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The Jewish Shit List

This morning while checking on the internet my eyes went on a link under the title "Jewish Shit List", after taking a look at the contents with around 7,000 Jewish name, it became clear to me that it lists those who call for peace with the so called enemy "Palestinians" and condemn the occupation, and other practices being made by the government of their country Israel. Those people were described as a threat to Israel, and the Jewish people as a whole.

I just thought that even I am… Continue

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Happy Ramadan :-)

Added by Hiba on August 17, 2009 at 9:50am — 3 Comments

Power: Is It The Key for True Peace and Justice? by Wael Al Saad

After Gaza slaughters, the callings and thoughts of unity have risen in a noticeable way, which are considered a positive signs, and indicates to the mass mental reserves our people have.

In most of my writings and thoughts I mention the importance of making tools to integrate them ( ideas and thoughts) so we could (return) the process of dissect our cause accurately in an integral, scientific, and organized way from all sides and Palestinian points of views using the attribute of… Continue

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What will Come After The War in Palestine?

Since this crazy war has started I have been following-up with all the news from listening to all kinds of news, to reading all kinds of articles, when suddenly my mind went a bit far in thinking, I started to think about what will come or happen for Palestinians after this war ends? there will be really serious matters to handle as the probability of electing a new government, and rebuilding destroyed Gaza, and what accompanies that rebuilding of huge money transfers and investments in the… Continue

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Happy New Year, Wish That 2009 Will Bring Us Peace and Justice

Added by Hiba on December 31, 2008 at 1:31pm — No Comments

Merry Christmas & Hanukka

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Something To Observe From Hebron Accidents

Since I joined this site, I heard many times from different Israelis about Palestinian Terrorism and that all the difficulties and the injustice that we face we brought it to us by our hands, it was like if Palestinians would stop their terror attacks and if Palestinians would stop being terrorists, then this will happen and that would happen.......

Today for the first time in my life I opened the news paper to read instead of "Palestinian Terrorists" "Jewish Terrorists" I kind of… Continue

Added by Hiba on December 6, 2008 at 9:47pm — 4 Comments

The Palestinian Resistance

What does it mean? What are the ways?

Is violence the only way for resistance?

Is when the word of resistance appear that means running in a circle of blood and revenge?

I am a Palestinian and I work hard for my case and I RESIST, yes I resist but not by violating the other side and making it even harder for all of us who are living in the region.

I resist by showing so clearly that I am a human being and a proud Palestinian who can live in peace and… Continue

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A Right For a Palestinian

When a Palestinian questions the presence of the Israeli settlers in the middle of Hebron city between many thousands of Palestinians living there, the answer would immediately reach him, which is because its their grandfathers land and they have the right to live on this land, and to be the only one to have the blessing of living on the holy land of their grandfathers, the same answer would be delevired when questioning the presence of so many settlments that continues to exist and expand on… Continue

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To All Jews Where Ever They May Be, Happy Pesach BUT.....

This week it occurs that Jews in Israel and all over the world are celebrating the pesach, the question that always cross by my mind during the Jews celebrating festivals is that "Is it necessary for a Jew to celebrate his festival with delight, that the life of thousands of Palestinians would be affected by more closures and "security procurements"?

During the Jews festival times, if a Palestinian intends to move out of his city or village for some reason, then he should count in… Continue

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