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לשחרר חלקים מהנרטיב הקולקטיבי

כל קונפליקט בין קבוצות אתניות או לאומיות – בעבר ובהווה כאחד – מקורו בנרטיב הלאומי והדתי. כך למשל הקונפליקט בצפון…


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The burden of collective narrative

The Israeli-Palestinian conflict, like every conflict between ethnic or national groups, is rooted in national and religious narratives. Cases in point are Northern Ireland, Sri Lanka, Bosnia, Kosovo and more. Each side in the conflict uses a variety of justifications—historical, religious…


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A need to re-evaluate Jewish-Arab action and dialogue groups in Israel

by Amal Abu Zeidan

26 November 2009

JERUSALEM - Activities promoting coexistence, dialogue and education for a shared life between Arabs and Jews in Israel emerged in the late seventies. Today, after three decades, it is the ethical responsibility of those working in this area, whether on the ground or in academic research, to critically reassess the approaches and methods that have been used throughout the years.

In the last three decades there have been significant… Continue

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התמודדות עם הגזענות הגלויה והסמויה

אלבר ממי בספרו המפורסם "הגזענות", מציין שאחת הדרכים להתמודד עם הגזענות היא לפתח התנהגות מוסרית, והחשוב, הוא מוסיף שהיא צריכה לנבוע "מבחירה שצריך לרצות בה ". טיעון קל לקריאה וקשה למימוש....ובעיקר במציאות קונפליקטואלית וכה מורכבת, כמו המציאות הערבית יהודית בתוך מדינת ישראל.

התנהגות מוסרית אינה דפוס התנהגות מולד אלא נרכש, והתהליך קורם עור וגידים הן בחינוך הבלתי פורמאלי: הביתי, הקהילתי והן הפורמאלי: הבית ספרי והמוסדי .

יחסי יהודים- ערבים בישראל, מהולים במתחים רבים, והגזענות היא אחד… Continue

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If not acting and moving these days then when?

I have been in Akko (the name I prefer and not acre) the last few days after the clashes began, in order to try helping in any field and ways possible to prevent more damage and deterioration in the Arab-jewish relationship. Also I called every one I know from akko to ask about the real situation which not always described accurately by the media.

And in order to offer any help. I was asked by many organizations to distribute their call for action to all my colleagues and e-mail… Continue

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What is needed to deepen and empower mutual understanding for parties in conflict in the path for peace

What is needed to deepen and empower mutual understanding for parties in conflict in the path for peace?

Dealing with peacemaking demands us first to understand the history of the conflict from both sides’ views.

I will briefly draw some guidelines that can be the minimum tools and principles required to direct us in making peace and deepen the mutual understanding for parties in conflict especially in intractable conflict like the Israeli-Arab… Continue

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Not Everything is conflict

Not Everything is conflict

Amal Abu Zeidan


The preoccupation with Jewish-Arab relations, whether in the framework of professional work or part of daily life, brings us directly or indirectly to confront the conflict and the politics of the conflict. In my many meetings with activists in the practical sphere and in Arab Jewish dialogue, it seems that always, consciously or unconsciously, we… Continue

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