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The Song of Hours

I wrote this poem last December (2010) for a Tree Lighting ceremony (Christmas) that I hosted that had as its theme World Peace.  There was a poetry contest, and there were other entries and winners, and I also specifically wrote this poem.



My hour

Your hour


My walking

Your walking


I am crying

You are crying


My laughing hurt

Your hurting laugh

How many hours do we…


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A story of brothers

An old Jewish legend tells of two brothers, Abram and Zimri, who owned a field and worked it together. They agreed to divide both the labor and the harvest equally. One night as the harvest came to a close, Zimri could not sleep, for it didn’t seem right that Abram, who had a wife and seven sons to feed, should receive only half of the harvest, while he, with only himself to support, had so much.

So Zimri dressed and quietly went into the field, where he took…


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The World's Skin by EricaJohnsonDebeljak

A phenomenal article about identity and humanity, that I read recently.

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An interesting quote: Voices -- silenced or heard?

I came across this insight today when I was reading. (The quote is from 2002, by the way.)

"Look at the Israeli/Palestinian conflict, depicted as the encounter between two opposing and equal forces . . . Not only does the good versus evil opposition wipe out the particular conditions of this conflict and mask the vast inequalities of the sides. It also makes it difficult for the differences within each side . . . to be heard . . . Jew's are equated with Sharon's Israel and all… Continue

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ANNOUNCEMENT: is now in Second Life

Second Life is a virtual world ( While most join Second Life to have fun, it is also quickly becoming an essential and miraculous platform for business, education, and non-profit (and more) advertising as well as a (virtual) space to conduct activities and create community that involves people all over the world with the possibility of coming together in one (virtual) room.

In consultation with Eyal, I have spearheaded… Continue

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The Color Red by Barbara Kingsolver

I did not write this article, but came upon it. It touched me, and I felt it was appropriate to share here.

"Red is my color," I used to say. Just because I liked it best, I owned it. How many other things have I claimed as mine so easily? Whistling and sunshine, life and liberty. Things that can be lost. For most of us, life presents itself as a steady progress toward owning more, but having less. Vision, acuity, even walking—one bad fall taught me that was only a gift on… Continue

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As A Child

In my religious tradition, I am taught that it is a quest in life to become as a little child. Becoming as a child allows me to enter the kingdom of God.

(While not directly related to this to topic, I wish to share with you my personal belief and perception of the kingdom of God, so that you may understand what I say. While I do believe that life does not end at death (thus, an afterlife), I do not believe that heaven/kingdom of God is given as a reward after this life to certain… Continue

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The Vision of the Dance

I have long known that in order to create a reality (we might speak of it as "creating the future" although this is not completely accurate) -- in order to create, we must see. I call it "vision" or "having a vision" or "creating a vision" or, simply, "seeing". (I think this may correspond to "design" in Spiral Dynamics.) We cannot create what we cannot see. We cannot believe what we cannot see (within ourselves). Reality arises from our sight and our belief and our actions. There is… Continue

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I recommend a book; I recommend a film

The book is:

The War for Palestine, edited by Eugene L. Rogan and Avi Shlaim, published by Cambridge University 2007 (2nd Edition)

This book is a collection of articles by historians. While not a perfect book, I found it informative outside of the knowledge content of my own brain.

The movie is:

Paradise Now

I'm sorry, I don't know who created this movie. While it is definitely an emotional film with a definite viewpoint of what… Continue

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My meaning of peace

I have been reading a little in the forums, and I realize that everyone may have different ideas of peace. So I have reflected a little more exactly what peace means to me.

Peace is more than the absence of war. Peace is the pinnacle of human and societal potential, where we are One.

I wrote the following on another website. It is first a list of sorrow. Then, secondly, it is a list of peace. I think there is a lot more I could put on this list, but I just haven't thought… Continue

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A gift in the world: Nature

This is my second blog in a series ("A gift in the world") that I will continue from time to time. My purpose in spotlighting gifts is that I hope we can recognize that these gifts are for all of us and they have the power to bind us in unity if we allow them to. (Look for the first gift in the series, "Children", in my blog list or archive.)


I have climbed a steep bank of a stream to come to the sight of a field of small wild yellow sunflowers at eyelevel -- I was… Continue

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My Favorite Parable and My Belief In Life

Two young boys, brothers, were playing in the forest by a river and were having a lot of fun.

When they were getting ready to go back home, they saw down the path an old man coming toward the river.

"Let's hide," said the younger brother, "and maybe we can have some fun with that old man."

So they hid behind a bush and watched as the old man arrived at the river. The old man took off his shoes, and then walked into the river to wade and splash. He thought he was… Continue

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Well, It Got Said, Anyway: Pres. Bush and Prime Minister Olmert Met Briefly on Nov 24, 2008

the transcript:

President Bush Meets with Prime Minister Olmert of Israel

Oval Office

5:40 P.M. EST November 24, 2008

PRESIDENT BUSH: I am pleased to welcome my friend, Prime Minister Ehud Olmert, back to the Oval Office. And I thank you for bringing your wife to have dinner tonight with Laura and me. I'm looking forward to it.

We've been through a lot together during our time in office. We strongly believe that Israel will benefit by… Continue

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Worldwide Peacemarker in Byblos, Lebanon

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Breaking bread: The shared meal

Some may feel that the Peace Cafe and similar ideas that are beginning to arise out of are inferior solutions to peace and the entire situation in the middle east, particularly in regards to those direct stakeholders in Palestinian and Israeli issues. Basically -- sitting around a table in a cafe and talking simply aren't enough.

I disgree strongly.

To me, Peace Cafe represents the deepest reality of a shared feast, the breaking of bread, the bringing of the… Continue

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A gift in the world: Children

I have learned that the world is full of gifts.

Gifts cannot be earned or bought -- or they are not gifts!

But a gift must often be sought for. A journey must be taken. If you wish for the gift of the view at the top of Mt. Everest, you must climb the mountain. You cannot stay at the bottom, and still hope for the gift.

I would like to blog about gifts -- gifts that everyone may have no matter who they are or where they are at in their life. Today I will think… Continue

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The Ark of Peace

I love the story of Noah. (I have an entire blog about it!

It is not my intention to preach religion here.

However, I find Noah and his story to be a potent symbol that many people may relate to.

In the flood of violence and suffering and ignorance and injustice and confusion and . . . and . . . and . . Each of us has the opportunity to enter the Ark of Peace.

It's not a fancy ark. It's just ordinary. It's an ark we… Continue

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The Definition of the World

As shows on My Page here on, I have a central blog I have called cityofenoch.blogspot. On that blog I created a glossary of words that I use often when I express myself (online and elsewhere). I think not everyone understands these words the same way I do.

I thought it would be of interest to some here what my definition of "world" is (and that I have already put in my glossary on the cityofenoch blog). We use the word "world" commonly -- for example, "world… Continue

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