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Tenth Anniversary of 9/11: Remember This Day

“A second plane has hit the World Trade Center”, was the announcement on the radio early in the morning on the West Coast. Awakened to a horror that millions were witness to—soon capturing the attention of billions around the world. None of it seemed real. And then the buildings came down.

The first plane to hit WTC was American Airlines Flight 11, which on September 11th, smashed into the North Tower instantly killing all on board and fatally trapping 1,344 people.

Only a day… Continue

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Obama calls for Syrian President to step down; UN cites crimes against humanity

President Obama called on Thursday for Syria's President Bashar al-Assad to step down amid the continued brutal repression of democratic activists throughout the embattled Middle East nation. Immediately following the President's announcement, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, U.K. Prime Minister David Cameron and French President Nicolas Sarkozy echoed the call for Assad to retire and announced an expansion of economic sanctions including an embargo of…


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Our World Beyond 9/11

(Every year I produce a birthday message, here's 2011's; look forward to hearing your thoughts--BWD)


"Humanity is on the threshold of a true global community--in the midst of this cultural convergence we have the historic opportunity to compose evolutionary principles for a more sustainable expression of civilization, a government of life and for all life." ~…

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Vast majority of Americans want significant troop withdrawal from Afghan war

I’d like to unpack a little American zeitgeist for you on the Afghan war.

A recent Washington Post-ABC News…

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J Street frames the debate: "Global Israel" vs. "Greater Israel"

Washington D.C. — J Street has just completed its second annual conference, "Giving Voice to Our Values" on Tuesday at the Washington Convention Center. The now three-year old Jewish-American advocacy…


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J Street conference in Washington DC grows by nearly 50%

J Street continues to establish itself as a political force that’s increasingly being listened to in Washington DC. In only three years, the newly formed progressive Jewish-American advocacy organization has amassed an impressive record of growth—and last night kicked off its second DC conference to a packed house at the Washington Convention…


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Lawyer suing Jimmy Carter and Simon & Schuster speaks out

A few days ago I wrote on what many consider an attack on Freedom of Speech in a piece entitled, $5 million lawsuit filed against Jimmy Carter's book in NY.


The litigants claim—as part of the "reading public"—that they've been harmed because President Jimmy Carter's non-fiction book,  "Palestine: Peace, Not Apartheid", was…


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Lawsuit against Jimmy Carter’s book is assault on Freedom of Speech

A class action lawsuit has just been filed in New York against former U.S. President Jimmy Carter for his 2006 book, "Palestine: Peace, Not Apartheid." The suit, captioned Unterberg et al. v. Jimmy Carter et al., is the latest salvo from the…


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Healing collective trauma will lead to peace in the Holy Land

There’s a common misperception that the constant state of warfare and conflict that besets the Holy Land, Eretz Israel, or in Arabic, Bilad Ash' Sham, is a result of some cultural or racial flaw—“oh, they’ve been fighting for two thousand years, they’ll never stop.”


Even the most cursory examination of human history reveals skirmishes, battles, and…


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Enjoy...  "Eutopia (Move a Mountain)" and "Mansour Ya Salaam (I Dream of Eutopia)"

Blending enlightened visions into the real world, the crux of eutopian desire.

Back in 1993-94, I embarked on an exciting journey with my first experience in public service through helping a public teacher friend of mine. I was working in the entertainment field and was introduced by…


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WikiLeaks: power's legitimacy directly proportionate to its transparency

How “cablegate” actually works in America’s favor and its rollout quite possibly may have been sanctioned by pro-US interests

WikiLeaks is down again—likely the result of multiple denial-of-service cyber attacks. All week it’s been on and off. Amazon stopped hosting the site and PayPal dumped their account. The latest has the website adopting a new domain in Switzerland, found at or…


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On America's birthday 2010: Jefferson's epiphany and Lincoln's resolve

The tides were shifting in the founding era that brought forth our nation in the Revolutionary Year of 1776.

On New Year's Day, after a speech by King George III is read condemning the colonist's rebellion, General Washington unfurls the new red-and-white striped Grand Union flag on Prospect Hill overlooking Boston Harbor. On January 9th, Thomas Paine's "Common Sense" is published. The machines of popular persuasion were revving up—the enterprise had…


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Avatar reaches one billion in box office with galactic ecological and anti-corporate message

I think the last flick I've seen more than three times in theaters was Star Wars in 1977 when I was a sprite 11 years old. Yesterday, I saw James Cameron's "Avatar" for the third time eagerly sharing each viewing with family and friends. Avatar's latest box office has it ranked as the second highest grossing film of all time behind Titanic, another film directed by Cameron.

The 3D and CGI technological leaps Avatar entertains scatters a little pixie dust over one's… Continue

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J Street arrives on Capitol Hill: pro-America, pro-Israel and pro-peace

Washington D.C. -- Answering the need for a more balanced and future-focused approach concerning US, Israeli and Arab relations, J Street has just completed its inaugural conference in Washington with more than 1500 in attendance (Oct. 25-28).

Speaking on behalf of President Obama, National… Continue

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Afghan war debate and the business of American empire

As a point of information to perhaps gain some perspective on the business of Empire in the middle of Afghan-war debate, some facts to consider:

• In 2007, there were 22,000 deaths globally due to acts of terrorism; over half were Muslim.

• Each year, human beings die due to poverty and malnutrition.

At… Continue

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9/11 After the Fall: What if America reacted in a different way?

Eight years have passed since that fateful day, a day which we will all remember; an historical pivot point, stirring the passions of people around the world, and steering the great American ship of state. Many have suggested that the concerted direction that the United States took in response to 9/11 was over-reaching, unwise and shortsighted.

Overreaching. We now find ourselves embroiled in a continuing occupation of a nation not directly involved in the attacks (Iraq),… Continue

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Six Decades Since Angry Mushroom

Dear Family, Friends and Folks,

Rebecca and I are still in Springfield with my father who's just had surgery, and we're staying a little longer to help with things. Today marks the 64th anniversary of the dawn of nuclear warfare upon this planet. Four years ago, in 2005, I penned a talk for the International Forum for Literature and Culture annual assembly, where Rebecca and I met. It was the 60th anniversary of the Hiroshima nuclear attack; after a solemn moment of…

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Iran Uprising - The Truth Will Prevail

Iran Uprising The Iranian post-election dispute has been raging with hundreds of thousands of protesters marching and shouting from the rooftops demanding justice. Citing fraud, people refuse to accept the legitimacy of President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s electoral victory last Friday. I recognize the passion and resolve playing out in the streets. Five years ago, I hosted a satellite… Continue

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People, Places and the Realities of Conflict in the Holy Land 2009

Final Israel Report 09 by Byron DeLear

History shows that a visit to the most celebrated holy city on Earth can significantly impact a person in several ways. The sheer power of the multi-religious atmosphere in Jerusalem can weigh on one’s sensibilities like a juggernaut on the mind. Religious delusions, apocalyptic visions and magical thinking can temporarily cloud a person’s perception of reality. This phenomenon… Continue

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Brit Olam in Bir al-Maksur

Lightning strikes and stormy weather accompanied Brit Olam’s arrival in the Arab village of Bir al-Maksur last night. Our team presented its platform for an engaged and enthusiastic crowd comprised mostly of Arab Bedouin Muslims. They were elated to hear a party interested in delivering equal rights and dignity for all. One gentleman expressed emotionally, “We’ve been waiting for this for years.” Another graciously spoke to me in broken English, “I believe all you say is true,” gesturing with… Continue

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