light Circus along Walk about Love

I just found out about this awsome event, and I just wanted to share it with others that maybe interested! :)

Below is some more info.

Love and Light

Stephanie :)

Beautiful brothers and sisters of light!

this is a calling!

in a week from now i will be bringing together a group of wonderful artists from all over the world to form together a...


we will create a show together… Continue

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> At approximately 10pm tonight (Feb. 18), students of Take Back NYU!

> took

> over the Kimmel Marketplace. They have blockaded the doors and

> declared an

> occupation! They presented their demands to the NYU

> administration. They read as follows:




> We, the students of NYU, declare an occupation… Continue

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